1. $THM thinking of going back in here...bought before around 45 and sold at 75.

  2. $SAND All of my mining/minerals are down nearly 50% - $SAND $THM $TAS. Should ve bailed on these, will prob hold LT now.

  3. $THM Tempting to get Back in here, might not be ready just yet Though

  4. $THM into Bollinger Band Squeeze, touching lower Band, S 57.76, R 58.83 http://y.ahoo.it/lGwwOHav

  5. Losers $VII -12%, $KERX -11%, $TELK -11%, $ESYS -10%, $TCCO -10%, $CRRS -9%, $XRA -9%, $MITK -8%, $THM -8%, $RVLT -8%, $CMCT -8%, $WTSL -8%

  6. Losers-3 $RTGN -8%, $GPL -8%, $NATR -8%, $THM -8%, $CHYR -8%,

  7. $NUGT $LODE $NG $KGC $THM $gss $goro and boomer $BAA !!!

  8. @Jakobi007 more to come tomorrow and the trend will continue until it s paraly with $THM and higher.

  9. @jahnman Nope. It consolidated after yesterday s .30 profit takers in at .18. Now the real climb begins. It will pass $THM and $GSS.

  10. @jahnman They dumped from .18 @ .30 already. It consolidated yesterday afternoon and today, now it will climb back to $THM PPS and higher.

  11. @mensa_1963 are you mentioning big contract for $THM and $BAA.. or only $BAA

  12. @Willtradeforfood been trading this for a while. This and $THM, I just attended the conference, big contract news coming.

  13. BAA gold heading back up with Namoya in full swing...$FNMA $FMCC, $NUGT, $DRL, $ACHN, $CRIS, $PEIX, $AMRN, $THM, $FB, $ANV

  14. International Tower Hill Mines initiated by HC Wainwright at buy. http://y.ahoo.it/Uv5eGZbw $THM

  15. International Tower Hill Mines Ltd Just Filed Its Quarterly Report: Capitalized ac... http://y.ahoo.it/Sv9bLf12 $THM

  16. Portfolio Update blog post is up... $THM $RXII $CLNT $ANV

  17. @Castleman Loveing$Sd $thm i m in the same $.49 sd4.89

  18. Stock Watchlist 1 August: $EXK $THM $TVIX #stocks #charts http://y.ahoo.it/4wC23rpp

  19. Stock Watchlist 1 August: $EXK $THM $TVIX

  20. $THM holding surprisingly well in this blood bath!

  21. $THM Someone bought 70 shares @ 0.93 AH..lol..I will take it. My position is up 30% :-)

  22. $THM $GDXJ great base set up moving averages lining up http://y.ahoo.it/d7JRZCJ9

  23. @mikete90 $THM looks like it already made its ShakeingOUT move last week of MAY. 30wMA has been very MAGICAL way back. Lot of pressure NOW

  24. $GLD Looking at charts of the miners over the weekend these are my favs $ric $thm $Aumn $ssri $gss $sbgl $hmy $akg $ego $sa $Iag $tgd $ngd

  25. Burlington Stores Inc Climbs, SanDisk Corporation Slides Midday http://y.ahoo.it/KuWpEkKh $BURL $THM $HAWK $SNDK $BIOF $QUIK