1. Recapped $TSLA $PCLN $GOOGL $LUV $AMCN $ONTY $RWLK $ES_F in this video http://watchhimtrade.com/articles/show/15398

  2. $TSLA This really has to close above 250 today.. But I think there s a good chance it will :)

  3. $TSLA trying again. Above 250...

  4. $TSLA long June 265 calls at 2.50.

  5. $TSLA @mikethetrader LOL... great breakdown.... BAHAHAHAHAHAH

  6. $TSLA little to no support at this level. Look for a breakdown to the first support level at $245.63. - I thought the breakdown by noon...

  7. $TSLA Tito get me a tissue

  8. LOLOL Sent by Slimjim (@BioCash) at May. 18 at 3:48 PM $TSLA the run is done View Message: http://stocktwits.com/message/37056715?urm_source=share&utm_campaign=messageweb&utm_medium=email

  9. $TSLA little to no support at this level. Look for a breakdown to the first support level at $245.63.

  10. $TSLA RSI in nose bleed territory. Buying June Puts

  11. $TSLA Bears are so dumb it s scary

  12. LOLOLOL @mikethetrader: $TSLA Day target is below $245. Advise selling into this rally.

  13. LOLOLOL @mikethetrader: $TSLA technicals on tsla show that it will break down shortly. Looking for $246 within the hour.

  14. LOL @mikethetrader: $TSLA Take profits off the table . Market internals are ugly,selling to accelerate . Look for tsla to go red by noon.

  15. $TSLA Setting up for the next run lower. This run should take Tsla to the $247.50-$248 range. No Support until $245.63

  16. $SLTD everything s red today. Perfect opportunity to get some companies on sale. $TGC $SLTD $WFC $FB $TSLA $KO

  17. Still holding 75% $TSLA shares from 220 another push over 250 will sell more http://otcbully.com/latest-trade/

  18. $TSLA showing real nice relative strength. Like the action there.

  19. Long calls on $TSLA $SCTY $BABA if the S&P bounces lots of money to be made

  20. $TSLA looking great relative to $SPY

  21. $TSLA Poor day for MMs to try to raise the price here. Dow has yet to be able to hold 18,000 with conviction.

  22. $tsla back at day low as predicted, what did we post at 10.10 am,,this is the kind of analysis traders get from us !

  23. $dsky took 11.72 .. using 11.50 stop .. decent morning today some nice open rnge plays $tsla $rwlk . only one didn t work $ipci -.10

  24. $LL , $MSFT to buy $LL, wait no, $TSLA to purchase $LL!!! $WBA just made a bid for $LL!!!

  25. $TSLA Up 15 if market turns...