1. 26/11/14 Long Watch List Part 5 $TNET $TQNT $TTWO $TXT $VDSI $VFC $WAB $WERN $WMC $WRB $WY

  2. @wyattresearch: The Best Black Friday Stocks For Your Portfolio $TGT $M $JWN $TJX $AMZN $AAPL $GPRO $GME $BBY $ATVI $TTWO $VFC $CST + $LOGI

  3. 25/11/14 Long Watch List Part 4 $SYMC $TNET $TQNT $TTWO $TXN $TXT $USB $VDSI $WAB $WERN $WFC $WMC $WRB $WY

  4. $TTWO Out 3/4 of remaining LT position avg 27.29-27.45. Just holding 10,000sh now. Will revisit Jan. GTAV sell-through looking good, GL all.

  5. Two mobile game makers in focus $KING $ZNGA $GLUU $ATVI $TTWO | http://wire.kapitall.com/investment-idea/mobile-game-makers-focus/

  6. $TTWO pennies from 52 highs & all time highs.

  7. Evidence the Next Generation Grand Theft Auto V is Selling Well via @firstadopter http://firstadopter.tumblr.com/post/103423590674/evidence-the-next-generation-grand-theft-auto-v-is $TTWO #GTAV

  8. 24/11/14 Long Watch List Part 5 $SWI $SWKS $SXL $SYMC $TASR $TQNT $TSM $TSO $TTWO $TUES $TXN $TXT $USB $VFC $VOYA $WAB $WERN $WRB $WSM

  9. Game launches drive Take-Two, EA, and Ubisoft in our video game roundup. $ATVI $TTWO $EA $GLUU http://www.zacks.com/stock/news/154976/video-game-stock-roundup-game-launches-drive-taketwo-ea-and-ubisoft?editor=patrick_anderson

  10. @ACE52WeekHigh: $GME is dependent on physical games. Game makers have already shifted to the cloud/online and mobile. $EA $TTWO $ATVI

  11. @TrueReality nope $GME is dependent on physical games. Game makers have already shifted to the cloud/online and mobile. $EA $TTWO $ATVI

  12. $GME blaming $UBI for Q3 Miss. They did note that other major products performed very well though. $ATVI $EA $TTWO http://www.scutify.com/scuttle-info.html?sId=546e7573b229aa06d8c0b715

  13. $TTWO Soooo pissed I didn t buy at 21!!! This is an abso gold mine....next pull back I m hopping in

  14. Marketocracy holds an allocation of 1.4% in $TTWO in his Explore Portfolio Investment Portfolio

  15. Marketocracy sold $TTWO and now holds an allocation of 0.0% in their Explore Portfolio Investment Portfolio

  16. $GME Bought stock and wrote some 45.5/46 calls. Earnings play on, skew bullish on back of pos surprise with $EA and $TTWO

  17. $TTWO Has been a locomotive for the last year. Still undervalued.

  18. $TTWO: Bloomberg: Grand Theft Auto V: Is It Pushing the Limits? http://stockcomments.com/ttwo-bloomberg-grand-theft-auto-v-is-it-pushing-the-limits/

  19. Insider Transaction: $TTWO Automatic Sale at $26.60 per share of 1443 shares by Director Dornemann Michael on 2014-11-17.

  20. Take-Two Interactive Software director just disposed of 1,443 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1278708 $TTWO

  21. In 2-3 years, $ATVI, $EA, $TTWO, $SNE, & $MSFT ceo s will check $ZNGA mkt cap & think, why didn t I buy this company when I had the chance.

  22. @_JohnWalsh_:Long Watch List Part 2 $ITW $KAR $KMP $LAMR $LB $LOW + $LOGI + $LVLT $MD $MMP $NWL $PDCO $PEI $RHT $SHO $STWD $TTWO $YHOO $ZTS

  23. $TTWO Double Take Brings Back the Dead - Reveals New Graphic Fiction Titles Set in the World of the Classic Film http://www.finances.com/company-news/38910-double-take-brings-back-the-dead-reveals-new-graphic-fiction-titles-set-in-the-world-of-the-classic-film-night-of-the-living-dead.htm

  24. $TTWO: Take-Two CEO Zelnick: Economy Feels Very Positive – Bloomberg http://stockcomments.com/ttwo-take-two-ceo-zelnick-economy-feels-very-positive-bloomberg/

  25. 19/11/14 Long Watch List Part 3 $NWL $PDCO $PEI $PGR $PL $PLL $QVCA $RCL $RHI $RHT $SNE $SPR $SWKS $TEVA $TQNT $TTWO $TXN $TXT