1. (WEN) (TSL) (PGH) (HSNI) Active News Update: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/wen-tsl-pgh-hsni-active-news-update-wendys-nasdaqwen-trina-solar-adrnysetsl-pengrowth-energy-nysepgh-hsn-nasdaqhsni/1534241/ $WEN $TSL $PGH $HSNI

  2. $TSL Sold @ 10, Great run we had. Target 9.19 @ 20 DMA for next entry.

  3. $TSL This stock s new channel is 8.00 - 10.50

  4. Market volatility and solar stocks. Here s Tim Lutts on both. http://www.cabot.net/issues/cwa/archives/2015/10/solar-stocks $SCTY $SPWR $CSIQ $TSL $JKS

  5. $SUNE up 10% . Company putting strategy to improve business.good swing trade. Also oil up good cor solar $SCTY $FSLR $SEDG. Watch $TSL ma50

  6. Sell $SUNE. Buy $TSL or $FSLR. EBIT from latter are... https://www.marketvis.io/stock/sune/financial?s={"compare":["us-tsl"],"charts":["%257B%2522f%2522%253A%2522xignite-totalnetincome%2Bxignite-ebitmargin%2522%252C%2522r%2522%253A%25225y%2522%252C%2522c%2522%253A%2522qoq%2522%252C%2522chartType%2522%253A%2522bar-line%2522%257D","%257B%2522f%2522%253A%2522xignite-totalliabilities%2Bxignite-totaldebttoequityratio%2522%252C%2522r%2522%253A%25223y%2522%252C%2522c%2522%253A%2522qoq%2522%252C%2522chartType%2522%253A%2522bar-line%2522%257D","%257B%2522f%2522%253A%2522xignite-netcashfromoperatingactivities%2522%252C%2522r%2522%253A%25223y%2522%252C%2522c%2522%253A%2522qoq%2522%252C%2522chartType%2522%253A%2522line%2522%257D"]}

  7. Solar stocks have felt the volatility. Is this the bottom? http://www.cabot.net/issues/cwa/archives/2015/10/solar-stocks $SCTY $SPWR $CSIQ $TSL $JKS

  8. $TSL at ma200 like I though..that s another 4% up today..nice

  9. Yingli Green Energy Price Estimate Cut As Debt Concerns Hurt Operations http://www.trefis.com/stock/yge/articles/316245/yingli-green-energy-price-estimate-cut-as-debt-concerns-hurt-operations/2015-10-06 by Trefis Team $YGE $TSL $JASO

  10. $TSL up another 4.7% today. Target ma-200 $10.6 or little above @ $11 as posted last night

  11. what large players are buying http://www.chartmill.com/stockscreener.php?filters=adev_520%2Cv1_50b1000&tab=5&p=0&v=9&s=0&ticker=&nt=&timeframe=DAILY&type=CANDLES&o1=3&op1=200&i1=49&ip1=&cl=F&months=0&o2=3&op2=50&i2=&ip2=&width=400&o3=1&op3=&i3=&ip3= #stocks $SGEN $WEN $TSL

  12. $TSL finally back to ten!! could be a big break through!...

  13. $TSL adding here 9,34

  14. $TSL closed above SMA20 SMA50, SMA20 turning up closer to SMA50. Strong mrkt can leat to ma200, and about $11 resistance

  15. A number of stks in the $TAN sectors have good setups. Take a look at $TSL, abobe ma50 on picup volume, rising RSO, MACDXover

  16. Will $CSIQ $SCTY $TSL $JASO $TAN be shine late in this fall?

  17. $TSL Is this the begining of a run

  18. $CSIQ $FSLR $SPWR $SUNE $SCTY $JKS $TSL Solar LIGHTS ON today. Not out. Was way oversold.

  19. $JKS $tsl Chinese solar is up. Any positive news?

  20. $TSL Now that all the China nonsense has seemed to have settled, this should maybe actually rise above $10. 2017 Chinese cap & trade.

  21. Dead cat bounce today for $SPY $QQQ. Downside will resume. Sell $SUNE. Buy $TSL $FSLR $TSLA

  22. Dead cat bounce today for $SPY $QQQ. Downside will resume. Sell $SUNE. Buy $TSL $FSLR $TSLA : https://www.marketvis.io/stock/sune/financial?s={"compare":["us-tsl"],"charts":["%257B%2522f%2522%253A%2522xignite-totalnetincome%2Bxignite-ebitmargin%2Bxignite-ebit%2522%252C%2522r%2522%253A%25223y%2522%252C%2522c%2522%253A%2522qoq%2522%252C%2522chartType%2522%253A%2522bar-line%2522%257D","%257B%2522f%2522%253A%2522xignite-totalliabilities%2Bxignite-totaldebttoequityratio%2522%252C%2522r%2522%253A%25223y%2522%252C%2522c%2522%253A%2522qoq%2522%252C%2522chartType%2522%253A%2522bar-line%2522%257D","%257B%2522f%2522%253A%2522xignite-netcashfromoperatingactivities%2522%252C%2522r%2522%253A%25223y%2522%252C%2522c%2522%253A%2522qoq%2522%252C%2522chartType%2522%253A%2522line%2522%257D"]}

  23. $TSL High Fundamental Rating -> http://www.cmlviz.com/cmld3b/lite.php?app=rc&ticker=TSL&referral=ST

  24. $TSL weak one. Down 9% up 2%

  25. $SUNE closes at the price of the beast $6.66, the end is near. $CSIQ $FSLR $JKS $SPWR $TSL