1. $ES_F 2040 should be bought with two hands. I m definitely planning on it. $SPY $SPXL $TQQQ $IWM $DIA

  2. $NBG $SPY $TQQQ 100% full force $NUGT $JNUG all the way to august sep.


  4. Possible dumping pts after Greece vote? Bearish chart $STUDY $QQQ $TQQQ $SQQQ $ND_F $NDX $COMPQ $NDAQ $ZSPH $SPY $SPX

  5. Who is buying $TQQQ into 3 day weekend of uncertainty? That s the play ladies & gents. Step up (speak up) & place your bets you miscreants

  6. We arent done yet. Be nimble, be quick, don t get greed sick. GL all! $TQQQ $QQQ $SQQQ $ND_F $NDX $COMPQ $NDAQ $ZSPH https://www.tradingview.com/x/BI6t1PH4/

  7. Premarket Top % Gainers: $BIOC 37.25%, $CB 31.81%, $NBG 12.38%, $GREK 9.84%, $DD 5.57%, $SVXY 5.24%, $XIV $FRO $TQQQ $WYNN $FIT $DWTI $ASML

  8. Premarket Top % Gainers: $NBG 14.29%, $GREK 9.84%, $DD 5.83%, $XIV 5.52%, $SVXY 5.24%, $FRO 4.92%, $RCAP 4.44% $TQQQ $WYNN $TNA $FAS $UPRO

  9. $SWKS $OVAS $ESPR $AAPL and $TQQQ are the best plays right now imo

  10. $LABU $UBIO in big profit.....$TNA $TQQQ laggards still

  11. Loading $GILD $CURE $LABU $UBIO $TQQQ. Cash 41% of portfolio.

  12. $SPY buy the dip / sell $VXX / buy $TQQQ $LABU $IBB

  13. Loading $GILD $CURE $LABU $UBIO $TQQQ. Cash 65% of portfolio.

  14. Thank you $GREK, shopping list is ready. Looking at $AAPL $TQQQ and possibly $TNA

  15. $UWTI $UGAZ $TQQQ Trades for day: in/out UG @ 2.09/2.15 - 2k shares, holding UW @ 3.15 and TQQQ at 107.6 - lets see Greece make it happen!

  16. $TQQQ buy tomorrow a.m at 101. to 103. Getting very oversold

  17. $TQQQ 104 here we come......

  18. $TQQQ Added at 105.35 - my last ADD. this is unreal

  19. Ok, $SPY seems comfortable with 206 as Support for the present. Adding $SSO $TQQQ $XIV at market close.

  20. $TQQQ $TNA added

  21. $TQQQ added 108

  22. $TQQQ added below 108

  23. $TNA $TQQQ $SOXL $XIV $EDC all good to sell tomorrow

  24. $TQQQ.look for -1000 tick on the open..always a bounce for 2 to 3 min

  25. US All Weather Portfolio, buying $UPRO, $TQQQ at end of day next trading day. http://stockmarketsvane.com/?page_id=389#ALL_WEATHER_v2