1. Said 2 wks ago, think $LULU has peaked. Should ve sold. Not looking good @DaddyDayTrader @lngndshrt $TIF $AAPL $LULU have highest sales sqft

  2. @lngndshrt $TIF, $AAPL & $LULU have the highest sales per sq ft.

  3. Affluent spending starts 2014 on a solid note; Amex billed business up a solid 7% with delinquencies near record lows $AXP $RL $TIF $KORS

  4. Burberry #s pointer that while #luxe growth is slower than in recent years, sector results more than respectable vs fears $RL $EL $TIF

  5. 2-star analyst Rick Patel from Stephens upgraded rating on $TIF to BUY


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