1. @dank2435 $AAPL $SPY $FB $NFLX $GOOG $FB $CVX $TSLA lol nikkei down dax down Corn is up though!

  2. $TSLA Technical Analysis Video 8/28/2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kl7dIWkJ2Yg&feature=youtu.be

  3. $AAPL $SPY $FB $NFLX $GOOG $FB $CVX $TSLA lol nikkei down dax down

  4. $TSLA Max Pain = 240.00. Maturity = 09/04/2015. Previous close = 248.48. http://maximum-pain.com/options/max-pain?s=TSLA&urk=TSLA

  5. $AAPL vs. $TSLA Head to Head http://www.cmlviz.com/cmld3b/lite.php?app=tt&tickers=AAPL|TSLA&metrics=Revenue+(TTM+US$+Millions)|Net+Income+(TTM+US$+Millions)|Revenue/Number+of+Employees+(TTM+US$+Millions)|Gross+Margin+%|Net+Income+Margin+%|Research+and+Development+Expense/Operating+Expense|Revenue+TTM,+1-Year+Growth+%|Net+Income+TTM,+1-Year+Growth+%|Price+to+Sales+(at+Quarter+End)&referral=ST

  6. $TSLA this chart from 1980 on is almost perfectly correlated with the fed funds rate. Are they really helping main st?

  7. $TSLA the fed enabled our gov to do nothing for 6 years. Absolutely nothing. What was the last thing good or bad they have done? Idk of any

  8. @rajbalasingham: Special shoutout to @STAUNCHWEALTH for the $TSLA put trade thank you!

  9. $TSLA market dropped 5% Larry Summers(who lost billions when managing Harvard endowment betting on higher int rates) writes op-ed about fed.

  10. $TSLA we listened to no longer say patient doesn t mean impatient now less compelling doesn t mean it won t be more compelling .

  11. $TSLA Janet Yellen counts s&p points instead of sheep to fall asleep. The stock market=policy success to her. The fed is the market.

  12. $TSLA Stan Fisher was most important hawk and he didn t seem ready to raise. The bubble is in fed confidence. Until that bursts....

  13. $AAPL $SPY $FB $NFLX $GOOG $FB $CVX $TSLA took 2 days to recover now the big crash

  14. $AAPL $SPY $FB $NFLX $GOOG $FB $CVX $TSLA 6 or 7 month crash. Bible prophecy

  15. Interactive Chart -> http://www.cmlviz.com/cmld3b/lite.php?app=mm&tickers=TSLA&metrics=Assets+(US$+Millions)|Assets+(US$+Millions)&start_date=12/31/2007&end_date=06/30/2015&show_line=false&graph_only=0 $TSLA Assets are Increasing.

  16. $TSLA see u tomorrow open at $235

  17. $TSLA vs. $GOOGL Head to Head http://www.cmlviz.com/cmld3b/lite.php?app=tt&tickers=TSLA|GOOGL&metrics=Revenue+(TTM+US$+Millions)|Net+Income+(TTM+US$+Millions)|Revenue/Number+of+Employees+(TTM+US$+Millions)|Gross+Margin+%|Net+Income+Margin+%|Research+and+Development+Expense/Operating+Expense|Revenue+TTM,+1-Year+Growth+%|Net+Income+TTM,+1-Year+Growth+%|Price+to+Sales+(at+Quarter+End)&referral=ST

  18. $TSLA of 240 or 235 doesn t hold, has room to 220/200. Above 250 then 260.

  19. @stocktrader8000: $TSLA Again, believe in the $450 price target. I d rather believe in the book I m reading that underwriter/anlyst=crime

  20. $TSLA Again, believe in the $450 price target.

  21. $TSLA only shorting/buying shares up to cost of wings bc the wings will protect us at that point so no need to double up with shares too

  22. @2kaykim [VIDEO] *SPECIAL* Mid-Week Update [In-Depth Market Analysis] $INDU $SPX $COMPQ $RUT $AAPL $TSLA

  23. $TSLA to keep costs down we used 10 lot in the condor which will lead us to use 1000 shares in the augmenting part of strategy

  24. @szaman Trading Watch List 08.31.2015 http://bullsonwallstreet.com/trading-watch-list-08-31-2015/ $CLTX $EBIO $FB $MBLY $TSLA $NFLX $USO $SPY .

  25. @szaman Trading Watch List 08.31.2015 http://bullsonwallstreet.com/trading-watch-list-08-31-2015/ $CLTX $EBIO $FB $MBLY $TSLA $NFLX $USO $SPY .