1. $SPY If u have balls go short $vxx $uvxy $tvix. Their 2 weeks price action is ominous

  2. $TVIX on my watchlist every day, getting closer to pulling the trigger again, last time rode it to over $4. Patience grasshopper !

  3. $TVIX I upped my $TVIX stake today. 5 day line on the 20 day turning up showing slow fear increase. Looking for a crescendo to sell into.

  4. $TVIX The Russell 2000 p/e is 106 and everyone I hear from say stocks are cheap. The naz keeps going up and p/e is 70. Way above average

  5. $TVIX scaled way back.Good for 2%.

  6. $TVIX @4patterns called the fear index because it goes up when theres bearish $SPX option activity meaning fear that market going lower

  7. $TVIX @4Patterns does not work like that. $VIX follows S&P options not S&P itself.

  8. $TVIX Wondering about correlation of TVIX & market. Say S&P drops 5% then how much $TVIX moves? Beta? Anyone care to educate? Thank you.

  9. $TVIX long here!

  10. $UVXY 25.50s initial gapfill with next geopolitical ball about to drop $VXX $TVIX $VIX

  11. $TZA averaged down on TZA Oct 18th calls, also have $TVIX, and just picked up calls in Nov for $VXX. Time to sit back and watch. GL

  12. $TVIX still holding from two week ago..be great to see 3!

  13. $TVIX 1 out of every 3 Americans is receiving some sort of government benefit. DISABLITY SSI WELFARE FOOD STAMPS FARMER PAYOUTS, ETC.

  14. $TVIX we might just get our 14 year high reversal today in the naz

  15. $TVIX welcome to Sept..the beat goes on

  16. $TVIX Hope this falls to the 2.60

  17. $TVIX - Saudi king warns of terrorist threat to Europe, US... if we don t combat ISIL. Hmmm?

  18. @ricktrades $TVIX $SPY http://y.ahoo.it/H0dyt1me

  19. $TVIX Something to watch this weekend. Good stuff. http://y.ahoo.it/zmhQUfKX

  20. $TVIX and not just from Russia.

  21. $TVIX if your heavily long pay attention.Europe may be a Big surprise!

  22. $TVIX glad I loaded up on TVIX. world war 3 about to break out

  23. @Afortyyearold I believe low volume on a break to alltime highs means it doesn t have strength. Combined with http://y.ahoo.it/n7mp2qXE = $TVIX

  24. $TVIX showing double bottom on the weekly chart.

  25. $TVIX Shades of 1929! DOW closes as peak just in time for labor day!