1. 5 top stocks on NYSE (Apr. 14): $TPL, $MRF, $CSH, $MPX, $TPC http://y.ahoo.it/DFawX3a0

  2. Tethys Petroleum Limited announces earnings. ($0.01) EPS. Meets estimates. $TPL http://y.ahoo.it/4BdmcqO9

  3. Big Wave Traing Port Update And Top Holdings http://y.ahoo.it/GYe4xEU5 $STUDY $VIPS $CAMP $WAGE $INO $HEES $AER $GMED $TPL $JAZZ $FLDM $ICLR $V

  4. $TPL will begin trading ex-dividend on March 4, 2014 and will pay out a dividend of 0.27 cents for each share - http://y.ahoo.it/mWnHe9Pt

  5. @billgunderson Love your application, use it everyday. What s your take on $TPL

  6. what s happening with $TPL? When s a good time to buy back in

  7. $TPL off 8 bucks, good entry. Up from 95 to 136 since 1-1-14. Owns lots of O&G royalty.

  8. Texas Pacific Land Trust - Barchart s Chart Of The Day $TPL http://y.ahoo.it/Y6cedUih

  9. http://y.ahoo.it/UuleTMnJ Feb 26 Overbought: $TCO $TPL $FRX $AMRI $ZBRA $KIN $ESC $AGEN $SILC $O $CLRO $AMBC $ARII $COMM $UNT $NCIT $CNET $EXH

  10. $TPL is just off the charts #5 overall. No position. Another big winner that got away.

  11. Texas Pacific Land Trust announces dividend of $0.27. Payable on 3/4/2014. http://y.ahoo.it/as2eVhuD $TPL

  12. $TPL 16 new highs and up 48.93% in the last month http://y.ahoo.it/rpH2Zv4i http://y.ahoo.it/TYavX19N

  13. Financial Sector Gainers: Columbia Property Trust $CXP, BBX Capital $BBX, Bank of Ireland $IRE, Texas Pacific $TPL http://y.ahoo.it/4t0ZCHXx

  14. http://y.ahoo.it/ZUN4CLbv Feb 24 Overbought: $TCO $TPL $IKNX $RBPAA $FRX $NCIT $XPL $AMRI $FLEX $ZBRA $CCM $ILMN $PEG $ESC $O $ESTE $AZC $NWBO

  15. http://y.ahoo.it/yfWvWV6Z Feb 21 Overbought: $TCO $IKNX $TPL $AZC $MVIS $FRX $NCIT $AMRI $XRTX $ZBRA $PSXP $XPL $CCM $PEG $ACO $ESC $ILMN $AHT

  16. http://y.ahoo.it/CUFa37V8 Feb 20 Overbought: $TCO $FRX $TPL $AZC $ACO $NCIT $MVIS $LSCC $XRTX $ZBRA $PSXP $AMRI $PEG $FLEX $CBPO $ILMN $SILC

  17. http://y.ahoo.it/vKLFUW2a Feb 19 Overbought $TCO $NCIT $AXN $FRX $AZC $ASM $ACO $TPL $LSCC $GTT $ZBRA $PSXP $XRTX $FLEX $FSL $SILC $FCZA $AMRI

  18. $OWW $TPL NYSE small stocks with Year +100% performance, ROI +25% http://y.ahoo.it/IVPxA1Oh

  19. http://y.ahoo.it/IR2TWIGU Feb 18 Overbought: $TCO $SILC $AZC $NCIT $FCZA $GTT $FRX $AXN $ACO $ASM $TPL $LSCC $AHC $CLW $SYMX $CWH $EQR $XRTX

  20. $OWW $TPL NYSE small stocks with Year +100% performance, ROI +25% http://y.ahoo.it/VBZ5pTtl

  21. Texas Pacific Land Trust just filed its Statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership by individuals http://y.ahoo.it/Q1w79CCN $TPL

  22. http://y.ahoo.it/1QTC4jp9 - Feb 12 - Overbought : $TCO $TCI $DHRM $AZC $SILC $ACO $OPTT $LSI $GMCR $TPL $CLW $ARWR $PKBK $OHRP $CNTY $GTT $CWH

  23. http://y.ahoo.it/yYB7SjJL - Feb 11 - Overbought : $TCO $TCI $AZC $DHRM $SILC $HWG $MGH $UNS $PKBK $GMCR $LSI $FURX $ARL $CLW $CCIX $TPL $ARWR

  24. @Fibline: Worth tracking early & often today ~ $OHRP $MPAA $KIN $ASPX $FEYE $BDSI $NLNK $TPL $SALE $HELE $FLXS

  25. http://y.ahoo.it/Z5GkhSwy - Feb 10- Overbought : $TCO $TCI $AZC $SILC $OHRP $HWG $FURX $DARA $ARL $MGH $UNS $DHRM $TPL $PKBK $GMCR $YOD $ILMN