1. $TVIX I have a feeling (futures & Asia) that I should have bought more at 2.50 last Friday. China s PMI data could be sub 50 points.

  2. @budder: @Jloesser What s your call for next week on $TVIX .. long @2.56. My call is big volatile week and beyond. See Asia & US futures.

  3. $SPY Puking hard; NY fed guys need to wake up right now and start buying as I did not buy enough $tvix for protection

  4. $TVIX Asia markets are down heavily; US premarket is down big; Should be a good day tomorrow & all next week for volatility.

  5. @Jloesser What s your call for next week on $TVIX .. long @2.56.

  6. $TVIX market is about to go parabolic.....this is about to get hammered

  7. @DRgregorysmithMDPhD $TVIX August was highest volume month in history, big money isn t shorting at this level they re building positions

  8. $TVIX Better sell to close than pumpdump .cause you will see days of red in market next week.good luck short

  9. $TVIX is anyone buying into October volatility? I think I might.

  10. @kevinbantz: http://y.ahoo.it/AvcQ8T4g $TVIX Buy the close Have a great weekend, see you Sunday afternoon. http://y.ahoo.it/9DhmJSUI

  11. @Aviatorj74 $TVIX $VXV $VXX $VXN This NYSE chart speaks volumes, so many down behind the scenes. http://y.ahoo.it/RfjBSEmV

  12. $TVIX - Here s hoping for $3.00+ next week (Monday or Tuesday perhaps?)

  13. kevinbantz.com $TVIX Buy the close Have a great weekend, see you Sunday afternoon. http://y.ahoo.it/N92Rf565

  14. $TVIX spank that via under 12

  15. $TVIX scary weekend to hold stocks

  16. Added a little $TVIX.

  17. Soon I will make tons of money on $TVIX :))) follow me and you will see :)$VIX http://y.ahoo.it/HBSjERNo

  18. $TVIX no matter if you think the market is +, don t you think there will be some volatility in the next 30 days?

  19. $TVIX Toilet bowl market is swishing

  20. $TVIX @ricktrades As you always say, the integrity of the market has been preserved yet again. $SPY should be at 3000 in 5 years or less.

  21. $TVIX all major indices should be green soon... #relieved!

  22. $TVIX Bear all day.

  23. $TVIX $SPY gained 25% over 52 weeks. Economy has been growing at a pace of GDP 6.25% a quarter. Right?

  24. $TVIX the ppt is in the house!

  25. $TVIX @ricktrades and I just sold my 100k shares in $APPL that Ive been holding since 1980!