1. $TNA $RUT $IWM - The weakest of the indexes but holding the fib retracement

  2. Hope not everyone is missing the $TNA breakout from the bottom of its trend channel the last few days! $IWM

  3. $FAZ New 52 week lows again here. Get into $FAS $TNA fast

  4. $IWM $RUT $TNA $TZA When $GS says be careful then be careful. Silver plunged from 28 to 18 after they made comments. http://y.ahoo.it/es73eJKD

  5. Good entry today on $TECL $TNA no good entry $NFLX $BIDU we do not chase cancel unless a big dip

  6. @fglobe u buying $TNA yet?

  7. $TNA $FAS $RUSL let the bulls run again!

  8. $TNA Bot some this morning @70.7 not bad

  9. $TNA Wow look at the low volume. Looks like a pre holiday market day.

  10. $IWM $TZA $TNA $RUT Mr Market is saying please quit buying the dip!

  11. $TNA long Aug 1st $74 calls 1.63

  12. $TNA can rip $8-12. These problems always settle down. They never turn into worst case scenerio. Sure they COULD..but that s a terrible bet

  13. Bot $TNA 73

  14. $TNA 112.63 is next support on $IWM if R2K cracks.

  15. $TNA Danger sign market going to have correction?

  16. Top 5 ETF Elliott Wave Forecast July 18, 2014 – $GLD $SLV and $NUGT About To Explode In W3? $TNA and $IBB testing 618 support. -

  17. $SPY, $IWM, $TNA, $JNUG roadmap for monday: http://y.ahoo.it/pvoLz7UL

  18. 10-20%+ gains this week for $FAS and $TNA big move is a coming!! Love the charts

  19. $IWM Can the $RUT rally w/o small banks? $KRE closes below 40-week MA $TNA $TZA $SPY $SPX http://y.ahoo.it/kOlqtdJ7

  20. $TNA Averaging down worked again for me 4 the umpteenth time, $71 cost avg

  21. $DIA $SSO $SDS $IWM $TZA $TNA Thoughts on this please? A look at the Dow historical chart. http://y.ahoo.it/CCK2GDwP

  22. @MicroSwing: $TNA Up to $90 next week? I hope so... Amen

  23. $TNA Up to $90 next week? I hope so...

  24. Taking a Look at Russell 2000 http://y.ahoo.it/xYUvcXPr $IWM $RUT $TNA $TF_F

  25. @FortunaEquitis Just sold $TNA, I have a $TZA at 15.30 into the close