1. $TVIX Frankly I m surprised this has held .88....

  2. $TVIX is overdue for a new 52 week low....

  3. $TVIX VXDN might be a better option than TVIX.

  4. @arthurb $TVIX VIX double-bottom? -- hahaha today s single or double bottom is tomorrow hopeful high! Hahaah new lows next week haha

  5. $TVIX VIX double-bottom?

  6. $TVIX XTN rebound very weak. Transports is THE leading indicator to watch.

  7. $TVIX Markets flagging or a double top on the daily?

  8. $TVIX This is the opportunity folks long stocks will exit. Volatility showing velocity now.

  9. $TVIX belive me 5% correction or more is coming even if this is down hold for a week and see also add on the dip

  10. $TVIX- Might be down, but volatility is holding strong. This could be the beginning of the correction.

  11. $TVIX anyone still holding from the $3 area?

  12. $TVIX Get back in your hole, SPX!!!

  13. $VIX $UVXY $VXX $TVIX isn t even above the 20 day, $XIV will continue to surprise higher. There s no legitimate bearish case in the works.

  14. $TVIX typical am futures pump after a down day.

  15. $TVIX WoW ! So much red ! http://finviz.com/publish/052715/sec_063129079.png

  16. $TVIX shorts must cover

  17. $TVIX should I buy this stock?

  18. $TVIX A decent amount of AH activity

  19. $TVIX Amazing that s all this could eek out on such a big SPY down day and large VIX move...

  20. $UVXY $SVXY $TVIX Technical Analysis of SVXY. Enjoy.

  21. $TVIX @sirdt Did tvix seem to mirror vix more closely today?

  22. $TVIX slipping

  23. $TVIX I think you re safe today...

  24. $TVIX Not going red today.

  25. $TVIX time to go red per schedule