1. $TPLM OPEC says $200 oil is coming. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2015-01-26/opec-s-el-badri-sees-200-oil-possible-with-lack-of-investment.html

  2. $TPLM Nice day & bullish candle. Buy rec at $4.40ish

  3. $TPLM Nice I miss in. Next time will down then buy in.

  4. $TPLM http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/01/26/us-markets-oil-idUSKBN0KZ05G20150126

  5. $SFY No worries about rises at Cushing OK. Much of it held in contango play. https://rbnenergy.com/skipping-the-crude-contango-the-cushing-crude-storage-trade Profits being locked in. $GDP $TPLM

  6. $TPLM Flagging over 5 with relative strength.

  7. $SFY New Saudi king may change direction at any time when he sees losses in billions. Crown prince may offer input for reduction $GDP $TPLM

  8. $TPLM Saudi King dying might be the Outside Event that Ichan eluded to.

  9. $TPLM oil stocks crashed today and bounced a bit, but they re going to crash again tomorrow.

  10. $TPLM First trades above 50 DMA since late September.

  11. $TPLM http://www.cnbc.com/id/102360095#.

  12. $TPLM Again with relative strength.

  13. $TPLM ->NDRM showing a nice reversal pattern

  14. $TPLM Well some weird twitter would say As we said earlier lol...

  15. $TPLM Well that wasn t a good report. oil down

  16. $TCK $TPLM $BBEP $REXX $FNMA http://stocktwits.com/message/31584144

  17. $NBR 5 day 5 min chart shows this will just pull back huge. Good for intraday; not long term...like $TPLM. 180 shows it s massive decline.

  18. @PsychSignal so what s your outlook on $NBR? Oil s barely up and stocks like this and $TPLM just rocketed.

  19. $TPLM I think oil decline will not stop in 2015.

  20. $TPLM Tough time at the 50 DMA. When she breaks, 6.25 in scope for the double bottom follow through test.

  21. $SFY Oil prices have reached bottom , says Iraqi minister http://news.yahoo.com/oil-prices-reached-bottom-iraqi-minister-080231631.html He estimates that prices have reached bottom. $GDP $TPLM

  22. With $GDP float 52% short, won t take much to double, triple. WTI @ $50 will be a catalyst. Spiked @ $48 again today! $TPLM $SFY $FRO $SINO

  23. $TPLM up today. $GDP is 52% short, it will be next to move & $SFY will follow. More folks calling bottom, will see. $FRO getting shorted now

  24. $TPLM Pat Sayak, why is this one sooo strong? even when oil slipped it hold up well, now oil up it going up. hmmm. weee weeeeeee

  25. $TPLM Substantiated.