1. $TOUR Good battle, it might bounce off of the 20 DMA around $21.67. Asian market down again today but looking to bounce again.

  2. @midiguy Yes. Recent ex. are $TRUE $TOUR $ZEN, all bought when the mkt was, IMHO, sketchy. Usually go w/ a 10-15% initial and add later.

  3. $TOUR Bulls are back in control...

  4. $TOUR Hoping to get a bounce off of the intraday 50 DMA of $21.71. Then close above $22.35.

  5. $TOUR I am a buyer at $21 :) come on Baby

  6. $TOUR Sold at 23, looking to get in after consolidation in 22s

  7. $TOUR why down after market. but volumn low .let s go 25

  8. $TOUR here we go

  9. $TOUR finally wakes up.

  10. Morning Watchlist | http://y.ahoo.it/TQWphb9C $csiq $bita $sfun $spwr $fslr $ua $lvs $data $tkmr $tour

  11. $TOUR looks better now that it re-tested that 20ma on Daily. Not thinking about committing to it today.

  12. $TOUR lows still holding. Watching for a bounce.

  13. $TOUR Nice bounce off 20 MA. Eying $MBLY now.

  14. $TOUR Regretting no buy at the open. $MS liked their report, PT $23

  15. Downgrades 8/13 $TOUR, $LEAF, $KING, $POT, $MOS, $IPI, $CEQP, $FRF, $JDSU, $CGI, $AWAY, $MRIN, $SCCO http://y.ahoo.it/97tzeKIC

  16. Street #downgrades: $MOS $TOUR $POT $IPI $CREE $CGI $KING $CEQP $JDSU $RGDO $SO $SRT $MRIN

  17. Tuniu Corp downgraded by Credit Suisse to neutral. http://y.ahoo.it/7CsJ0e3j $TOUR

  18. Mix Stock In Focus: $TOUR, $TWTR, $GOOGL http://y.ahoo.it/VkBfFKz5

  19. Parabolic Sar Sell Signals 2/2 $GPK $HCA $HSH $LAYN $MLNX $MNKD $MTDR $OLN $RAX $RCPI $RGEN $SFXE $TOUR http://y.ahoo.it/2ECbPuxz

  20. August 12th 2014 P&F Quadruple Top Breakout http://y.ahoo.it/VglDZCNR $TOUR $UDR $BCGX $HOLX $VWM $GOV $UL $BOE $IGE $FIF

  21. $TOUR Hope to see 16-17 then all in.

  22. China 2nd Gen Pureplay Internet Sector: $ATHM $BITA $JMEI $LEJU $QIHU $TOUR $VIPS $WBAI $WUBA $YY http://y.ahoo.it/bRMFWDzu

  23. $TOUR Buy in levels? I am thinking 21....

  24. Tuniu Corp announces earnings. ($0.07) EPS. Beats estimates. $TOUR http://y.ahoo.it/Q2TxkXpd

  25. $TOUR $ZEN $KANG all have something in common - volatility contraction patterns - read @markminervini s book to understand the concept.