1. $TMV c mon Yellen let s shake it up. #ratehike

  2. $TMV ~ long day trade only @ the 55.76 cost.

  3. $TMV New 52 Week Low - Crossed daily lows support.

  4. $TMV New 52 Week Low - Crossed daily lows support.

  5. $TMV New 52 Week Low - Crossed daily lows support.

  6. Treasury ETFs Rally as 10-Year Yield Dips Below 1.8% http://y.ahoo.it/WwHFWMnq $TLT $TBT $TMV

  7. Who Blows Treasury Bubbles? Not 2% Big Money Managers http://y.ahoo.it/BtlRWwSW $TLT $TMV $TMF $TLH $IEF

  8. $TMV short bound bounce fading. So am tightening sell lims on $TBT $TBF down positions.

  9. $TMV sold all when sell lim was hit. Raising sell lims on $TBT and $TBF in this bounce.

  10. Bond shorts not working. Especially $TMV. Am tight sell lims, form above. http://y.ahoo.it/g9dILwXS

  11. $TMV http://y.ahoo.it/C54TYfrY $TMV Strong up reversal from key fib support 1st buy zone hit ++ Strong http://y.ahoo.it/SX0F8zgW

  12. $TMV re-bought from last year and added to short bond strategy. Too thin for options for me. Lot s o leverage (3x).

  13. Are Treasury Bonds FINALLY The Short Of The Decade?! http://y.ahoo.it/QFmdOIje $TLT $TBT $BND $BLV $TIP $TYO $TYD $TWOZ $TWOL $TMV $TMF $SPY $SPX

  14. $TMV = 20+Y Trs Br 3X ETF, long position is added to our portfolio

  15. Treasures break important technical levels. http://y.ahoo.it/jdBR9YaL via @PeterLBrandt $TNX $ZB_F $ZN_F $TBF $TMV

  16. Will Treasuries be this decade’s bubble? | via @PeterLBrandt http://y.ahoo.it/LvTNw5xk $TBF $ZN_F $ZB_F $TMV $TNX

  17. New post: Will treasuries be this decade s bubble? $TNX, $ZN_F, $ZB_F, $TMV, $TBF

  18. New post: Treasures break important technical levels. http://y.ahoo.it/pfbTMkOw $TNX, $ZB_F, $ZN_F, $TBF, $TMV

  19. Notable Options preview: (Gold Sector) $GLD, $DUST, $GLL, $AGQ. (Bonds) $TMV (Soda)$KO

  20. Barney Frank agrees with Fed Chairmen Bernanke s policies. Time to sell $TLT $TMV $TBT $IEF

  21. @KeithMcCullough when you say credit risk are you looking at $TBT or $TMV sometime this year? tia

  22. When Operation Twist over... time for $TBT $TMV

  23. $TMV time I m feeling it

  24. We took profits on our $TMF, and roll those profits into more longs in $TMV, will continue to play the range

  25. Bonds are starting to act toppy. They are very overpriced, in my view. $TBT and $TMV will have their day again. I don t know when though.