1. $THM watch out tomorrow, this is gonna be strong!! Get in early

  2. $VGZ $THM $XRA all had HUGE buys EOD. Great day!


  4. $GEVO $VGZ $THM $LODE $MSTX all great picks today. Lowered AVG on LODE. Great day for #ULT

  5. Pay attention $THM from last week about to establish new 52week high !!! http://www.mybeststockpicks.com/keep-an-eye-on-international-tower-hill-mines-ltd-thm/

  6. lets see that new 52week high on $THM ! http://www.mybeststockpicks.com/keep-an-eye-on-international-tower-hill-mines-ltd-thm/

  7. Lets good $THM sweet new hod http://www.mybeststockpicks.com/keep-an-eye-on-international-tower-hill-mines-ltd-thm/

  8. $VGZ $THM $XRA all have new HOD

  9. Lets go break that hod again on $THM http://www.mybeststockpicks.com/keep-an-eye-on-international-tower-hill-mines-ltd-thm/

  10. $THM GDP comes out tomorrow. The market could get worse!

  11. $THM gathering strength!

  12. $THM

  13. $THM on watch for the 52 week high at $0.75

  14. Lets see that #powerhour breakout on $THM http://www.mybeststockpicks.com/keep-an-eye-on-international-tower-hill-mines-ltd-thm/

  15. Now liquidity is ramping up on $THM we could see nice bullish gains this summer http://www.mybeststockpicks.com/keep-an-eye-on-international-tower-hill-mines-ltd-thm/

  16. Sold $THM early Friday to pick up garbage. Learning experience

  17. $VGZ $THM - just hit hod, just .06 below 52 week high. Go baby!!

  18. $THM keep going strong. Bring those $VGZ earnings to another gold stock!

  19. Now %8 on $THM lets gooo guys http://www.mybeststockpicks.com/market-scan/?symbol=thm

  20. $THM nice can we see 70cent today ?

  21. $THM keep it green! When the market sees you are a safe port in the storm, the volume will come. Let s go north!

  22. $THM $VGZ Interesting, i would have thought POG and DOW would have inverse pricing trends. If DOW keeps falling will gold slingshot?

  23. $VGZ $THM $LODE $MSTX Wow, you are the only one who thought of gold when the market went down. First time that has ever happened...

  24. $VGZ $THM $LODE $MSTX #ULT told you guys to get in gold. Market is crashing as I type this. Look at the hashtag. Join the movement.