1. $TRQ dow up a million points and this is red. says it all. roll on the new CEO. the old one priestly is the most useless ever. a joke.

  2. Algorithmic trading: OPEN Dec/17 SELL: $WFT $OGE $X $TRQ $ANGI $AREX $SE $MHR $BHP $VNR $KBH $GLOG $EQT $HUN $UPL $STO $ALJ $BIG $HFC $TCK

  3. Report of foreign issuer [Rules 13a-16 and 15d-16] http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1334848 $TRQ

  4. $TRQ 280 predicted months ago. MONTHS AGO YOU FOOLS.

  5. $TRQ TRQ!!! i will grind you into the ground. Employ me or face certain disaster. (i kinda dig vancouver). i will wreak havoc otherwise.

  6. $TRQ behold. the lord and master of this market. 280 to the cent. behold and wonder. I DEMAND TO BE ON THE BOARD OF TRQ RIGHT NOW.

  7. $TRQ when in gods name will anyone listen? this is a DISASTER!!!

  8. new large player sells #stocks http://www.chartmill.com/stockscreener.php?filters=adev_m520%2Cv1_50b1000&tab=5&p=0&v=9&s=0&ticker=&nt=&timeframe=DAILY&type=CANDLES&o1=3&op1=200&i1=49&ip1=&cl=F&months=0&o2=3&op2=50&i2=&ip2=&width=400&o3=1&op3=&i3=&ip3= $TRQ $NYMT $RSPP

  9. $TRQ 280 price looking more and more like the real world. suck it up rio.

  10. $TRQ Its worth 12-15 a share easy if they would take their heads out of the sand on both sides of this deal and develop the underground!

  11. $TIBX Releases Innovative JavaScript framework- $SNY, $TRQ http://www.emarketsdaily.com/tibco-software-inc-nasdaqtibx-releases-innovative-javascript-framework-sanofi-nysesny-turquoise-hill-resources-ltd-nysetrq/1822362/

  12. Report of foreign issuer [Rules 13a-16 and 15d-16] http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1306589 $TRQ

  13. $TRQ its only worth 280.

  14. $TRQ Gold reversal and this piece of C... Trades to lows.

  15. High EPS Stocks in Review: http://www.investorwired.com/high-eps-stocks-review-linkedin-corp-lnkd-turquoise-hill-resources-ltd-trq-lululemon-athletica-inc-lulu-dejour-energy-inc-usa-dej/1712975 $LNKD $TRQ $LULU $DEJ

  16. $TRQ rising gold price. big deal. still at 1200. dont get too excited.

  17. $TRQ Glencore lining up another bid for RIO. What happens to TRQ?

  18. $TRQ Glencore lining up another bid for RIO. What happens to TRQ?

  19. Bullish ADX Crossovers 4/4 $SCCO $SCHW $SD $SLB $SPN $SLTD $TRQ $TSL $TYC $VVUS $WES $WFT $WLL $WNR $X $YGE http://jcpafonso.blogspot.pt/p/bullish-adx-crossovers_21.html $STUDY

  20. $TRQ Now what? Gold up and this is falling!

  21. $TRQ Decent volume, no movement.

  22. $TRQ this has gotta bust 4 to b a buy. seen it all b4 a million zillion times. and then its gotta hold 4. not a d trade in any way.

  23. Parabolic Sar Buy Signals 3/3 $NTES $PE $PPP $REGN $SC $SU $TRQ $TWO $TWTR $UNM $VGGL $WTI $ZIOP http://jcpafonso.blogspot.pt/p/parabolic-sar-buy-signals_12.html $STUDY

  24. $TRQ the daily chart has me thinking there s more upside coming!

  25. $TRQ The ER transcript seems positive!