1. $TVIX we all know markets go down far faster than they go up, payday is coming if you can stand it here

  2. $TVIX wow, jnug... how low will it go....

  3. $JNUG $TVIX got a woodie

  4. $TVIX BOOM!!! ±300. Maybe the PPT will go for 400 as no one seems to care about the manipulation as long as the markets continue to go up!

  5. $TVIX Could literally fall another 20% from here

  6. $TVIX guess they have to make up for yesterdays unplanned interruption. Incredible!!!

  7. $TVIX maybe Dow goes up 300 today....

  8. $TVIX another program buy signal..SPX 30min....72ema/200ema. TVIX going lower http://stocktwits.com/message/28349350

  9. $TVIX @ricktrades One unknown. How the market will deal with the official end of QE next week. My guess...party like its 1999!

  10. $TVIX dow so close to taking back 17k... can t you just feel it coming!!!!

  11. $TVIX For now everyone needs to keep those FED provided golden shades on!!!

  12. $TVIX @OakCliffCop I m prepared for $TVIX to fall to 2.6. But then itll have to bounce and probably bounce even higher than the last time.

  13. $TVIX game plan should be for rest of day, SPX running short stops, grinding higher..TVIX 3.39...3.23...2.93

  14. $SPY $QQQ $DIA Good to see the FED bubble continuing. FED buys $1.35 - $1.65 billion in securities today...$TVIX $TZA $SPXS $DOG

  15. All out of $XIV and covered my $TVIX at 3.30. Nice 24 hour profits.

  16. $TVIX picked some up here for some FAST CASH.

  17. $JDST, $UVXY, $TVIX, $DUST, $EFY among top 10 ETF gainers http://www.capitalcube.com/blog/index.php/volatility-trade-back-in-oct-22-2014-etf-gainers-and-losers/

  18. $RIG we re exceedingly patient after banking huge on volatility explosion that we re pouring in here and coals $UVXY $VXX $TVIX

  19. $TVIX Holding until at least EOD. The SPY daily candles look like another on is coming

  20. $TVIX getting out here with little loss @ 3.35 will get back in at better price

  21. $TVIX so glad I didn t chase this, yesterday

  22. @Dazedflip I continue with my net shorts with stop orders in all of them. Still working fine. Only $tvix gave all winnings from y day

  23. $AUY took a chunk off the table +.07c and exited $TVIX -.01c, SPY etc wants to run here, last 2 5min candles hard to ignore in my case.


  25. $TVIX in @ 3.41 it s trying to head back not sure why but hey it may know something we are not aware of it :)