1. $TQQQ Pre-market will be a good indicator of what happens tomorrow http://stocktwits.com/message/31986796

  2. @El_Bandito so do think $TQQQ will bounce tomorrow also ?

  3. $TQQQ Excuse me today at 6:18 am

  4. $TQQQ Guess my post last night at 6:18 pm was correct

  5. @xiv_trader thx.. now get $TQQQ

  6. @digiruben are you still holding onto these ETF that you picked back in early Jan? $BIB $UDOW $UPRO $TQQQ $URTY

  7. $TQQQ time to add this one now. also add $JUNO $ISIS $ KITE

  8. $QQQ $TQQQ $SQQQ $STUDY congrats intraday longs. picture perfect entry and exit for profit. this extra volality may make for a great 2015

  9. $XIV $TNA $TQQQ Nice....all green now

  10. my ST followers got this entry @ 10am. entry@87.60-88; exit@92 for 5+% profit $TQQQ $SQQQ $QQQ $XLK $COMPQ $NDX $ND_F http://stocktwits.com/message/31936366

  11. Well then... fingers crossed we hold. $TQQQ $SQQQ $QQQ $XLK $AAPL $MSFT $COMPQ $NDX $ND_F

  12. $TNA $TQQQ both green, $XIV getting there (27.41 avg)

  13. $TQQQ 87.80 $TNA 73.40

  14. $TQQQ $SQQQ $QQQ $STUDY 5min bounce off of lows, target 92 by EOD. http://stocktwits.com/message/31936366

  15. $TQQQ Weekly charts of djia spx and nas still trading Above 50 day looking for bounce today or tomorrow

  16. US All Weather Portfolio, buying $TQQQ at end of day next trading day. http://stockmarketsvane.com/?page_id=389#ALL_WEATHER_v2

  17. $TQQQ Play the Bollinger bands sell at high 2 deviation band buy at low 2 deviation band

  18. this has worked pretty well over the past year or so. waiting for RSI to dip below 35 to buy $tQQQ $qqq http://stocktwits.com/message/31915042

  19. @Aristotle5 My buy and hold is $TQQQ .. Which is an uptrend for years. But I m ready to change for $SQQQ.

  20. The Top 7 Outperforming 3X ETFs over the last year. On SA: http://seekingalpha.com/article/2854476-how-to-buy-and-hold-leveraged-etfs-the-top-7-outperforming-3x-etfs-over-the-past-year. $TQQQ $QQQ $UUPT $UUP $RETL $XRT $CURE $XLV $TMF $TLT

  21. @FigureNyenterms $TQQQ it was the last rung of the ladder and I let them ride give lots of room to the stop, most was sold for over 6%

  22. @FigureNyenterms Stop had nothing to do with the gap down or the intraday charts at the time of my post. $TQQQ my bracket order hit the stop

  23. @FigureNyenterms I put on a long in $TQQQ on 1.22.15 and posted entry and partial exits. My stop hit based entirely on prior levels

  24. $TQQQ took first leg off at 93.82 for +2.05/sh; raising stop on balance. Long entry posted this a.m.

  25. $TQQQ long at 91.75......yes, tightish stop.