1. $SPY Biggest stock market losers of today: $TKR $AYI $GEVA $FNF $TGEN $STAA $AAMC $NNVC $VIMC $MM

  2. $TGEN http://y.ahoo.it/jupbis4h

  3. $TGEN looks better today albeit on low vol

  4. $TGEN down 10% hmmm no reason lol

  5. $AcHN $SPEX $GERN $TGEN trading today

  6. $TGEN $9.93

  7. $TGEN big volume pop

  8. $TGEN ready to blast.. some news must be coming.. watch for 9s

  9. I predicted a collapse $TGEN

  10. $TGEN 10+ soon :)) lol

  11. $TGEN :)

  12. @cheri1 Happy Day :) awesome$$ cK $TGEN :-)))

  13. $TGEN from 7.20 to 9.20 ++awesome$$ :))

  14. $TGEN 9++ soon :))

  15. $TGEN goin...;)

  16. $TGEN Low Mid-Term Visibility And Certain Short-Term Fund Raising Temporarily Overshadow An Attractive Business! http://y.ahoo.it/PAAPWO4y

  17. $TGEN stopped out 12.47 keep on eye ;)

  18. Called it--- good thing I shorted the sh*t out of this garbage $TGEN

  19. $TGEN Still too expensive for now, might get oversold soon

  20. $SPEX - Going for it here. It was a bad day overall for the market. this held pretty steady. It didn t follow $TGEN

  21. $TGEN Same thing as $WATT Going down to 7.

  22. $TGEN 12 some here GL

  23. Today s Pre-Market Gainers $PTCT $FLTX $RNA $TGEN $WIA $TXRH http://y.ahoo.it/Xg9bZ9BJ

  24. $TGEN Perfect example of why you never trade stocks with NO volume. They re criminally manipulated! Wouldn t even want to short this.

  25. $TGEN Under writter and MM put some major lipstick on this pig to suck in innocent bystanders. This should be illegal.