1. Pairs amzn long Plcn short 91 pts closed $ ubio long $ Uvxy long up and $tna long $dia short great $gden long on margin expect hugh.gain

  2. $IWM $TNA $MDY $MIDU Biotech and Small/Mid caps lead the day again

  3. $TNA ridiculous this is up that much & UPRO isn t, I ve been following for years and the Algo s got a hold of it, this thing dumps hard

  4. $TNA this goes to par small cap will lead the next leg higher BEARS are F^&*()ing TOAST

  5. $XRT $TNA win today!!

  6. Want to see $IWM close over 199.36 $TNA.

  7. $TNA $TNA I meant..

  8. $TNA over $76 on PNF looks great. $IWM

  9. $TNA looks so ready to go over $76... As we head into $iwm most bullish month

  10. @lcc007 $IWM / $TNA looking to break resistance for 3rd time since Sept. Time to play some catch up to the rest of the mkt.

  11. $TNA $IWM looking to break the 119.29 level for the 3rd time since August. If it does I expect it to play some catch up with the mkts

  12. $fas $faz $tza $tna $vxx $xiv $erx $ery $ugaz $dgaz $nuct $gdx $dust $uup $uwti $dwti $uso $sco $spy intraday S/R

  13. $TNA geticloser to break 75.9 it will to 81.2 Short Term.. Longer Term higher than that

  14. $tza $tna intraday Support and resistance trend lines

  15. $fas $faz $tza $tna $vxx $xiv $erx $ery $ugaz $dgaz $nuct $gdx $dust $uup $dwti $uso $sco $spy intraday S/R

  16. $TZA $TNA intraday support and resistance lines

  17. $TNA above 76 then 81.2 bullish engulfing. MACD at crossing over rising rsi ..going higher, 81.2 ma200 is target

  18. $TNA MACD at crossing over. Triple bottoms. RSI rising to bullish zone. Wkly chart also bullish, MACD Xover

  19. Liking $RUT $IWM $TNA into the end of the year to outperform.

  20. $TNA full position cost avg $72. Holing till end of year. yolo

  21. $GASL $NUGT $GUSH $RUSS $XOP $IGE $TAN $TNA $MLPI $AMLP $EWS $ERY $TUR $VNM $EWQ Top ETFs Daily Market Movers http://etfdigest.com/top10etf/TOP-ETFs-DAILY-MARKET-MOVERS-NOVEMBER-24.html#comments

  22. $TNA can we hit 76 tomorrow? I think so!

  23. $SPY Also Rotated Some $TNA to $SPXL

  24. $AMZN $GOOG $PCLN $LNKD all down, may buy $QID, if $ANAC closing near 113$ possible buy for momentum, $TNA long $DIA short knocking them out

  25. $SPY Will out 1/2 of $TNA and $IWM calls before close to lock in profits since this morning buying the dip