1. Long for 12/22 $ADXS $CRK $MHR $TRXC $VHC $ZNGA Oil price will be key for oil stks.. Also $FATE if you can tolerate the roller coaster ride

  2. Current RSI levels indicate $TRXC can move higher $STUDY Highest volume day on Friday in history of company. 10.3M shares vs avg 130k

  3. @olapanch like the update given on friday. company will also need to raise more money eventually. Only enough cash until end of 2015 $TRXC

  4. Review of $TRXC Sitting at downward channel resistance. Kissed 50 week MA intraday. Breakout volume. $3.60, $4.09 http://stocktwits.com/message/30520485

  5. $TRXC What is the news or next catalyst ? I m new on this one

  6. $TWENTY15 These stocks will be my bread and butter in 2015 $TRXC and $NVCN long both for 1+ year now. Big catalysts in 2015. Also love $TMP

  7. $TRXC looks like she wants to go for the $6 to $7 level quickly. The Successful surgery announcement very big. Could run for $10 in new year

  8. $TRXC Wow, more FOLLOWERS!

  9. $TRXC 3 is the line in the sand

  10. $trxc

  11. Friday Gainers: $HGSH 45%, $FATE 42%, $TRXC 37%, $CORI 31%, $SFY 26%, $PETX 25%, $MPO $25, $BAS 25%, $SNFCA 22%, $CRK 22% #hotstocks

  12. $TRXC the gap needs to close,on the upside...

  13. I honestly wouldnt mind if Todd Pope just went through with $TRXC offering now, get it over with or else wait till Q2 of 2015 Im long term

  14. $trxc covred up 3.2s the last shares.

  15. $TRXC MM sThey may want to get it below 3.00

  16. $TRXC mms may try and short squeeze eod be careful


  18. $TRXC Cliffhanger!

  19. $TRXC shorts are covering! 4$

  20. $TRXC Does it go to 3.00 or 4.00?

  21. $TRXC shorts will cover now! or it will be margin call! look at it, will pop up to 4$!

  22. $TRXC it will squeeze now! 4$ upcoming

  23. $TRXC are people shorting this now why is the price dropping

  24. $TRXC will pop AH!

  25. $TRXC Any ideas on what the close might be looking for a good place to get out.