1. $TSLA 187 min Required _

  2. $TSLA Just look @ the 1 week chart..there is a big red story imo

  3. $TSLA Weekly. Losing that key $185-$190 area on a weekly closing basis likely to advance bear case on all timeframes

  4. $TSLA nice $$$$

  5. @mahatmaghandi: $TSLA Pressing the Battery Power _ => Hope it doesn t catch fire

  6. $TSLA some fund that is bullish waited for more shorts to get on board b4 bidding this up in a hurry

  7. $TSLA Traders can trade this all you want; in 20 years you can tell your children you traded Tesla for a few bucks and let them laugh at you

  8. $TSLA Pressing the Battery Power _

  9. $TSLA What did I tell you?

  10. $TSLA i hope tesla gets an even bigger short float...will make the rise even more spectacular

  11. We provide a professional level trading service. You want stock picks? @jimcramer does a fine job for that. $spy $nflx $baba $aapl $tsla

  12. $TSLA Janet needs to drive up in a Tesla hurling Benjamins out the window. That will get the party rolling.

  13. $TSLA Janet s Frisco speech will probably be dovish

  14. $TSLA if this forms a hammer on daily, very bullish!

  15. I think $TSLA will miss Q1 Estimates. Might not go below $165. I see $200.

  16. $TSLA filled. Let see what happens now.

  17. $TSLA Let it sleep to rise again.

  18. Short $aapl $nflx $joy $tsla $slv Long $RAD $ARIA $paa

  19. $TSLA 185+ close to crush the short thesis :)

  20. $TSLA Valuation Concerns Trump Its Growth Prospects http://247wallst.com/autos/2015/03/27/tesla-valuation-concerns-trump-its-growth-prospects/

  21. $TSLA http://247wallst.com/autos/2015/03/27/tesla-valuation-concerns-trump-its-growth-prospects/

  22. $TSLA Tesla Valuation Concerns Trump Its Growth Prospects

  23. $TSLA here comes the kool- aid drinkers

  24. $RCL covering and shorting more $TSLA (33% increase). #1 posn by size. Increasing $GREK short (33%). adding Spain / Russia 2 party $EWP $RSX

  25. $TSLA what a deal $$$$