1. $THLD I am telling u guys. Dont touch it until June. They have no data until June. This stock cant move. U can win 5-20% but dont hold

  2. $THLD based on the 5-day chart, uptrend will continue today | Lets BREAK mid 30s!

  3. $THLD looking at the chart there is nothing going on with this company for a decade now! It was ~$100 now pennies! 😳💸

  4. $FREE hey guys you need to get out of this. It s going nowhere but down. Trust me. Look at $GOL $THLD $BEBE even $GBSN don t be foolish.

  5. $GOL $ASTI $THLD $ALXA $SUNE keep eyes on $CHK and $DRWI for day trades follow for updates.

  6. $THLD No chance of a recovery? Ugh...

  7. $THLD needs to break .32 to establish previous support

  8. $THLD bullish momentum picking up

  9. $THLD on alert!

  10. $THLD haven t seen this bullish reversal signal in a while, GREEN tmr | $VPCO $ASTI $FREE $TLOG $GBSN $VLTC $AVXL $GPRO $XON $PBYI $MRK $FB

  11. $THLD What did i say couple weeks ago. Never listen. I told u guys they have no upcoming catalyats until June. Dont buy early

  12. $THLD all we need is for George Soros to jump in and move it up like $VLTC last year

  13. $THLD unbelievable, this thing hasn t recovered since the big drop last December...

  14. $THLD the Street price targets ranging from $1 to $12 with a standard deviation of $6.082. The consensus target $5 http://www.smallcapwired.com/threshold-pharmaceuticals-inc-nasdaqthld-analysts-take-on-earnings/24991/

  15. $THLD expected to report four results on Mar 1, 2016. link of write up below

  16. $THLD http://cwruobserver.com/2016/02/01/watch-list-threshold-pharmaceuticals-inc-thld/

  17. $GOL $SUNE $UNIS $ATNM $MNKD $ASTI $THLD $GBSN took a 8.7% hit today. Still up for the year. Starting over tomorrow. Good luck trade safe.

  18. $THLD *HOLD*

  19. $THLD http://www.risersandfallers.com/2016/01/29/recent-broker-updates-on-threshold-pharmaceuticals-inc-thld/ likely upgraded due to an anticipated better than expected year end report. $SPHS $GBSN $NYMX

  20. $THLD strong buy! ”http://www.risersandfallers.com/2016/01/29/recent-broker-updates-on-threshold-pharmaceuticals-inc-thld/


  22. interesting stocks on watch $AMDA $ZFGN $IMUC $APPY $STEM $RNN $NNA $THLD

  23. $THLD .32 G .33 R

  24. $GBSN $THLD all that accumulation was likely before the 2 trials FAILED. Do your homework @byroticT. This is a DOG. Reverse split

  25. $GBSN $THLD According to nasdaq.com, as of 9/30/15, institutions dumped ca. 3 million shares more than were bought by inst.