1. Island Light Capital holds an allocation of 3.4% in $TLT in his Growth Portfolio Investment Portfolio

  2. Straight Talk Money: What Warren Buffett Eats for Breakfast and the Passing of a Wall Street Legend http://www.trefis.com/stock/spy/articles/283116/straight-talk-money-what-warren-buffett-eats-for-breakfast-and-the-passing-of-a-wall-street-legend/2015-03-04 $SPY $TLT

  3. Treasury bonds flat on corporate supply. → http://learnbonds.com/treasury-bonds-fall-on-corporate-supply/ $BONDS $TLT @learnbonds

  4. A2M Capital LLC holds an allocation of 17.3% in $TLT in his Active Momentum Investment Portfolio

  5. $TLT now just channeling after selloff from Jan high, IV Rank dropping as well. Trading range is digestion zone http://stocktwits.com/message/33455489

  6. Two sectors up: Solar $TAN +1.8%, $DIG +1.75%. and $TLT +.2% everything else down. $SPY, $QQQ

  7. Chantico Advisors holds an allocation of 24.8% in $TLT in his Chantico Fixed Income Investment Portfolio

  8. $TLT Bonds acting funky on a down day. I don t like this action. Assessing position...

  9. A yield curve that shows negative rates up till the 10yrs bond / Abe s experiment is becoming absurd http://foresightinvestor.com/articles/968259-the-impact-of-debt-monetization $TLT $ZN_F $TBT

  10. @jkap09 about to put up our $EURUSD, but also we cover $SPY $ES_F $COMPQ plus $GLD and $TLT , everyday, plus our skype chat going on now

  11. Speaks volumes when $RSX soars on volatility $VXX . $SPY $DIA $TLT $IYR don t have snowball s chance in hell of outperforming this year.

  12. most of what I trade in middle of nowhere. someone push them over/under! $TLT $IWM $GDX $RSX sit on hands wait for clarity

  13. $TLT Potential consolidation period in an Uptrend on a 60 -15 -4 charts http://stocktwits.com/message/33434741

  14. $ZN_F hits tgt risk area 126 295/ 300. $TLT

  15. $GDX undecided. >50ma <20ema. $NUGT $DUST no position until clearer signal. $TLT still in play L if >$126 impulsive bounce. Watching/heavy?

  16. $TLT ex div Mon. Helped price decline imo. Yellen speaking 830 am est. India NOT lifting gold tax weighed on gold Mon. $GLD $GDX $GC_F

  17. $TLT

  18. Reversal levels for March 3. * Partial profits signal for FTSE100. $SPY $GLD $USO $TLT $EURUSD $FTSE $DAX http://stocktwits.com/message/33427283

  19. $TLT Will average down if we bounce at 126, if we break 126 the position will be closed out for a loss.

  20. The Draghi Derangement: $2 Trillion Euro Government Bonds Trading At Negative Yield http://davidstockmanscontracorner.com/draghi/ $FXE $TLT $UUP $VXX $VIX

  21. Leading market sectors lower Monday included: $XLE $GDX $GLD $SLV $RSX $TLT

  22. New Post - Past 10 Years Of U.S. GDP Growth Reveal Disturbing Trend http://www.seeitmarket.com/past-10-years-us-gdp-growth-reveal-disturbing-trend-14156/ by @JeffVoudrie $SPY $TLT $MACRO $STUDY

  23. @stockwatch101: $TLT we will test 126 again but I am very aggressive on bonds. Will retest 148 again -- I meant 138

  24. $TLT we will test 126 again but I am very aggressive on bonds. Will retest 148 again

  25. $SPY $SPX $RUT $IGV $IGN $FDN $TLT $UUP $GREK ETF Digest Dave s Daily: Oh The Joy, Nasdaq Hits 5000 http://etfdigest.com/davesdaily/?article=4654