1. Yesterday $TSLA morning might have been the bottom. Off by a few percent / less than $10 from what I consider to be the bedrock.

  2. $TSLA you ll be lucky if itz not gonna drop to 168$

  3. $TSLA It s going to 230 folks.

  4. $TSLA Fools buy the dip

  5. $F & $TSLA: at the rate Ford is plummeting, its market cap will soon drop below $TSLA s

  6. $TSLA is boosting stocks surrounding them i m up 10% very quick on WLCDF Western Lithium... I hope they strike a deal with $TSLA soon

  7. $TSLA You will all be very lucky if we even touch 240

  8. $TSLA Looking to get down to 220-225 before earnings.

  9. @Trader_Mood: $TSLA- SEE you at 190! still holding short pos. and the target price!

  10. $GOOG $QIHU $SINA $TSLA $AMZN all of LOD

  11. $TSLA Support at $241.50 ...

  12. @Trader_Mood: Short list: $JRJC, $TSLA, $WRES, $QIHU, $LVS keep shorting these names!

  13. $TSLA how low will it go? Think you I ask? my guess 220$ yours?

  14. $TSLA Shorts starting to realize this is not going much lower. Last time will get a chance in the 240s. BUY now rep later.

  15. $TSLA gonna bounce from this sell off.. good time to load calls

  16. @Longtrader take a look at $tsla. Looking weak here. Might be worth a look at.

  17. $TSLA why the very hard sell off? i will buy tons of calls if this gets to 235

  18. $TSLA Waiting for 230 test today

  19. $TSLA Bought 10/18 245 puts at 7.95. Will start to trim when we hit 230

  20. $TSLA this is going to resolve soon!!

  21. $TSLA defies all logic but still worth buying calls look at the price and return. would have made my $ back long ago if i checked the ego

  22. $TSLA why is tsla dropping? i think its a good buy

  23. bot some more $TSLA puts on this weak open

  24. $TSLA Sabrient Rating upgraded - September 30, 2014. Sabrient upgraded its rating for TSLA from Strongsell to Hold.

  25. $TSLA this action will only give an explosive surprise on earnings.