1. $UVXY OBTW this was $200 one year ago and will be sub 20 soonest ... even with putin pops $TVIX

  2. $UVXY These little Putin Pops are getting boring ... waiting for the real deal that impacts real $$$ $TVIX $VIX $SPY $SPX

  3. $UVXY $TVIX @McWhale Wrong time to be bearish with $SPX $SPY testing 1925 next week $QQQ

  4. $TVIX Sister spam all over this one

  5. $UVXY When 3 out of 5 posts are Sister spam = Mega Bearish this POS. Next week it tanks big. $TVIX

  6. $SVXY $UVXU $TVIX $VXX $#VIX $XIV Few things:Mrkt shorts should cover next week; Higher VIX goes more room to fall; 9.79% Mnth 7-4 contango.

  7. @mmonday88 remember, $TVIX trades on VIX futures 30 days out, not cash VIX. Aug & Sept futures up slightly today, hence the smaller gain.

  8. $XLI $XLE 10 per cent downside in industrials and energy coming down - Carter Worth. Protect w/ $UVXY $TVIX $VXX

  9. $VIX opens 15-16s Monday and $XIV collapses. Hedge yourself $UVXY $TVIX $VXX

  10. $TVIX went long the $TVIX at close yesterday at 2.80 and made 100 bucks on it today. $VIX continues up and $TVIX sits. Hard to play this one

  11. $XIV 41.24 initially but easily looses 40s yet today $VIX $UVXY $TVIX $VXX

  12. $UVXY 30s open Monday - holding largest stake ever over weekend $VXX $TVIX $SVXY

  13. @EE551976 $TVIX 15min overview w/ Fib fan trading area highlighted http://y.ahoo.it/zrpuf512

  14. $TVIX this stock is meant to go down. Search decay

  15. @sister: $UVXY starting gapfill to 66s on 3-month chart $VXX $TVIX $XIV must be expecting Armageddon

  16. $UVXY starting gapfill to 66s on 3-month chart $VXX $TVIX $XIV

  17. $UVXY $vxx $vix $tvix $svxy $xiv Paradigm Shift has been taking place on the volatilitymarkets. $spy http://y.ahoo.it/3jzksCpR

  18. $TVIX - the market is loooooooooong overdue for a big correction. Even the Hang Seng s trajectory looks ridiculous over the past 2yrs.

  19. $UVXY if ya dumb and gonna sell, raise them Asks way up. We won t even CONSIDER before 38s $VXX $TVIX $XIV

  20. @EE551976 http://y.ahoo.it/TdPRUxOS $RUSS , $TVIX

  21. $TVIX How far this might go up? I bought last week and holding since 3.15

  22. $UVXY Levels all laid out for $TVIX $UVXY $ZIV $XIV $VXX with @vixtango twitter feed. Join at www.vixtango.weebly.com FREE FRIDAY only.

  23. $UVXY this BEST volatility performer was 66s . . . getting warmed up for initial squeeze back to 29.95 $VXX $TVIX $SVXY

  24. $TVIX not to worry, the PPT is on the job...

  25. $TVIX Markets tanking as predicted.