1. $TVIX Market should grind higher until Nov 7-10. Fed should cut QE and raise rates, run on short stops. wait for the exhastion...2 s

  2. $TVIX earnings next week will play a big role in this - would like to see the dow bounce down off this 16,800 res area since I am a holder!

  3. $TVIX No more $Billions of POMO s ? They have replaced 25% of private sector with Gov t dependence, and then wonder why 50mil don t work!

  4. $TVIX Will be interestin The FOMC is expected to announce the end of QE3 on Wednesday October 29th, following the FOMC meeting next week.

  5. $SPY $JNUG $TVIX Speculators, majority shorting SP and long Gold. If true, it barely registered. http://stocktwits.com/message/28424184

  6. $TVIX Anyone see the resilience of TVIX today with the S&P up 8-10-12 pts? Protection was bought.

  7. $TVIX Will Repubes CALL OUT the Fed for politics if they extend QE into Nov.?? FED has NO conscience, but do Repubes have the sack for it?

  8. $TVIX Monday is last POMO day... so we are told as of now...

  9. $TVIX we will see if the 3.20 s hold again next week.

  10. $TVIX $UVXY $SVXY Just finished off a great week. However looking to be more conservative now as we approach 52-wk high on $SPY

  11. $TVIX it s clear that this is a fake driven market - central banks and fed - question is how long can they hold the house of cards ?

  12. $TVIX Clearly the market has been vacinated against ebola..

  13. $TVIX Yup, things are getting back to normal... looks like 17k on tap for next week

  14. @IPOChaser: $TVIX $SPY $QQQ @paul8383 Not so sure about FED. Where have you been?? They have spoken and are out, period. Geez crack addict

  15. Weird cause they never force volatility lower on Friday afternoon and by never, I mean every Friday for 4 straight years $VXX $TVIX $SPY

  16. $TVIX Red, that s the TVIX I ve grown to know.

  17. $TVIX $SPY $QQQ @paul8383 Not so sure about FED. I think FED may be more neutral rather than dovish or hawkish we see improvement but ...

  18. $TVIX out at 3.44 - paid 3.47 - fed will be very dovish next week - haha if they aren t watch out below - fake inflated fed market

  19. $TVIX It s 3:30 pm; do you know where YOUR $VIX slam is?

  20. $TVIX The 3:30 $VIX slam is back is session!

  21. $TVIX still holding 1500 - may hold over weekend

  22. Boring day today. Did not trade anything. At least $TVIX could fall to $3 :)) oh well it was a great week afte http://ggfinances.com/Error?aspxerrorpath=/Game

  23. $TVIX should have stuck with my original stop, took it back at 3.47... i am my own worst enemy... last trade, just being stupid, need a nap

  24. $TVIX Dow cant get 16,800

  25. $TVIX got out at 3.43 for now...