1. 29/1/15 Trend Trade Long Part 4 $SBUX $SCG $SNE $SPR $SWKS $TE $TEL $TSCO $TSEM $TSM $TSO $TSRA $TSS $TTWO $UDR $VGR $VMC $WR $WRI $ZLTQ

  2. $XLK wtf was that pop about. almost made me cover my $ttwo short

  3. $TTWO sold at 30.60 boring

  4. $TTWO new high good

  5. $EA $ttwo $atvi compare and look at ATVI for: #1 Top 3 selling games currently, #2 Release of Havoc pack yesterday, #3 upcoming earnings

  6. Buying some $ZNGA here. Right now all the $$ is going into $EA and $TTWO. Once that reverses, $KING, $ZNGA $GLUU will get some love.

  7. $TTWO Watch ATVI ride on the coat tail of EA. Credit Suisse Just Adjusted Its Financial Models, Has $28 PT on ATVI. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/credit-suisse-just-adjusted-financial-203124270.html

  8. watching $TTWO tmrw to ride $EA s coat tail if we get follow thru https://www.tradingview.com/x/by9kWdsT/

  9. $TTWO very nice. got in a bit early but still have plenty of theta left for the downside. good company but stock is overpriced.

  10. 27/1/15 Trend Trade Long Part 4 $SNE $STOR $TSCO $TSO $TTWO $UDR $VGR $VMC $WRI $WSM $ZLTQ

  11. $TTWO in30,15

  12. 26/1/15 Trend Trade Long Part 5 $RPT $RSG $SABR $SBUX $SCG $SCSS $SNE $STOR $STWD $SWKS $SYMC $TASR $TE $TEVA $TSM $TSO $TSS $TTWO

  13. @S_stevieg I m chasing earnings and have these on my list $AAPL $FB $GILD $HABT $KONA $BLUE $GD $ALGT $TTWO


  15. Up And Away #1 - $BIIB $CBST $CRUS $NVAX $SWKS $TTWO $VRTX $WEN $ACT $AEP $AET $AGN $BUD $CI $DPS - http://www.tradewithjoe.com/new-52-week-high-club-1212015/

  16. $TTWO nice break of channel. At 52-week highs and broke above long term resistance going back to 2008 https://www.tradingview.com/x/Y4ME5uIx/

  17. $TTWO $ATVI $EA will take a massive hit on rev from forex over this next year+ (won t be so bad for upcoming ER). They don t hedge much..

  18. 22/1/15 Trend Trade Long Part 2 $PEG $PFE $PKG $PNW $SCG $SWKS $TE $TTWO $UAL $WR $WSM

  19. $TTWO Institutional Holdings 98.87%, holy crap lol. sooner or later these funds and firms are going to realize profits. eyeing a short pos.

  20. Long $ATVI, short $TTWO. Just look at the game sales comps from last year. ATVI up 25%, TTWO down about 65%.

  21. 21/1/15 Trend Trade Long Part 3 $NNN $O $OHI $PCG $PEG $PF $PKG $PMT $PNW $RAI $REG $RPT $SBRA $SHO $SONC $SWKS $TE $TEVA $TSRA $TTWO

  22. A Look Back At The Top 10 Video Games Of 2014 http://www.bidnessetc.com/32903-a-look-back-at-the-top-10-video-games-of-2014/ $ATVI $EA $TTWO $MSFT $SNE

  23. $TTWO Borderlands(R): The Handsome CollectionTM Coming to Next-Gen Consoles on March 24, 2015 http://www.finances.com/company-news/55560-borderlandsr-the-handsome-collectiontm-coming-to-next-gen-consoles-on-march-24-2015.htm

  24. @st687 Yup I remember the same in $TTWO. I do my work and I have the time horizon. I made 180% on that one as everyone told me it was a SS

  25. @st687 you just a scared short now. This is about the same time I really dug in on $TTWO . I heard the same then as I am hearing now