1. @StockTwits $TMHC Move in desc. cannel, We find a H&S bullish pattern, neck line 20-21 MACD &RSI buy signa. See it http://stocktwits.com/message/30451933

  2. Deals of the Day: $BLRX, $PGR, $LUK, $TMHC, #Finmeccanica, #Novartis and more http://thudderwicks.com/2014/12/pgr-finmeccanica-aac-rbs-city-developments-abb-umbf-nab/

  3. @atmcharts: quick blog post: bottom fishing http://www.atmcharts.com/2014/12/stocks-on-watch_9.html $CSLT $PAAS $ZAYO $TMHC $INFI $ACAT $BOFI ZAYO and INFI - watching.

  4. quick blog post: bottom fishing http://www.atmcharts.com/2014/12/stocks-on-watch_9.html $cslt $paas $zayo $tmhc $infi $acat $bofi

  5. Scan results - Fell Below 50 DMA today: $WMS $GIL $BKS $STRZA $GES $TMHC $TD $ETE $BF.B $NVDQ ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/2/equities?selected_date=2014-12-04

  6. bull flag signals #stocks http://www.chartmill.com/stockscreener.php?filters=v1_50b500%2Cs_bf&tab=5&p=0&v=9&s=0&ticker=&nt=&timeframe=DAILY&type=CANDLES&o1=3&op1=200&i1=&ip1=&cl=F&months=0&o2=3&op2=50&i2=&ip2=&width=400&o3=62&op3=&i3=&ip3= $PCG $BOKA $TMHC

  7. Last 4 qrtrs of $TMHC s price movement on the earnings announcement. Reporting on Wednesday. http://www.tradingthedate.com/stocks/TMHC?utm_campaign=Earnings+X+Days&utm_medium=social&utm_source=stocktwits

  8. Dropping Oil Prices Could Hurt Texas Homebuilders http://www.valuewalk.com/2014/11/dropping-oil-prices-texas/ $OIL $AVHI $MDC $NVR $TMHC $KBH $MDC $WCIC

  9. Parabolic Sar Buy Signals 2/2 $ESSX $EXEL $LNCE $NWE $OLN $PBPB $RCII $REG $RLJ $SWN $TMHC $TRGT $WIX $XNPT $STUDY http://jcpafonso.blogspot.pt/p/parabolic-sar-buy-signals_5.html

  10. Reading explanations given on the $TMHC conf call transcript http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/include/?location=http://seekingalpha.com/article/2644345-taylor-morrison-homes-tmhc-ceo-sheryl-palmer-on-q3-2014-results-earnings-call-transcript

  11. Gap Open: Consumer #stocks with HIGHEST %Gap-Open trading UP $COUP $QVCA $MGA $TWOU $TMHC ++ (updates: click View ) http://www.tradepilot.com/#si=1000/t=mc:gt50m,av:gt30k,pc:gt,gap:gt/s=gap:d

  12. Taylor Morrison Home: Taylor Morrison Reports Third Quarter Revenue Of $759 Million, http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1240629 $TMHC

  13. $TMHC Taylor Morrison Reports Third Quarter Revenue of $759 Million, Net Income of $66.2 Million and an EBT Margin http://www.finances.com/company-news/33097-taylor-morrison-reports-third-quarter-revenue-of-759-million-net-income-of-66-2-million-and-an-ebt-margin-of-12-3.htm

  14. Taylor Morrison Home Corp to release earnings on Wednesday. $TMHC http://www.intercooleronline.com/stocks/taylor-morrison-home-corp-tmhc-set-to-announce-quarterly-earnings-on-wednesday/120055/

  15. Earnings announcement: $TMHC is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Wed, Nov 5 2014

  16. $TMHC shorted at 15.90

  17. Parabolic Sar Sell Signals 3/3 $PFS $PGTI $RDNT $WRES $RIO $RIOM $SNMX $SPF $SYK $TMHC $VG $VMI $VRX $WB $WWAV $YGE http://y.ahoo.it/KSiYEWOS

  18. $TMHC, 13G filed by Wellington Management Co LLP http://y.ahoo.it/q9Jqml8b

  19. Taylor Morrison Home Corp just filed a General Statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership http://y.ahoo.it/t0NvfTxU $TMHC

  20. Taylor Morrison Home Corp s Chief Accounting Officer was just granted 14,714 options http://y.ahoo.it/f7wPHF1r $TMHC

  21. Taylor Morrison Home Corp director just picked up 2,505 shares http://y.ahoo.it/jOHTQCvz $TMHC

  22. Taylor Morrison Home Corp director just picked up 3,758 shares http://y.ahoo.it/9VqiRE0g $TMHC

  23. Taylor Morrison Home Corp upgraded by Citigroup Inc. to buy. http://y.ahoo.it/euCPJqlV $TMHC

  24. Taylor Morrison Home Corp CFO C. David Cone Buys $100,296 in $TMHC http://y.ahoo.it/NjHB2It1

  25. Taylor Morrison Home Corp s Vice President and CFO just picked up 5,600 shares http://y.ahoo.it/hXUyy0Yx $TMHC