3. $tvix back to the basics trading my $tvix https://mobile.twitter.com/Gambino_Trading/status/698243389964230656

  4. Altho chart 4 $SPX is starting 2 become bullish... I m skeptical of this rally 2day. Will sell $TVIX if MACD=bearish

  5. Chart of the Hang Seng. Looks bullish to me! Look at that hammer! $SPX $DJI $SPY $TVIX $UVXY

  6. $UVXY $TVIX $SPY I am still in the green YTD but am afraid if I make the wrong move in this crazy market I will go red fast.

  7. $uvxy $tvix $VXX https://twitter.com/AlejandroDinero/status/677894180585082883

  8. $TVIX down 7.37% on a dow rip day is remarkably strong. two months ago down +300 = tvix -20% fear still strong

  9. $TVIX let s all play a game of pattern recognition.

  10. $TVIX $SPY >here on the Westcoast you still have time to get TVIX in the Ahrs until 4pm PST. ~ that s one hour from now (its now 3pm).

  11. LOL make sure you all #Timestamp buying $TVIX here. Still holding my short, thank you for yesterday, today, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc

  12. $tvix Was really hoping to get back under $11. We dip briefly next week then ride up through multiple time frames w/ a green ☁ revisit $13

  13. $TVIX $XIV Remember:The US Petrol Dollar is a FIAT currency kept alive only by Oil trading using the USD: War will start wth those who dont.

  14. $TVIX > Follow the PMs >it the tell tale sign that the Broken London Fixes will lead to a defaulting domino effect with global banks.

  15. $TVIX pump it into oblivion!

  16. $UVXY haha I bet some guys who got in when this was in the 20s come to this board to just get a few laugh as world markets drop... $TVIX

  17. $TVIX >Iran & Saudi A. are enemies bar none. Each will try to pump the other into bankruptcy. Just which side can stand more economic pain.

  18. $TVIX $XIV > This is what today was about... SHort Covering, oil Rebound but not for long. Holding onto my TVIX > http://www.marketwatch.com/story/did-we-just-get-a-short-covering-rally-2016-02-12?dist=afterbell

  19. $DWTI $SPY. $TVIX. Bdf is just better at this than most. Makes me happy when I m in line with his notions

  20. $TVIX disappointing day just gave me chance to pick up some more at 11.73 Still holding! As I said in past, patience pays!! Enjoy mlk

  21. $SPY $UVXY $TVIX Markets keep teasing the bulls. One step forward and two steps back, nobody gets too far like that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jfrt9v_56MU&feature=youtu.be

  22. $TVIX $11.84 after market

  23. $VXX $XIV $SVXY $TVIX $UVXY Short-term VIX futures closed @ 25.318 (-3.2%).

  24. 2⃣0⃣ Biggest Market Losers $LPLA $SUNE $SCSS $AMKR $DWTI $KN $P $JDST $CJES $CYBR $CHK $QLIK $TVIX $WLL $UVXY $ATVI

  25. $TVIX I knew it. Algos buying ah not many humans 205 shares ah @$11.74 small re-entry