1. $TNA Target 77 next week

  2. $TNA small caps will follow other indexes to go higher. First tier goes first. DIA new high, SPY, QQQ then IWM. When small caps run..fly!

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  4. $SPXL: 0.35% $UDOW: 0.45% $MIDU: -0.21% $TNA: 0.73% $UVXY: -1.91% $TRIQ: 0.84

  5. $SOXL $TNA $BIB Yellen supports stock markets. http://y.ahoo.it/nxNFMqXu

  6. $TNA 1,323 shares holding overnight @ $72.88 average!! Let s go !!!

  7. $TNA See my post sold tna and bought uvxy Double profits today.$$ now cash

  8. $TNA In @$72.81

  9. $TNA I sold my tna earlier at 73.90. BOught more $SPXL at 81.50 and $MGM at 23.00 to take home

  10. Wow, $TNA has been all over the place this year!

  11. $TNA Less than 1/3 the velocity of $FEYE. Put your money in real companies.

  12. @StrongBull Follow my calls friend!! $CSIQ $SSYS $MU $CAR $EW $TNA $SOXL $TSLA $VIPS $GPRO $MBLY $ANET . $FEYE ..the cloud is clear

  13. $TNA 2010-2011 spx level to watch if we get there

  14. $TNA Gotta love the 90% of traders who lose money. This is precisely how stock price gets manipulated. 90% of the tips are incorrect

  15. $IWM $TNA still in a wedge from early feb 2014, chop chop all year.

  16. $TNA Out just a scalp for me

  17. $TNA Out

  18. @MicroSwing Not to mention I ve looked through your predictions on $TNA and absolutely none of them have been correct.

  19. $TNA Hold onto your hat

  20. @MicroSwing You act like a 2% green day is something special. Leave the trading to the people who actually make real money on trades. $TNA

  21. $TNA. Back to test $79 again

  22. $TNA Out @$74.12

  23. $TNA for + 2.8 % http://y.ahoo.it/UahhPkzb

  24. $TNA 75 very possible today

  25. $TNA. Hod