1. $ACHN long $ACHN $NKTR $SRPT $TGTX $THLD $BIOD shorting $RTRX

  2. $THLD Please, a close above $4.00 ...

  3. $THLD call me dumb, im holding until the two Phase III trials come out.

  4. $THLD I sold too soon a while back around 3.65 -- and it s still above that.

  5. Covered Call Alert: THRESHOLD PHARMACEUTICALS $THLD returning up to 42.86% through 18-Sep-2015 http://ideas.quantcha.com/2015/03/26/covered-call-alert-threshold-pharmaceuticals-thld-returning-up-to-42-86-through-18-sep-2015/

  6. $THLD I thought it would stay above 4. Oh well, I m long anyway till at least double digits. Probably in about a year IMO

  7. $THLD Bottom is 3.62-3.65. Anywhere between that at 3.8 is a great buying opportunity

  8. $ARIA $EXEL $ARNA $IBIO $ATRS $THLD $ATNM $UNIS $PSDV $IMUC $ACRX Solution to WS Pirate Raids on our BIOs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Y-NqShTj5w

  9. $THLD what is going on ???

  10. $THLD Great day for Biotech if you re looking to buy!!

  11. $ADXS $ZIOP $THLD Nasdaq doing a freefall...buckle in, tray tables and seatbacks in locked and upright position...it will be ok...

  12. Bad bio day all around, $IBB down 3.36% currently.... patience is a virtue $SYN $ZGNX $THLD $MSTX

  13. $THLD why is this down today?

  14. $THLD phase 2 due April 22nd http://finance.yahoo.com/news/threshold-pharmaceuticals-present-data-supporting-110000137.html @fda_tracker @Sixth_Sense @WallStJesus

  15. $MSTX cup playing out nicely..speaking of which on watch cup forming $thld

  16. $THLD Show me Picard s Flute! I was in the survey.

  17. $THLD Middle term:

  18. $THLD any news on the EOD dip? Or just a little pullback? Still holding here

  19. $ADXS $THLD Zacks: Brokerages Give $13.33 Average Price Target to MEI Pharma $NASDAQ:MEIP

  20. $ADXS $THLD peeps...any thoughts on $MEIP? Looks like potential to run...interested in knowing what you think

  21. $THLD new here. Anyone can advise an estimation of the risk reward ratio? is the current price a good entry? Thanks!


  23. $THLD- every dip bought up quickly. Want to add a lot more at 10% discount but just not getting the chance.

  24. $THLD Threshold news: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/threshold-pharmaceuticals-present-data-supporting-110000137.html TGIF Y all!

  25. $omer $rgls $bind $thld $kite adding more on the dips