1. $TNA $TQQQ $NUGT $JNUG all positions were closed in the last 2 minutes of trading day .. nothing over the weekend

  2. $NUGT $JNUG $TNA $TQQQ I have cages ready for all bears but no food... so will close today

  3. $TQQQ $TNA $JNUG $NUGT bear bbq is open for business ... common ovah

  4. $TSLA $TWTR Stocks to watch $TQQQ $TNA http://y.ahoo.it/ck0aqCN7

  5. $TNA $TQQQ $SPY $QQQ Market snap shot http://y.ahoo.it/X221QAoZ

  6. 3:43PM Positions Update: $YY $AAPL $NUGT $TQQQ $DJIA $SPX $COMPQ - Holding in belief C wave done http://y.ahoo.it/C31FG7yK

  7. What to watch tomorrow 7/31/2014; $BRLI $PEGA $TWTR $QQQ $SAVE $TQQQ $VRSN $UA $DXJ $WFM $SAM $YELP $TAP $BUD

  8. Pre-Market Elliott Wave Coverage past 1/2 hr: $SPX $DJIA $COMPQ $ES_F $NDX $YY $AAPL $TQQQ $NUGT >> http://y.ahoo.it/JwBFVlBa

  9. July 30, 2014 Positions Update - $AAPL Above B, $YY Above 1.00, $NUGT W3 setup, $TQQQ W3 setup http://y.ahoo.it/JTjWCLi2

  10. Elliott Wave Coverage past 1/2 Hr: $SPX $DJIA $COMPQ $YY $AAPL $NUGT $TQQQ $ES_F >> http://y.ahoo.it/0y4vbR3t

  11. 3PM Positions Update $YY $AAPL $TQQQ $NUGT Big w3 setups [wavegenius elliott wave] http://y.ahoo.it/LKxQ2bsd


  13. Noon Elliott Coverage Past 1/2 Hr $YY $AAPL $TQQQ $NUGT $DJIA $COMPQ $SPX $ES_F > http://y.ahoo.it/CJgbIaPN

  14. 12:43PM Positions Update - $YY $NUGT $AAPL $TQQQ - 3rd waves in progress [wavegenius elliott wave] http://y.ahoo.it/lAdDtVjL

  15. $TQQQ $SQQQ $QQQ $QID http://y.ahoo.it/Fbiq7jpN

  16. @DanZanger: $NDX $COMPQ $QQQ $TQQQ $NQ_F A bit stretched here but closing into highs http://y.ahoo.it/afu5EwwC just a bit

  17. $NDX $COMPQ $QQQ $TQQQ $NQ_F A bit stretched here but closing into highs http://y.ahoo.it/8NmfWUxN

  18. Positions Update July 28: $YY $AAPL $TQQQ $NUGT - All forming or middle of W3 http://y.ahoo.it/KHtqzHx6

  19. Willing to wage $TQQQ has seen it s peak for a while- short 81.4 stop 83.4 Target 75.4

  20. Elliott Wave Positions Update July 25 - $AAPL $TQQQ $NUGT [wavegenius] http://y.ahoo.it/hTRiTVPy

  21. Movers this morning; $JKHY $QCOR $TQQQ $HCI $FAS $FXI $IWD $SPXL $SPY $SSO $VTI $VWO $XLY $EXT

  22. $QQQ $TQQQ futures looking pretty red. Today negated $FB s nice run. Think we get some nice shorting opportunities tomorrow in the Nas. imo

  23. $QQQ $TQQQ have been touching up bollinger bands for many weeks now. time to test the 20dma soon.

  24. $QQQ $TQQQ do want to see the gaps from last two days get filled. kind of exhausting seeing ATH s everyday now.

  25. $QQQ $TQQQ has closed green 11 of last 13 weeks since its April bottom. final Melt-up? or middle innings of secular bull market?