1. $RUT $IWM $TNA $TZA Consider that a diamond top possibility is in play. http://finvids.com/Candlestick-Chart/Diamond-Top-Bottom

  2. Today s market results... $SPXL: 1.28% $UDOW: 0.46% $MIDU: 0.70% $TNA: 0.93% $UVXY: -1.88% NASDAQ Trin: 0.66

  3. $TNA $TZA $USO $IWM $SPY Shorts are gonna be coming in like iron filing to a magnet. ...

  4. $TNA $TZA $USO $IWM $SPY Quad-Witch has only been over for an hour. WTI - $54.11 Brent - $59.27 ... Be afraid longs; be VERY afraid!

  5. daily $IWM $TNA - last 2 days thinner than expected, but rising still. Unfilled gap 117. Targeting $120 but cautious http://stocktwits.com/message/30493318

  6. http://stockcharts.com/public/1229503/chartbook/372545095; The Russell 2000 Small Caps index turned long-term bullish today $RUT $IWM $TNA $TZA

  7. $TNA +2% from going long this am

  8. $IWM $TNA attempting to BO from resist i ve talked about for over a month.

  9. $IWM $TNA Russell will kiss 1200 before eod .. maybe even close above it. WOW. Big bull sign but it also feels like a trap. Neutral

  10. $TNA hod

  11. $TNA approaching hod..need to go $80 level..need small caps to lead

  12. @ryjo Just a tad. $TNA is the real high flyer. Hopefully you profited off these moves, @ryjo! $IWM is a tough puppy to time!

  13. Current market results... $SPXL: 0.56% $UDOW: -0.30% $MIDU: -1.17% $TNA: 0.15% $UVXY: -0.73% Nasdaq Trin: 0.54

  14. Long $TNA for next couple wks

  15. $SPY Our Xmas buy list on Dec 11. Didn t get em all, but buckets were in great spots $SPXL $ERX $SOXL $BIB $TQQQ $TNA http://stocktwits.com/message/30473700

  16. $SPY $FAS $TNA $TQQQ this is a buy on dips mrkt

  17. $TNA determines to go higher. $TQQQ in green

  18. $CELG new high on good news. $TNA breaking $80 level possible 2day.very bullish above. Huge inverted C&H weekly chart.$ASHR shanghai up big

  19. My line in the sand: RUT ~1200 $IWM $TZA $TNA http://stocktwits.com/message/30446381

  20. Our Weekend Report Quote: So we would keep an eye on that 1980 area as a possible bottom pivot ahead of a Santa rally $Es_f $spx $tna yes!

  21. @InvestingJungle: Interesting pattern forming on the weekly $IWM chart $TNA $TZA $SPY $DJIA $SPX $ES_F http://stocktwits.com/message/30378905 Invalidated?

  22. $RUT $IWM $TNA $TZA I believe the markets are headed for a healthy 15% pullback... http://stocktwits.com/message/30438977

  23. $TNA What a treat! I was convinced to sell for a huge loss (around $3k) this week. Was not expecting a bounce this strong!

  24. Cut my losses in $UWTI and bought a lot of $DWTI ..I ll let this one ride. My $TQQQ $TNA and short in $TVIX kept me in the green though

  25. $IWM $TNA Bulls in control. Unfilled gap 74.95. Strong resistance at 79. Pivotal point yet again. Friday decides http://stocktwits.com/message/30432153