1. $SPX needs to break 2104 for run to 2108-2110... 2104 is an inflection point to watch $UVXY $TVIX

  2. $TVIX Absolutely clueless ppl on this board. Hitting brand new all time lows again today. Markets want UP. Volatility is DEAD. Short to $0

  3. futures just under 14, support 13.6-13.8; PT ~2-4% lower, $UVXY 24.5-25 $TVIX 5.4-5.5

  4. long $TVIX 5.61 it s pos stock but sometimes junkies can make you money!

  5. $VIX i think one more quick dip back to 12.25ish before major move higher into aug/sept; patience... $UVXY $TVIX $SPY $QQQ

  6. $UVXY $TVIX $VXX Shaking the leaves of the tree.

  7. $TVIX $UVXY $VXX I ve never seen them so manipulated like today. They should be screeming upward. Head fake instruments.

  8. $UVXY $TVIX watching $SPX to retest 2108/2110 for entry and SPX short. TIGHT stoploss just over friday high ~2115

  9. $UVXY $TVIX $VIX setting up for a buy on a dip back down to low 12s. $SPX broke friday low, $VIX broke friday high, futures not quite yet...

  10. $TVIX $UVXY $VXX - I think people are buying millions of shares and selling every few minutes. Buying at 5.67 selling at 5.71 over and over

  11. $TVIX is being repressed. $UVXY $VXX are as well. Buy strong. Shorts go stand in the corner, until you learn whats going on with the mkt

  12. $UVXY $TVIX $VXX T minus 8 seconds

  13. $TVIX how are there any pumpers and bullish ppl on this POS? Down over 20% last week alone. Never sees $7s again IMO. $4s by middle of Aug

  14. $SPY $TVIX $VXX $UVXY ALL DOWN? Wow. Something isn t right.

  15. $TVIX short squeeze!!

  16. $TVIX fear and greed index 16... guessing down.

  17. $TVIX getting close to breakout time IMO.

  18. $TVIX guess what...this ETN is bottomless. If you $TUDY, you can profit. Don t get screwed on the downward spiral. GLTA

  19. Watch list for short/long plays. $TVIX $ASPS $RJET $LINE $JNUG $JRJC $EXXI $UWTI / $DWTI $AKS $ITEK and if natural gas swings, $UGAZ $DGAZ.

  20. End Of Day Scan: Bullish Doji $GLBL $TVIX $CHKP $NAT $RENN $OMCL $CRAY $EWS $MTD $COHR www.DailyStockPlays.com

  21. The AGT $TVIX Portfolio is now up 68.1% YTD, to receive these free $TVIX trade alerts send me your e-mail

  22. $TVIX LMAO so the market will be roses and happiness for the entire next month. Yeah no.

  23. $TVIX where s this headed for Monday?

  24. $RJET $UWTI $ORHP $TVIX $ITEK $JRJC $JNUG $EXXI $AKS another $2500+ week trading these long/short. Hav3 a good weekend all :)

  25. $TVIX thoughts on bottom for VIX?