1. $TVIX Looking awful tempting here.

  2. $TVIX Does this mean that the jelly roll in the pool full of lube will disappear?

  3. $VXX $VXO $UVXY $TVIX $VIX #Speculation - Volatility Waves

  4. $TVIX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b08OVma0hWs

  5. $TVIX now bull will enter with aggrasive short covering and push this to 2154...let s see next week..Monday 😈

  6. $TVIX how s everyone doing in this stock? I have been profitable 17 out of the 21 times I bought this stock. Hb y all?

  7. $TVIX What is happening from May 1-13? I see a lot of discussion on it, but I m not clear on the event?



  10. $SPY $UVXY $TVIX you must rocks in your head spy will die

  11. $TVIX 203.88 duh!

  12. $TVIX @ 3.31, PT Looking for $SPY to touch 208.33 for sell and add on the bounce.

  13. $TVIX $VXX $UVXY $VIX Nice weekly guys!!!

  14. $TVIX interesting setup. Weak US lead and Japan holiday schedule means big catchup trade on Monday. It s goons be a heckuva start to May imo

  15. Preparing for the plunge! $SPY $TLT $UVXY $VXX $TVIX $QQQ $SQQQ $IWM $SVXY $HYG

  16. $TVIX I may be interested in buying this after 11/9/16, but until all votes are in on election day , I think that the government will keep

  17. $SPY Ok well I ll admit.. I was sort of trapped, but got out of a lot 😅👍. Now I can be much more flexible. Cheers All!! 🍻🍷 $UVXY $TVIX

  18. $TVIX Puerto Rico to default on 422mil here we go

  19. Clay Trader Vs 2X VIX Short Term - $TVIX Stock Chart Technical Analysis for 04-29-16 http://viralmarketnews.com/clay-trader-vs-2x-vix-short-term-tvix-stock-chart-technical-analysis-for-04-29-16/

  20. $TVIX If trend continues I buy back for sure. GL to the ones who decided to hold during weekend!

  21. $TVIX I sold today on the drop at days end disappointed cause I had a sell order but I pushed up to 4,16... Ended up selling 3.80..

  22. $TVIX ..Cramer is a cartoon character ..agreed

  23. $TVIX Why do I watch Cramer every night. I just want to put my fist through the TV when he speaks.

  24. $VXX $SPY $TVIX 80% Stock Market Crash To Strike in 2016, Economist Warns http://thesovereigninvestor.com/exclusives/80-stock-market-crash-to-strike-in-2016/?z=479303

  25. $SPY $TLT $UVXY $VXX $TVIX $QQQ Volatility is just getting started. The volcano is about to erupt.