1. Vista IM holds an allocation of 1.7% in $TM in his Core Holding Investment Portfolio

  2. Earnings Review: GM Had A Tough Q1 http://www.trefis.com/stock/gm/articles/292346/apr-23earnings-review-gm-had-a-tough-q1/2015-04-24 by Trefis Team $GM $F $TM

  3. Karagosian Financial holds an allocation of 6.8% in $TM in his Low Beta Portfolio Investment Portfolio

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  8. $PLUG d $TM Mirai,will be used to pace this weekend s Sprint Cup race. April 25. NASCAR!,talk about a PR stunt $BLDP

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  13. Wallick Investments holds an allocation of 1.2% in $TM in his Core Growth Investment Portfolio

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  19. $TSLA $TM - NOW Cars can Run on BULLSHIT! youtube.com/watch?v=9pTluy9 - Hydrogen is almost everywhere water, grass, and yes, even bullsh*t.

  20. $TM: Toyota Taps Morgan Spurlock to Direct First Video in “Fueled by Everything” Series... http://stockwires.com/toyota-taps-morgan-spurlock-to-direct-first-video-in-ldquo-fueled-by-everything-rdquo-series

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  22. $PLUG its always a blast here on the plug board. Waiting on $TM to release its new wamped Mirai AD 4 the masses in the USA. Go..go..go..lol

  23. $TSLA just wait until the Model 3 gets released and you will see how many 20-30 years old jump on board and buy one over a $F $HMC or $TM

  24. A Feature or The Future? #disruptivetech http://foresightinvestor.com/articles/969643-autonomy-for-cars-a-feature-or-the-future $BMW $GOOG $AAPL $F $GM $TSLA $TM

  25. $TSLA On the way to dominance, $APPLE walked away over Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Blackberry. Who would that be in auto industry: $GM $F $TM $VW?