1. $TVIX now people talking here I was the first one when the whole room was quiet. ;( this is going up , Spy has to test new lows

  2. $TVIX up is down, black is white.... TVIX is positive

  3. $ENZN guys just load up on $TVIX

  4. $UVXY risky shorting market on $aapl ER day. Careful. $TVIX

  5. $VIX futures testing highs from thurs/fri, indicates start of a possible trend reversal. need bull close and confirm tomorrow $UVXY $TVIX

  6. $SPX supports to watch, 2116, 2112, 2104, 2098, 2092, 2086 $UVXY $TVIX

  7. $UVXY $TVIX again, vix futures 19% above spot VIX, spike to VIX 13s priced in. $SPX $SPY puts better protection for now

  8. @investorjenna ......sounds like you fell in love with $TVIX .....a big sin....to fall in love with your stocks....;)

  9. $XIV risk/reward looking good for a short here. Neg divergence in RSI and 200sma is sloping downwards - $UVXY $TVIX

  10. $CANF Check out $CANF people! $SPY $TVIX $BIOC $GENE $SYMX $MEIP

  11. $TVIX $UGAZ $UWTI Even if I am the only one here...Spy needs to re test new lows...Perfect time to get in TVIX

  12. $TVIX let s go!!!!

  13. thinking $UVXY calls/spread just above my orig PT of 9.1, maybe ~9.3s; should meet support ~4-6% lower if futures hit $14.1/14.2 $TVIX

  14. $SPX futures just broke their ATHs this AM, breaking feb highs of 2117.75 $UVXY $TVIX

  15. $TVIX Looks like S&P 2100 is history... time to move the bar up to S&P 2200!!! All Aboard!!!!

  16. Monday(4/27), AGT will go long $ZIV and short $TVIX/$VXX if the May $VIX contract remains lower than the Jun VIX contract at the market open

  17. $UVXY $TVIX realize past 4 weeks $SPX has held a very systematic trading pattern of .5% higher lows and .5% higher highs

  18. for the record this was friday 4/17 @sirdt: as bearish as this *feels*, if SPX holds 2070 next week we could see 2120+ $UVXY $TVIX spot on

  19. $TVIX where is all the excitement for this week?

  20. $UVXY $TVIX I just want to know why everyone thinks Monday is the day.. My money is on Wednesday/ThursdayThursday, if at all

  21. AlphaGTrends closed an excellent week of gains today. Year-to-date $TVIX is up 26.1%, VXX is up 26%, & ZIV is up 7.1%

  22. $TVIX if I had more money I would buy for sure. Good feeling / entry point here

  23. $TVIX this has done nothing but go down 3 straight months, but Monday it s gonna POP!!!

  24. $TVIX wow ALOT of optimists here....

  25. $TVIX if history repeats Monday we go boom!! No one selling and vix 12+, love the volume here today!!! Hehe, shhhh added a few at 1.14