1. $THTI Cop21. Good news for THTI?

  2. $THTI 100pz and less 7 umbeliveble. Shame

  3. $THTI wonderful management and IR. They must change work !!

  4. $THTI ahahah only fox here . nice book

  5. $THTI the same fox fantastic trader

  6. $THTI today not smart they realized that to sell to make the game better for those who live there to the downside

  7. $THTI Interesting close also today?

  8. $THTI im all out. not waiting for this POS to get delisted and fed up. sure it will go back to $1 one day tho.

  9. $THTI crazy people or for people?

  10. $THTI good time to buy 20000 pieces at discounted price of 0,7$.

  11. $THTI nice a.s.....s. Who sells so

  12. $THTI i Marvel at people Who don t think so

  13. Submission of Matters to a Vote of Security http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary/?id=2201345 $THTI

  14. $THTI two people do Any magic tricks disguting

  15. $THTI only poor people here. See the book.A management fun that doesn t value the action and doesn t support IT

  16. $THTI Chairman sayd.11-06 next THT won the nuclear safety culture, in Jilin province, advanced unit of propaganda promoting the initiative

  17. $THTI Chairman . the establishment of the Alliance would herald the arrival of spring heat exchanger industry development in Jilin province!

  18. $THTI NOV.16 Intelligent robot system is introduced for the first time in the production line in the domestic industry.

  19. $THTI capitalizes almost the only cash

  20. Tht Heat Transfer Technology, Inc. Announces http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary2/?id=2187632 $THTI

  21. $THTI a lot of patience here but an agreement with the Chinese government will have to

  22. $THTI first sign of weakness and i will sell

  23. $THTI ...increase our competitiveness and remain sustained growth.

  24. $THTI .. that our strategy of focusing on high technology and high value added products will enable us to continuously

  25. $THTI we hope..ci mbined with the green actions supported by the Chinese government, however, we believe