1. 40,000 troops drinking vodka on Ukraine border concern anyone? Maybe he just wanted to see how much fuel he could burn.$TVIX

  2. @exequenda @MadMarsupial @Fibline you can t block the movement! #bearullish fo life $spy $dia $rsx $russ $rusl $tvix $gld

  3. $SPY BREAKING NEWS: UFOs spotted in Kiev. Pro-Russian forces have been neuralized and have forgotten why they were there $rsx $DIA $TVIX

  4. @KrustyLovesYou so what does that say to you??! I m in the know! $TVIX $spy $dia $RSX

  5. @Exequenda2 your namesake has been heavy on the $tvix board, buying 100 s of thousands since over $7.00

  6. RT @Exequenda2 $RSX $DIA $SPY $GLD $RUSS $TVIX you must larn me the wiley ways of tarding!!! goody goody!!

  7. $TVIX By the way did anyone see Snowden asking Putin questions on Russia TV. The balls. I dont think I have seen it mentioned. UNREAL

  8. $SPY $UVXY $VXX $TVIX Obama is highly skeptical of the Russia ukraine de escalation deal and doubts follow through. http://y.ahoo.it/KC7zIk5k

  9. $SPY $DIA $UVXY $TVIX $vxx

  10. $SPY $DIA $UVXY $VXX $TVIX http://y.ahoo.it/zGqR1KRZ

  11. $SPY $DIA $UVXY $VXX $TVIX http://y.ahoo.it/e4w3yE62

  12. Good ETF And ETN: Looking Beyond Just The Fees http://y.ahoo.it/nLP4r18d $$ $CS $TVIX

  13. @dannyboy2013 Has Dannyboy been converted based in seeing the man behind the curtain OR from major $TVIX losses? :) either way, GdLk

  14. $tvix broke 6.50 ah s will see where it closes

  15. $TVIX They are hell bent on pumping up the market no matter what news comes out we all know that. It won t stop until a BIG crash comes.

  16. $TVIX Take advantage of this market pumping and make some money instead of falling into these money trap setups. Some $SPXL maybe?

  17. $TVIX Sorry folks but I bought some $SPXL too.The way things are if more ER s stink then up goes the S&P500 as the manipulators go to work

  18. $TVIX Still broken?down 3x then up 1 x?

  19. @Zquick $tvix if nothing before Monday open then likely this falls hard barring a significant market drop

  20. $TVIX - no one wants war, no one wants death... but if a few more pro-russian s die in crossfire, my bet is PUTIN will act within his laws.

  21. $TVIX 6.40 area buy again...

  22. @Jloesser could still puke ah s from folks realizing no weekend war... $tvix will likely puke bigtime on Monday...

  23. $tvix no war this weekend and Monday this pukes big time.

  24. @KrustyLovesYou market got sold off end of day and $tvix closed at dead lows. So if market ripped $tvix would have. win win

  25. $TVIX - i think some are playing with FIRE down here... 10 cent puke, lol! i m looking for moves in the DOLLARS, not pennies!