1. Saxo Bank published my latest research Yingli results disappoint but sunnier outlook expected : https://www.tradingfloor.com/posts/yingli-results-disappoint-but-sunny-days-ahead-4174910 $YGE $JKS $TSL

  2. Swing Buy Picks: $AFFX, $AMBA, $CNC, $DVA, $GGP, $HBI, $JBLU, $MNK, $MYL, $PHM.V, $RMD, $ROST, $TSL, $TWX, $WETF http://stockmarketsvane.com/?page_id=389#MOREPICKS

  3. Marketocracy holds an allocation of 0.4% in $TSL in his Explore Portfolio Investment Portfolio


  5. $CSIQ And HE said, let there be light. We should gain back momentum once $SLTD reports. $CSIQ, $JKS, $JASO, $FSLR, $TSL to follow...

  6. Yingli Earnings: Weaker ASPs, Higher OpEx; 2015 Guidance Is Light http://www.trefis.com/stock/yge/articles/286954/yingli-q4-results-hurt-by-weaker-asps-and-higher-opex-2015-guidance-is-light/2015-03-26 by Trefis Team $YGE $yge $TSL

  7. $TSL Trina Solar announces shipment of 6.9 MW Trinasmart PV Modules to Anesco in the UK TSL.N - RINB 26-Mar-2015 08:05

  8. $TAN Support (uptrend) on solar stocks compromised. $TAN $FSLR $SPWR $CSIQ $JKS $TSL $SCTY $SUNE $JASO

  9. Bearish Engulfing http://www.dailystockplays.com/Bearish-Engulfing-2015-03-25.html $IWM $SUNE $VWO $KGC $AUY $TNA $WU $ALU $EWG $TLT $BURL $DHI $LOW $TRQ $TXT $YUM $LQD $EWY $TSL

  10. $JASO, $CSIQ, $JKS, $TSL Is $YGE the Biggest Loser in the Pack for 2015

  11. $JASO, $CSIQ, $JKS, $TSL JA Solar pushing ahead of the pack http://seekingalpha.com/article/3028436-ja-solar-pushing-ahead-of-the-pack?auth_param=d53hi:1ah63av:25c30213b5630912918cb5700aec832c&uprof=22

  12. $JASO $CSIQ, $JKS, $TSL All 4 Reported Profits and Good ER Results Today s sell off was Stupid. They have nothing in common with YGE

  13. $TSL expensive very high pe, will come crushing soon

  14. $YGE I looked at the puts in the 2.40 s, DAMN! this sucker took down the entire sector? $CSIQ $JASO $TSL

  15. $TSL adding @11,91

  16. This just in, $CSIQ $TSL $JKS and $JASO are not the same company as $YGE but they are still being punished good buying opportunity!

  17. $TSL

  18. RSI Over 70 http://www.dailystockplays.com/RSI-Over-70-2015-03-24.html $ZNGA $IWM $EWJ $XIV $DBEF $KBH $TGT $SLV $JBLU $LLY $TNA $FSLR $ARAY $MDXG $AVGO $URBN $TSL $WNR $BBVA

  19. Solars especially $FSLR, $SPWR and $TSL have the best setups along with $SOL. Don t see a whole lot ...

  20. Californ. Record Energy From Giant Solar Plants http://www.ibtimes.com/california-got-record-amount-energy-giant-solar-power-plants-2014-eia-report-1857420 $SLTD $FSLR $RGSE, $VSLR $CSIQ $SCTY $CSIQ $YGE $SOL $SPWR $SUNE $TSL

  21. $SLTD Will Outperform all of these Solar Stocks in 2015 $FSLR $RGSE, $VSLR $CSIQ $SCTY $CSIQ $YGE $SOL $SPWR $SUNE $TSL

  22. $TSL

  23. Solar stocks rally again http://seekingalpha.com/news/2389096 $CSIQ $TAN, $JKS, $SOL, $TSL, $JASO, $FSLR, $SCTY, $RGSE $SPWR $VSLR

  24. $CSIQ 75% gain, $TSL 41% and $TAN 35% up since I quoted. We stay long.

  25. $TSL Great day for solar particularly this one. Long term I see myself moving over to $CSIQ or $FSLR as safer bets.