1. Great action in Turkey this week. This is a market that should be on all of our radars $TUR - I m expecting more fireworks throughout May

  2. ETF TMI: Equity ETFs, Millennials and Turkey http://www.etftrends.com/2016/05/etf-tmi-equity-etfs-millennials-and-turkey/ $SDY $TIP $IWM $VCIT $IWF $IWD $PEY $FXEU $EFG $REM $IFGL $VV $TUR $IPE

  3. Lone Turkey ETF on a Wild Ride After Political Volatility http://www.etftrends.com/2016/05/lone-turkey-etf-on-a-wild-ride-after-political-volatility/ $TUR

  4. Ah. I get it now => Turkey tumbles on report of PM exit http://seekingalpha.com/news/3179427-turkey-tumbles-report-pm-exit?source=tweet $TUR $USDTRY $EURTRY

  5. 👽 TODAY S UNUSUAL FLOW: https://www.wallstjesus.com/action-in-review/ $MKTO $KRA $TUR $CFX $BXLT $SFUN $ANGI $XLV $XLU $NRG $PANW $LEA

  6. $TUR 38 looks like support on this etf big massive crash here on big volume ,will take a shot around 38 tomorrow if it gets there

  7. if Turkey can t stay above 40, this is a serious problem folks.... $TUR


  9. Intraday downward trend on #Turkey #ETFs $TUR - down -4.09% in 2 hours


  11. Downward trend on #Turkey #ETFs $TUR - down -9.41% rel to SP in 4 days

  12. $TUR failed. All out of that one.

  13. $TUR Watching this one closely.

  14. $TUR the dude cant prop this up forever. This is gonna crash once the Saudia devalue the Saudi Riyal

  15. TOP 5 Int l $EWZ $RSX $TUR $EZA $EWC No chg from lst wk A #Turkey #Russia #SouthAfrica sandwich w/ #Brasil #Canada

  16. TOP 5 Int l Markets Monthly: $EWK $SPY $EWO $TUR $ECH #Israel and #Netherlands fall out of top 5

  17. TOP 5 Int l-Wkly: $EWZ $TUR $ EWS $EZA $ECH #Russia and #Taiwan fall down the rankings

  18. $TUR Up 16 percent so far since I posted this. Don t underestimate the power of TA. Diversify, study, make that $$.

  19. TOP 5 Int l-Weekly: $EWZ $EZA $TUR $RSX $EWT Some consistency is brewing, while Taiwan nudges Canada out of 5th.

  20. Why the Lone Turkey ETF can Keep Outperforming http://www.etftrends.com/2016/03/why-the-lone-turkey-etf-can-keep-outperforming/ $TUR

  21. $GAF $TUR

  22. $TUR Sectors and top holdings. Two banks, retail, cell phone telecom, and oil refinery occupy the Top 5 holdings making up ~38% of ETF.

  23. $DUST $TUR called the exact top on this one. Long term BEARISH

  24. Can We Trust the Cheap Valuations in Emerging Markets This Time? http://www.etftrends.com/2016/03/can-we-trust-the-cheap-valuations-in-emerging-markets-this-time/ $GXC $ASHR $RSX $EWY $TUR

  25. $TUR out at $43.75. Too much craziness for me. Tourism taking a hit. Maybe the $Bs from EU pumps this, but I ll just watch.