1. Social media posts help push hotels to upgrade: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-social-media-posts-helped-push-hotels-to-upgrade-20151002-story.html $YELP $TWTR $TRIP

  2. Dear MM God s: Can we please get more setups like $FOLD $ONCE $EXAS $GTAT and all day runners $NDRM $VLTC $AQXP $TRIP $YELP Struggling here.

  3. Travelzoo Announces Major Management Shuffles http://www.trefis.com/stock/tzoo/articles/315917/travelzoo-announces-major-management-shuffles/2015-10-05 by Trefis Team $TZOO $PCLN $EXPE

  4. Upgrades $PCLN $TRIP $PSG $MU $AMZN $GOOG, Downgrades $FEYE

  5. $YOKU $BITA $JKS our team on this, you just need to trust on our thesis. We don t long junk stocks. $TRIP

  6. Robert Buran @BobBuran October 1, 2015, 10:22 am Thursday ALL ACTIVE BUY ORDERS 4 TODAY $SBGL to $TRIP

  7. $SPY meow, weee. Go for the 195, will you? $YOKU my sleeping dragon,needs to wake the brothers. $TRIP diamond .

  8. Tripadvisor s buy rating reiterated at Deutsche Bank. http://www.marketbeat.com/stocks/NASDAQ/TRIP/?RegistrationCode=SocialMedia-direct $TRIP

  9. OTAs Have A New Demon To Battle: Google! http://www.trefis.com/stock/expe/articles/315370/otas-have-a-new-demon-to-battle-google/2015-09-29 by Trefis Team $EXPE $GOOG $PCLN

  10. The Month That Was For Online Travel Agencies http://www.trefis.com/stock/pcln/articles/315194/the-month-that-was-for-online-travel-agencies/2015-09-28 by Trefis Team $EXPE $PCLN $TRIP

  11. Unscathed By The Economic Slowdown, China s Online Travel Market Remains As Dyna... http://www.trefis.com/stock/ctrp/articles/313981/unscathed-by-the-economic-slowdown-chinas-online-travel-market-remains-as-dynamic-as-ever/2015-09-28 by Trefis Team $CTRIP $CTRP $EXPE

  12. $TRIP:US TripAdvisor s top museum winners #TRIPADVISOR INC http://portal.finsents.com/Preview/CompanyProfile?id=c_41566&ticker=TRIP:US&key=CP-stweet-353-1443420513-WcJOA90i0qxGGEoD%2bJrXxJfnRGn8CGJrxF5FnigZI84%3d #SP500

  13. Earnings announcement: $TRIP is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Wed, Nov 4 2015

  14. $TRIP why does this stock deserve 10x sales valuation?

  15. $TRIP really nice looking + RSI divergence on daily

  16. $cray , $vlp , $trip, $qcom , $lyb , $blk , $ebay , $mga might be good to invest now

  17. How Risky is Your Portfolio? $TRQ $SFUN $TRIP $FCE.A

  18. $TRIP competition

  19. $TRIP testing post crash-ette day lows

  20. $TRIP getting very interesting here as the 200 day on the weekly catching up to the stock price.

  21. $TRIP my longterm swing portfolio been empty lately, this madness depress level is a gift. Don t ask me if it s too late when this ramps.

  22. If $TRIP Advisor can sell for 15 times Sales, its no doubt in my mind that $TWTR deserves a 30x sales valuation #Twitter #TripAdvisor

  23. $TRIP bears, what s the bear case here?

  24. Technical Shorts to consider:$TUP, $BBBY, $GPRO, $TRIP, $JOY, $FLR, $DOV, $GPS, $KORS, $JEC, $HAR, $ETN, $WDAY, $HOG, $MOS, $HOT, $URBN,$NUE

  25. $EXPE 2yrs ago no one wants this at $52. Now every1 on it at $110. $TRIP is actually better than $EXPE,no 1 wants it now. Gems always 1/2