1. @Smittyhansen No offense meant. True money on this drug were made who bought into $TSRX before $CBST aquisition. Good weekend and GL!

  2. @Stocktok @bostox $TSRX New MRSA Treatment got APPROVED tonight. Do you think this will give the stock a boost?

  3. $TSRX New MRSA Treatment got FDA APPROVED tonight. Do you think this will give the stock a boost?

  4. @TrendUpTrendDown Exactly my thought. Actually feels like PRE-b/o action. Reminds me $TSRX

  5. Bios: Watching for FDA AdComs for $MNKD, $EPGNY, $EXAS, $NVS, $TSRX, $DRTX, $STAA and recaps of $CHTP, $MDCO at goo.gl/xVP4OF

  6. For those following: $VHC,$PLUG,$CYCC,$MNKD,$EXAS,$DRTX,$INO,$VRNG,$PRKR,$BMRN,$VRTX,$TSRX,$EONC http://y.ahoo.it/7u347VVr

  7. $DRTX Feels like $TSRX right before it was bought out

  8. @MITKInvestor @naa3e5 @Tradingbasis I made a good chunk in $TSRX too. Next buyout ---> $ATRS

  9. @MITKInvestor @naa3e5 @Tradingbasis Here is $TSRX at buyout. Traded over buyout price. http://y.ahoo.it/vskmOCbM $SNTS

  10. $CBST $TSRX $VPHM and whatever else applies. Frontline s Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria The question is... ARE YOU SCARED YET????

  11. Trius Therapeutics just filed its Confidential treatment order http://y.ahoo.it/YAH9lOnX $TSRX

  12. Trius Therapeutics $TSRX buyout by $CBST is complete. Bagged a nice, quick 28% gain. Found stock using Best Stocks Now App!

  13. @playmate If you still hold shares of $TSRX u shd contact your broker asap in order to tender them. You ll get your CVRs after shs tendered.

  14. @playmate $TSRX cash deposited in my account overnight but no CVRs yet.

  15. @2013GO ...$TSRX sold to Cubist...dead $...price going nowhere...do not buy.I owned it and sold at BO...56K profit...look at CEMP

  16. Trius Therapeutics just filed its Notice of Effectiveness http://y.ahoo.it/lh5LwZdU $TSRX

  17. Getting upset with the wait on $TSRX payout.

  18. $RMTI @GwennSouFun @MLSNA Hey gwenn, Take a look at the $TSRX chart. Almost identical. And guess what. Buyout. http://y.ahoo.it/5skZAyHK

  19. Trius Therapeutics just filed its General statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership http://y.ahoo.it/WVlJKafS $TSRX

  20. $TSRX it looks like today or Monday, .

  21. now that the acquisition is complete, when will the funds from the tender offer for $TSRX become available?

  22. $TSRX Trius Therapeutics Inc Files 8-K : Completion of Acquisition or Disposition .. http://y.ahoo.it/imASSUwp

  23. $CBST announces that the tender offer for $TSRX shs has succeeded. The merger is to completed by day s end. We shd get our cash +CVR soon.

  24. Increasing Parabolic SAR (Bullish) $NLY $WLT $COOLE $MGM $DOW $WY $HAL $CHK $TSRX $TSM $WFT $ARIA $AGNC $BBY $NVDA $LOW $EA $SU $RDN $EXPE

  25. $THRX $SNTS $RMTI $PFE $TSRX what do you guys think of therevance $THRX