1. $TTNP looks to be bullish. in at 50 cents.

  2. $ARWR $ASTI $TTNP let s continue the run started yesterday...I also own $ACHN $HERO $NADL

  3. $ARWR let s close it over 7...$ASTI just exploded with beautiful daily chart, $TTNP about to breakout, $HERO on pullback

  4. $TTNP breakout coming.. here we go

  5. $TTNP Almost 200k bought at .72 this is going to blast when it breaks above it. In $ASTI $ARWR $HERO $ACHN currently..on watch $LJPC $TKMR

  6. $TTNP looking to breakout today..we need a little more volume and it will hit the traders radars

  7. $TTNP they turned this back on?

  8. $ARWR and $ASTI I own both and they both gap up today on big news..Also looking for $TTNP to start the breakout push in anticipation of news

  9. Buying some $TTNP (breaking out with phase 3 data expected in June) while waiting for $ARWR and $ACHN to deliver...Still in $HERO as well

  10. $TTNP bammm.. there u go.. break the resistance..75 is next

  11. $TTNP resistance is 71 cents...if we can hit 71-75 then this stock is going to run

  12. $TTNP & $CPXX r jockeying 4 my available funds right now. TTNP 2 build to full, CPXX 2 open. Stalking both closely. Value at these levels.

  13. $TTNP Currently holding 48k shares at .68 avg. probably about half of the full position I m looking to be in. Stalking intraday dips 4 adds

  14. $TTNP suboxone is already a miracle drug proven to work. Not sure about this one

  15. $TTNP 3.3M$ on the bid

  16. $TTNP Very interesting if this implant could replace suboxone. Main drawback of suboxone is how it ends up on the street. This prevents that

  17. $TTNP @Mickey777 Always says the 2nd time up is always higher. This stock will break 1$ to get up listed by the end of this year then r/s

  18. $TTNP Bought 20k shares here to see what happens. Looks like run up to the non inferior study coming up

  19. $TTNP I want in below .60 on this.

  20. $TTNP not much instumiturional investors here. That sort of worries me.

  21. $TTNP Little reason to expect https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02180659 this trial to be anything but pos+ given past experience Data this mo. A Must Buy 4 Me

  22. 3/4 DD post explaining why I bought 2day $TTNP http://www.bioworld.com/content/crl-probuphine-raises-questions-adcom-relevance-0 http://www.titanpharm.com/press/2014/14-11-20-Titan-Announces-Completion-of-Enrollment.htm http://www.titanpharm.com/probuphine-update.htm http://www.titanpharm.com/products.htm

  23. $TTNP Opened small starter pos. this morning avg .68.

  24. Revealing questions put forth in the $TTNP cc transcript http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/include/?location=http://seekingalpha.com/article/3046026-titan-pharmaceuticals-ttnp-q4-2014-results-earnings-call-transcript

  25. $TTNP the market is super bad but this stock does not want to go down... strong hold