1. $TVIX gonna bail on this tomorrow. Setting stop loss at 5.30 or under. Good luck guys.

  2. $TVIX maybe donald trump can give you longs some advice.....LOL

  3. $SPY $TVIX $UVXY $XIV MACD have crossed 3 times in 20 years, 2 times resulting in bear market Results pending on 3rd

  4. $SPY Flash fed meeting at 7AM..... $TVIX $UVXY $VIXY

  5. $TVIX This will go way lower. Nothing in the next 2 weeks that will push this higher. Only play is a short to $4.00 range.

  6. $UVXY $spy $ES_F $TVIX spx futures only closed above 2100 17 times in the history of it and your still bullish with all this negativity lol

  7. $SPY $SPX $UVXY $TVIX Do you think it is smarter to buy/hold here or just wait and see if it can go to ATH? Remember is hasn t since May...

  8. $TVIX Anyone notice this velocity chart? WTF is going on in govt/media/WS?

  9. $TVIX I was hoping for a break to 6$ and support there. Let s see what happens in the coming days.

  10. Goldman Sachs: Brazil Has Plunged Into ‘An Outright Depression’ http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/12/01/goldman-sachs-brazil-has-plunged-into-an-outright-depression/ $SPY $SPX $QQQ $VIXY $IWM $VXX $SQQQ $TVIX

  11. $SPY $SPX $QQQ $VIXY $IWM $VXX $SQQQ $TVIX Can the FED have a 1/8 rate hike? We are serious but scared about interest rates.

  12. Can The Fed Pull Back Its Rate Hike Plans? http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/12/01/can-the-fed-pull-back-its-rate-hike-plans/ $SPY $SPX $QQQ $VIXY $IWM $VXX $SQQQ $TVIX

  13. $TVIX time to get serious new $ goal set few situations arise made me wake up damn crazy have had 3 days in silence 4 days fasting left

  14. $TVIX if $SPY goes through with HI Lo insider profit extraction strategy again, she ll drop to $205.77 and bleed to $201 for rate hike kill.

  15. $tvix to all my longs unfortunately trapped in this one

  16. $TVIX $atv 600%

  17. $TVIX $UGAZ $UWTI $DUST ETNs are bottomless pits. 52-week lows are made to be broken. take profits and losses, but don t turn blind.

  18. $TVIX interesting day today. What are your predictions for tomorrow?

  19. $TVIX This is the power of having free liquid capital ready to move when instances like this occur.

  20. $TVIX For a quick small normalization back it is a high percentage win play

  21. $TVIX Why I like at least this here - That big acceleration at the end of the day really moves this VIX instrument. Bit of an advantage here

  22. $TVIX Jobs report, OPEC, WAR, FED hike, frothy market, overvalued TAX SELLING bet against all time highs not toppling over this month

  23. $TVIX my board is full of 25 -300 % rips some one is making money or setting trap lines beware you been warned

  24. $TVIX if zero is possible 2300 is reality

  25. $TVIX Nothing to do here but to add... OPEC meeting and jobs report on Friday, then fed meeting on the 15th. Nowhere to go but to go up!