1. $TNXP i always think i m looking at the wrong ticker at first because of how low this is.. regardless

  2. $TNXP I expect the strong bounce back with the next 3 to 4 months in biotech especially small cap biotech

  3. $TNXP would push the US or global economies into recession would be the Fed raising rates I don t see them doing it until June or July

  4. $TNXP this stock in the sector are being held hostage by this discussion that a recession is near I don t see it the only thing that

  5. $TNXP avg 5.8 this hurts

  6. $PBIO $TNXP bullish plays. $TNXP is a fantastic bio pick. $PBIO a game changer in biomarker sample prep. http://www.chromatographyonline.com/sciex-and-pressure-biosciences-address-complex-sample-preparation

  7. $TNXP Boat loaded. If we dont see a bounce back to the mid 4 s this week then I hold all and dont add till low 3 s. Mid 4 s then sell 1/3

  8. $TNXP what a gift today! Hope you loaded up!

  9. $TNXP nice rally by the Ibb. Forming a hammer. Hopefully this is the bottom. And we get back to 7..

  10. $TNXP @bro187 buckle up for these 3 amazing data readouts! These prices are a gift! What luck! :)

  11. $TNXP Ready for data. Never would have thought this would see these levels again with so much progress being made in trials with 3 drugs

  12. $TNXP what a gift!

  13. $TNXP Added 1000 shares and it dropped my average $1.21.

  14. $TNXP added 3.76

  15. $TNXP love days like these when i have cash to burn. scared money dont make money. will sell part of my buys later this week.

  16. $TNXP thinking of adding ... Jeez who knows what is a good time to take a position in this market.

  17. $TNXP @QE4 what a gift! You should be adding! :)

  18. $TNXP opened at $7.54 to start the year.. Really remarkable to trim ~50% on no absolutely no news or fundamental change.

  19. $TNXP just rolled the dice bought some more


  21. $TNXP nothing can quite express the feeling when half your portfolio is trading at 52 week lows..I ve got time to wait

  22. $TNXP Strange trading watching level II. Looks like they re trying to drive it down.

  23. $TNXP Added more here.

  24. $TNXP felt blessed to have loose powder for these gifted shares. Let s rock and roll! 2016 will be FANTASTIC :) :)

  25. $TNXP Basically has to double...