1. $THLD must be a Black Friday sale before the data arrives lol!



  4. $THLD High call volume Dec 18th, $5 strike. If buys very bullish sign!!!

  5. $THLD LOL ... in 5 minutes some guy will say I will buy at ... 2 s ...


  7. $THLD planning reentry around 3.4 now

  8. $THLD looking to pick at 3.2-3.4

  9. $THLD this makes no sense.

  10. $THLD Added 2000 more. 4 days to go

  11. $THLD Another funny day ... :(

  12. $THLD Huge activity on Dec S5 up +36%... Loaded some more!

  13. $THLD Another way of seeing the last 9 months ...

  14. $THLD Enough correction ... I hope ...

  15. $THLD got in @3.80 sold @4.25 in 2 weeks. well made decision. looking for reentry around 3.60 and take a shot at this.

  16. $thld ughhh collapsing

  17. $THLD Got in a month ago at 3.78 Didn t think it would get down here again.Wrong!

  18. $THLD looking terrible, technically

  19. $THLD - so ppl will make raw gambles on kbio,avxl ,ect but this just sits still up to data on a high percentage opp for a run up? Illogical

  20. $THLD good news and it ll most likely gap and run to 9 dollar level hit in 2012

  21. $THLD just release the data already! wait is killer

  22. $THLD We ll soon find out if we hit the lottery or end up in the poorhouse.My DD leads me to believe we ve got a winner

  23. $THLD chances of data not being statistically significant?

  24. $THLD market looks like not taking risky bets...if data is not very positive, this could crack-ugly...

  25. $THLD Beyond Chemotherapy: 4 Unique Ways Drug Developers Are Fighting Back Against Cancer http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2015/11/22/beyond-chemotherapy-4-unique-ways-drug-developers.aspx