2. a day of red... $RNN $IMUC $CVM $SYN $TTNP

  3. $RNN $TTNP $IMUC so much red...

  4. I hope I am not falling in love with my stocks but it seems $AMSC and $TTNP seem to suggest that they are ready for a breakout...

  5. Holding: $SQNM, $DRWI, $TTNP, $BIOD, $AVEO, $AMSC

  6. $TTNP this ticker broke? still reads 0.73

  7. $TTNP did they freeze this ticker?

  8. $TTNP Any ideas about potential upside on this stock ST?

  9. Added $PAL and $TTNP to Watchlist. http://y.ahoo.it/nvhmbO2J

  10. $TTNP Resistance at 0.9/0.96 area, 4th time in 0.82-0.86 area and 2nd attempt to break above 0.86... Go $TTNP go... Can 4th time be a charm?

  11. $TTNP join the facebook titan investors group http://y.ahoo.it/k4PBG0wB

  12. $TTNP Gotta trust my gut. Going to stick with it through July 2015, at least.... But I bet they get bought before that.

  13. $TTNP Up to $.85/share. I like it. Just debating whether or not to get down on this a lot more? Ugh.... decisions decisions.

  14. $TTNP nice news

  15. $TTNP looking good... http://y.ahoo.it/YwSPYYHb

  16. Titan Pharmaceuticals initiated by Highline Research Advisors at buy. $3.00 PT. http://y.ahoo.it/GbXPOm3A $TTNP

  17. $TTNP - When this stock closes above $1.00/share, it ll get some notice. Everybody chip in another 3-5K shares!

  18. $TTNP This company is either going to get bought - OR - they are going to get their drug/delivery system approved. Either way = awesome.

  19. $TTNP taking a dive cause of $AFFY ? ahhh, so typical

  20. $TTNP - Nah. This stock has solid fundamentals, a good game plan and will be fine in a year or so.

  21. $TTNP might be back at .65 later today!

  22. $TTNP and will be back at .65 within a week.

  23. $TTNP Great day! I see us gaping up in the morning! Also check out TITXF

  24. $TTNP So what put the fire in this engine? Impending news? Assuming clinicals are going very well......

  25. $TTNP jiggy ... .82.80 range is VERY important .. will see 1$ soon if holds