1. $TSLA i m gonna so short at 225

  2. @Learnstocks101: Free video w/setups December 19 Now What $TSLA $FB $YHOO $AAPL $SPY $STUDY http://www.learnstocks101.com/stock-market-analysis/2014/12/now-what . Thanks

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  5. Free video w/setups December 19 Now What $TSLA $FB $YHOO $AAPL $SPY $STUDY http://www.learnstocks101.com/stock-market-analysis/2014/12/now-what

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  10. $TSLA many shorts started ss around 240. If they timed it correctly. Before they lose it all. They should have covered instead of praying.

  11. $TSLA I am sure many have covered before they lose everything. Any foresight will take profits. I don t see a lot of them.

  12. $TSLA We haven t experienced 10% yet from the bottom but I expect perhaps a quick 220 and if the shorts start covering look out.

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  15. $TSLA Got in at the right time, and might be the time to increase position this Friday

  16. $TSLA Buy when others fear, or wait another year. Confirmation is king! Let tesla roll!

  17. $TSLA Keep High Margins and they are playing in the largest consumer market in the world. Automotive.

  18. $TSLA Shields Up! True Followers on here know Yo Boy is and has been a perma bull accumulating.

  19. $TSLA Bears/shorts... good time to cover and go long, even if for a swing. We wont tell anybody.

  20. $TSLA Sweet day Tesla. After reading the lame articles that have been published lately, I m convinced the bears are headed for hibernation.

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