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  15. @billgunderson worried? Yes! Chart broke. May look credit put spreads to lock in outcome 4 Oct earnings. Think $TSM is victim on Taiwan data

  16. @Cow for iPhone 7 not iPhone6. $TSM has iphone 6 not even outlet & no sales. don t like but will hold (unless major fall) thru earnings

  17. @billgunderson $TSM I could be wrong but nothing points to stock, all things else. Admit chart broken support ledge & alarm but hold

  18. @billgunderson I hear u but is it $TSM or other Taiwan comps that r dragging it down. I p/u sh 4 few months on iPhone sales nothing more

  19. Sold $TSM Break Even. Chart looks lousy. Rank continues to drop. Disappointing. Market action not good.

  20. 2-star analyst Mark Li from Bernstein reiterated a HOLD rating on $TSM. http://y.ahoo.it/RbJWmU8d

  21. @billgunderson Thoughts on $TSM? Still holding?

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  23. $TSM Holding $19.92 support area so far. TA seems to have put it in a nice base. http://y.ahoo.it/3IX4DclO

  24. bot $CLFD at 13.17; bot $MANH at 29.22; bot $NEU at 386.17; bot $QCOM at 73.69; bot $SUP at 18.62; bot $TROW at 77.50; bot $TSM at 20.09;

  25. $AAPL Looks like Samsung lost to $TSM. Earnings for cellphones and telecom equipment dropped to 4.2T won from 6.28T won last year -34%.