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  2. My OWN take on $TJX is here: http://seekingalpha.com/article/3715126-tjx-companies-has-the-powder-to-catch-up-with-the-market Check out the DCF model, plug your own figures and see how they work out

  3. $TJX Companies - $75 per share is the short-term target range set by an analyst: https://trading-ideas.whotrades.com/blog/43054907188?utm_medium=alexasakhno&utm_campaign=socialmax . We think $75-$82 is appropriate.

  4. My take on $TJX: fundamentally undervalued. Check out my calculations here: http://seekingalpha.com/article/3715126-tjx-companies-has-the-powder-to-catch-up-with-the-market

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  6. 10 Stores Closed On Thanksgiving $TJX $BJ $BBBY $ROST $SPLS $DDS $GME $PETM $TSCO $BKS http://247wallst.com/special-report/2015/11/23/10-stores-closed-on-thanksgiving-2/

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  18. $BURL will 1 day be my biggest winning investment. Its a guaranteed Win because its exactly like $ROST and $TJX & history has told the story

  19. @simplerchartart $VFC (+5%) $TJX (+9%) $ROST (+13%) since that post

  20. TJX Companies $TJX Isn t Macy s, J.C. Penney, Or Nordstrom , you could probably say same about $ROST : Read here http://seekingalpha.com/article/3695816-tjx-companies-isnt-macys-j-c-penney-or-nordstrom

  21. Even in apparel, high-end plus usual suspects in trouble. Elsewhere ok! $AEO $ANF $TJX $ROST $JCP $KSS vs $JWN, Neiman & $M $URBN $GPS $SSI

  22. $ROST up ~8.0% to 49.88 in early PreM trading following stronger-than-expected Q3 results and then raising projections for FY. $TJX

  23. $RH $M $KSS $JCP $SHLD only $TJX, $ROST & other discount retailers can thrive in this retail environment with the price-conscious consumers.

  24. $ROST $TJX bucking the trend. But can it fight the weak sector? Idk

  25. $TJX they wont let this overtake the 200d