1. Small caps $tna that wk hummer mo popin up

  2. Why the market bounced $qqq $tna $tza $spx $es_f $sds $aapl $goog $fb And what to expect next. http://y.ahoo.it/K4LWHdGB

  3. $QQQ Weekly chart. $TQQQ $SPY $TNA http://y.ahoo.it/IfO62ukn

  4. $QQQ Monthly chart. $TQQQ $SPY $TNA http://y.ahoo.it/nLqgBX4w

  5. Very nice day today for my portfolio:) $ZNGA went up $TNA went up http://y.ahoo.it/vWIbwnHs soon may short more $HIL $RCAP

  6. $SPY $SPX $TNA $VIX Obama Plans To Cut The Deficit By $1 Trillion As We Lay Claim To 100% Jupiter Ownership http://y.ahoo.it/jWfpu1c0

  7. $RUT $IWM $TF_F $TNA No Comments : $RUT Sentiment 41% BULLISH //// 59% BEARISH

  8. $IWM $RUT $TF_F $TNA < What will the Dogmatic Shorts/BEARS say now ..Mayan Shaman Chief : Mr. Cashin already folded (for now) ??? >

  9. $RAD Getting some interest today $SPY $TNA $TQQQ http://y.ahoo.it/fKx83w0F

  10. $XONE Getting some follow thru today. $SPY $TNA $TQQQ http://y.ahoo.it/bEEmwXEE

  11. $IWM $TNA auntie yellens we will keep interest rates low comments being accepted perhaps

  12. @BeckyHiu for $SPY Howard trades $TNA and $TZA, others trade $TQQQ and $SQQQ for $QQQ

  13. @Vlad_ggfinances: This is how I see the $SPY http://y.ahoo.it/UiWkKQi8 use this $TNA $TZA $SPX

  14. $MGM Day one move after reversal, will we see day 2 follow thru? $SPY $TNA $TQQQ http://y.ahoo.it/0dIHQLKL

  15. $SPX $SPY $TNA $TQQQ Will market make a lower low and sell off or breakout of down trend? http://y.ahoo.it/EX38K8UB

  16. $TNA .... http://y.ahoo.it/vy6rCjAe

  17. $TNA Tomorrow she will decide...

  18. $TNA theres a 15 min squeeze for the short turn thats a big start

  19. $CSIQ Day two, can it break out of down trend? $SPY $TNA $TQQQ http://y.ahoo.it/ANaSricr

  20. $GLW 5% from recent high, pulling off lower trend line. $SPY $TNA $TQQQ http://y.ahoo.it/Z36rzaND

  21. Is There A Deeper Stock Market Correction Ahead? $IWM $TNA $TZA http://y.ahoo.it/8pW2R4Bb

  22. Grandma lisp 0% interest rate policy sucks ,I want something for the banks holding my cash ,grandma loves a $TNA hedge

  23. $TNA still holding long. Position is solid, avg cost is 67.35. Looking to exit around 72 if market behaves.

  24. $TZA the flip out of this to $TNA was a hard but sweet call so far. I feel i will be revisiting this trade a few times this year

  25. I should buy $TNA it was a obvious support http://y.ahoo.it/A7vJzzxj :/ $SPY $TZA