1. $TVIX oil out of steam. 10 year out steam. Apple umm who cares. Next stop...

  2. $TVIX I think we gonna see $3.30 today

  3. $TVIX @MakingMoneyTrees It s so foggy now I can t see the Bradshaws! Watching paint dry w/this trade...

  4. @mohannadaama: US 10 YR Treasury yields smashing 2014 lows and aiming for 2013 lows. $TNX $TVIX

  5. $TVIX @MakingMoneyTrees Hey it s so foggy now I can t see the Bradshaws

  6. $TVIX 10 Year is falling. 1.675

  7. $TVIX $UVXY $VXX That was a really ugly open for Vix Etfs

  8. $TVIX Just moved stops up to low teens

  9. $TVIX Added at $3.08 ... using OakCliffCops numbers. He s at least 5 times better at TVIX than me. No sarcasm, just experience watching him

  10. $TVIX Boom like dynamite

  11. $TVIX Ugh hope this isn t another day of watching paint dry....

  12. out of $tvix at 3.17 from 2.7, should have done this yesterday. May play $xiv until a reentry. New $ at the end of month

  13. $TVIX GDP numbers not good ... looks like Europe dimise is affecting US companies and analyst are looking really dumb with predictions

  14. $TVIX breaks 3.07, then 2.97

  15. $TVIX This is much like Fridays in Saudi Arabias chop chop square....

  16. $TVIX is it a good buy at 2.99 or wait for 2.8.?

  17. $TVIX Remember the range to follow is top of ES_F to bottom. Don t watch tvix. Es_f resistance is at 2030

  18. $TVIX $spy fight going on. spy appears to win right now. yup there it goes

  19. $TVIX PMI coming up, $/yen hourly chart, buying area...SPX may go up http://stocktwits.com/message/32001033

  20. $TVIX Calling Kevin Henry.. Calling Kevin Henry... Clean up on aisle 6 lingerie department....

  21. $TVIX, read somewhere days ago that GDP was not going to be too good, but felt I should wait, some will only believe if they see it

  22. $TVIX Good morning Team TVIX ! Looks like good fortune came our way with GDP and oil company misses. :)

  23. $TVIX $DXY http://www.cnbc.com/id/102383358 Russia cuts key rates

  24. $TVIX hey @MakingMoneyTrees Are you up? Could ve bought at close yesterday and sold in premkt w/a profit- I got an order in at 2.80-

  25. $TVIX Re-set order to 2.80 on $TVIX for mkt open-