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  11. $SPY 2.06% $QQQ 1.52% $IWM 1.90% $EFA 1.75% $EEM 1.73% $UUP 0.44% $TLT -1.66% $HYG 1.49% $USO 4.23% $XLE 2.63% $XLF 4.22% $GLD -0.59%

  12. Position at FrThFe12 close $SPY 13.88%/186.63 $GLD 43.06%/118.36 $TLT 43.06%/131.50 http://goldbondstocks.com

  13. $TLT new measurement toy $TYVIX volatility of Ten Year https://www.google.com/finance?chdnp=1&chdd=0&chds=0&chdv=1&chvs=Linear&chdeh=1&chfdeh=0&chdet=1455311760000&chddm=51689&chls=IntervalBasedLine&q=INDEXCBOE:TYVIX&ntsp=1&ei=oEq-VunOEoqMmAG18bbwDA

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  15. $TLT kept the half of short pos.

  16. $SPY $TLT all out of $SPY

  17. Some weekly Hammers, $SPY $QQQ, and Shooting Star $TLT

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  19. $GLD $TLT $DUST Above 200 day

  20. Getting flat STC $SPY Mar 190C 2.97 (+22%) STC $XLE Mar 56C 2.14 (+39%) STC $TLT Mar 130P 1.88 (-5%) STC $BAC Mar 13C .28 (+8%)

  21. hopefully u saw my note abt the $TLT yest. ur welcome ;-)

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  23. $TLT lod lower lod, Panic buying last few days especially got to rest. Smart money sold Yday to suck panic investors in. sadly!

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  25. $TLT pullback was going to happen as it went too high too fast. Still watching to see where it settles too potentially go long in