1. open positions end of month I: $TNA long at 68.46 my target the highs of july 85+; $TWTR (1/2 position) long at 44.36 next target 55

  2. $TNA sold mine at 77 when is the ideal time to buy back in? How long after the market starts do you wait to see if its red or green day?

  3. sold $tna at 77

  4. $TNA sell now ahead or hold over the weekend?

  5. $TNA Nice closing vol. for EOD on a long weekend, sayin something about market overall

  6. $TNA About to break out in next 15 mins....

  7. $TNA Other trades like jdst jnug much faster, more risk but lots of rewards if your on the right side of the chart

  8. $TNA Sold uvxy for profit, market still bullish, no postion in tna

  9. $TNA sold half of position here, will decide about rest after weekend. This is so I can relax properly ;)

  10. in $TNA from 75

  11. $TNA coming back up..

  12. Friday August Finally – Dressing That 2,000 Window $SPY $NDX $VIX $TNA $XRT $BKW $THI http://y.ahoo.it/ODymKeKm

  13. $TNA Consolidating. Major buying opportunity ...easy money

  14. Faithful Friday - Window Dressing and Huge Profits: $SPY $THI $BKW $TNA $IWM $XRT #BeTheHouse -- http://y.ahoo.it/Ggs3OvzW

  15. $TNA $TZA do you RUT or IWM to help you find entries ? http://y.ahoo.it/q0K5b9Y5


  17. $TNA $80 by end of week

  18. $TNA $TZA working the 1 min charts at

  19. $TNA Well loaded more pre market got average down to $75.94....hope she goes!

  20. Watching today: $WSM $WDAY $GES $DGLY also $SPY $VXX $TNA

  21. Lagging badly in this pattern $RUT $TNA $IWM http://y.ahoo.it/1CeK7zEh

  22. $aapl Aaple BULLISH LONG TERM TREND TARGET 128 u $ s http://y.ahoo.it/weczrPVj $iwm $goog $AMZN $qqq $qid $qld $tna $spy $dia $BIDU $nDAQ

  23. $TNA Load up with leverage here, bargain prices this morning....

  24. $TNA showing weakness....watching for a short setup tomorrow

  25. $TNA Back in ...$76.66