1. $TVIX There s nothing signigficant happening in the US to impact s&p until mid 2015: interest rates. It should be low volatility until then

  2. $TVIX pos

  3. $TVIX FRED ... TVIX s more glamorous & respectable sister. Still at elevated levels. http://stocktwits.com/message/29552356

  4. {video} Anatomy of a Bear Market $IWM $DIA $TZA $GDX $ $TVIX $FAZ $DXD $FXP $EEV http://trades.thecontrariantrader.com/stock-picks-request-members-3/

  5. $TVIX 2014 and 1999 are the only years the NYSE Composite Index lagged the SP500 by 50%. http://stocktwits.com/message/29549646

  6. $TVIX If any of you are getting as frustrated with this as i am, remember, $SPY is bound to tank soon. This run cant last forever! Patience.

  7. $TVIX Many are getting richer - Big Boat sales, Motorcycle sales, All Terrain Vehicle sales are up while so very many just manage to exist.

  8. $TVIX The outlook is not bleak at all. The chances are greater of a crash than a continued insane market rally. Our positions are set !

  9. $TVIX The high end consumer market is enjoying great sales not because of a booming economy but for other reasons you can guess.

  10. $TVIX im telling you, the market knows $SPY will tank soon! There arent even any dec call premiums. Dead giveaway that they know whats comin

  11. @askorbik $SPY we will have a couple more down days this year $TVIX

  12. @John2110 $TVIX why would this run up $TVIX

  13. $TVIX anyone read this ? http://www.investing.com/analysis/what-to-expect-when-japan-blows-233350

  14. $TVIX but who knows, columbo s wife perhaps :)

  15. $TVIX I take that here is not such thing as the bottom, yet markets are on crazy figures lately

  16. $TVIX 2 black panthers caught trying to buy firearms and explosives ahead of Ferguson verdict. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/fbi-arrests-2-men-on-firearms-charges-near-ferguson/

  17. i just found $20,000 of insurance for a 40 yr old white male with average health for $2.41 $TVIX

  18. $TVIX $SPY is crazy. If this Santa bull run continues, we could see a reverse split before any type of crash. Losing confidence here. :(

  19. $TVIX just need down day Monday for $2.50

  20. $TVIX $UVXY $FAZ $GG $DJIA $SPY $AAPL $BABA $TSLA this market is really insane.i see down 18200. Before any major correction.jeeeeeez

  21. $TVIX Holding above 2.36 is not a bad thing.

  22. $TVIX Nice VIX index slam at close

  23. $TVIX Imagine spy closes red? Sorry, a little Friday humor.

  24. $TVIX Level 2 Asks @ 2.41 starting to dry up a bit...just sayin

  25. $TVIX long 40000 shares avg 2.41 will hold over night good luck