1. $SUNE $AAVL $TTPH $JDST Hello... it s me... I was wondering if after all these years you d like to meet...

  2. $TTPH someone want to explain the logic behind this trading below cash...? Sideliner following closely.

  3. iStockPicker s prediction engine just added $TTPH to our market movers list. No buy/sell alert sent as of yet.

  4. $TTPH

  5. Wellington Management Company LLP just provided an update on share ownership of TETRAPHASE PHAR http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/13G/summary/?id=2419981 $TTPH

  6. $TTPH that s all folks ...

  7. New trend started on $TTPH when price was 4,35 http://shark-finance.com?stc=TTPH #TradingSystem #Stock

  8. $TTPH

  9. The Vanguard Group just provided an update on share ownership of TETRAPHASE PHARMACEUTICALS INC http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/13G/summary2/?id=2413954 $TTPH

  10. $TTPH here we go, monkeys and parrots are talking again...

  11. $TTPH reverse split coming up soon! TetraTurd the destroyer of Long capital ... Lookout below!

  12. Watchlist one $EGO, $WTI, $CBIS, $PVHO, $TTPH, $AVXL

  13. $TTPH Short Squeeze coming

  14. iStockPicker s AI engine has forcasted a 3-6% rise coming for $TTPH within the next hour.

  15. $TTPH another amazing spike of our favourite stock....ahahah what a joke

  16. $TTPH I missed it 😞

  17. $TTPH well that was a fun pop, I got out at 4.80... watching for a re-entry

  18. $TTPH +6.34% from new trend started http://shark-finance.com?stc=TTPH #TradingSystem #Stock

  19. $TTPH you know nothing......

  20. $TTPH may call 5. Ahahahahah you guys must be stupid or either incompetent. This stock was trading @10 usd end of Dec . And 45 early sept.

  21. $TTPH,$LABU, $LABU, Spikes,5.43 short days to cover, Squeeze in play


  23. Tetraphase Pharma Spikes to High of $4.91 on Volume $TTPH

  24. $TTPH large buyer here , somethings up

  25. $TTPH gets a spike