1. $TVIX >George Soros waiting in the wings to take down the YUAN - So he thinks. China has warned him not to try!

  2. $TVIX $XIV > we dont even hear anything in the Public Media about this TTP (Trans pacific Trade Pact). why the secrecy? think NWO.

  3. $TVIX $XIV > France is protesting the development of the TTP which will undermine all Non-3rd world countries & turn the EU/USA into one!

  4. $TVIX >at DAVOS meeting a Chinese Official admits that the GDP of 6.9% could be better stated!

  5. $TVIX >Bill Gates Foundation supports not only global vaccinations, but also agrees on depopulation of the 6Billion people for viability.

  6. $SPY $UVXY $TVIX De-population my come true. Google the Georgia Monoliths and read whats on their list of Goals for the New World Order.

  7. $TVIX china markets closed this week

  8. $TVIX $XIV The talk now is about SDR (Special Drawing Rights) - a creating of the Central Bankers (EU & USA) as part o the goal of the NWO.

  9. $TVIX DAVOS debate on now Bloomberg Live TV. CHINA DOES Matter! Its ALL About CHina now. USA/EU has no tools left to prevent the crash!

  10. $TVIX

  11. $TVIX $XIV $SPY > http://www.marketwatch.com/story/investors-dump-stocks-scoop-up-bonds-for-5th-straight-week-2016-02-05

  12. $TVIX $XIV SPY Dumping of equities in US markets will continue. False sense of security in piling into bonds. Can see it now>a BOND crash!

  13. $TVIX http://www.marketwatch.com/story/chinas-forex-reserves-poised-for-another-record-drop-2016-02-05

  14. $TVIX $XIV>Theres nowhere else to run as investors dump stocks >go to bonds & Bond bubble grows to ever increasingly dangerous levels.

  15. $SPY $TVIX $UVXY

  16. $SPY $UVXY $TVIX the top 1% is the central bankers of course. Long live the central banking cartel :)

  17. $SPY $UVXY $TVIX With a world full of over 7 billion people and growing it makes complete sense to give 99% of the power to the top 1% imo

  18. $TVIX $SPY $SPX $DJIA $DIA $UVXY > Yup! My Broker s been leaving messages on my cell, to call him about new investment vehicles and services

  19. $TVIX tis but a flesh wound!

  20. $uvxy $tvix $uwti $dwti $dust $nugt conservative approach wait for opec to cut go long wait for neckline to break and short into oblivion

  21. $TVIX Already had it s chance.Lower lows and lower highs since then.Pivots breaching = going lower.TVIX in beast mode; the chart shows it

  22. $TVIX Let s see if market bounces off of lows like in August. Would be good for a final TVIX entry. Will continue to watch and adjust.

  23. $TVIX Reading FOMC statement from December. I can assure you no rate hike in March given their metrics for inflation. Continued...

  24. $TVIX Why am I expecting a WTF moment next week? All cash, and new moon rising.

  25. $TVIX This recession is combination of worst of all 1988 - oil, 2000 - tech bubble - 2008 housing bouble