1. $UVXY $TVIX VixCentral.com is working again!

  2. What Is the--%% #STUDY http://useconomy.about.com/od/Europe/p/What-Is-The-Greece-Debt-Crisis.htm ? $APP $GDXJ $GDX $UVXY $TVIX $JNUG $FXI $CHAU $SPY $STUDY

  3. $TVIX Dow future down 226 points at this moment. Expect $TVIX to open over $10.50 tomorrow in the pre-market.

  4. $TVIX so happy I didn t sell this, see how high this takes off then I sell

  5. $ES_F No gaps down since 2011, now we get 2 gaps down 1 after the other! If that s not a hint you deserve to hold your bags! Buy some $TVIX

  6. $TVIX YOUR UNCERTAINTY IS MY JUBILEE. Tonight I feast on a roasted endangered sun bear

  7. $UVXY $TVIX Greece voting no? $BCOIN and $LTCUSD seem to think so. Can t wait to see where futes open. Futes > 19 makes these gain 25% again


  9. $TVIX Who s holding this?

  10. $Tvix Wait till Italy and Spain hold there own referendums. If Greece doesn t have to pay why should anybody else have austerity measures

  11. $TVIX meanwile, Bitcoin up 4.5% Today. And hits 3 months highs.

  12. @danborgia Just to be clear $TVIX has an inverse behavior of $SPY? 98% of time y a

  13. Just to be clear $TVIX has an inverse behavior of $SPY?

  14. $TVIX and the vote is NO.

  15. $TVIX No matter what, the markets are doing well for no good reason, so really, TVIX should go up through the remainder of the year.

  16. $TVIX If the vote is no tomorrow, TVIX should go crazy up. If the vote is yes hmmmm... not sure. Crazy huh.

  17. $TVIX Just need 2 or 3 Brilliant Greek Billionaires to invest in and run Country for one year! Shore up your BIRTHPLACE Kings of the Sea!

  18. $TVIX I can t believe I own this again. Especially, after swearing it off. Happy 4th. May we reap benefits from the 5th :)

  19. $TVIX stay on the sideline on this one its not clear to me which direction she will goes on Monday

  20. $TVIX is it moving south or north on monday?

  21. Ok Apple and other U.S tech companies w/ T-cash stashed overseas just buy #Greece http://www.businessinsider.com/10-tech-companies-with-most-cash-abroad-2015-3 $SPY $TVIX #tcot $GREK #investors

  22. @FiberOptic23 $TVIX Monday should be very interesting, My prediction, No Vote, world market gets rocked. Yes Vote world market gets rocked.

  23. $TVIX I lost a ton on this one, people here encouraged me to buy more. Don t fall for this trap.

  24. Volatility Tennis Anyone and Everyone? Calling all traders for Volatility Games. Le t Volley on the $VIX $TVIX $VXX

  25. ETF Of The Day: $UVXY 12.58% $TVIX 12.18%