1. Gehman Capital holds an allocation of 9.1% in $TWER in his Undervalued Growth Companies Investment Portfolio

  2. Early Signs: Biggest 13 Wk % Gainers trading DOWN > 3% today: $AXN $NVAX $EXEL $RIGL $TWER ++ (latest: click REFRESH) http://www.tradepilot.com/screener/results#!t=mc:gt50m,av:gt30k,pc:lt3/s=pc13w:d

  3. Gehman Capital holds an allocation of 9.3% in $TWER in his Undervalued Growth Companies Investment Portfolio

  4. Earnings announcement: $TWER is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thu, Mar 12 2015

  5. $TWER today announced that financial results for the fourth quarter 2014 will be released on Thurs, March 12 following the market close

  6. $TWER Pulled out at 2.30 - - stupid or not time will tell

  7. Gehman Capital holds an allocation of 9.1% in $TWER in his Undervalued Growth Companies Investment Portfolio

  8. $TWER The slowness of this uptrend makes it fall under lots of radars.

  9. $TWER seems to have regained its former trajectory. I predict a new green slope similar to the one before it. 2.50 current upper resistance.

  10. ST Message delays officially off the charts. $MTL $IMRS $TWER $MNKD $ECTE

  11. Towerstream Corporation s Chief Financial Officer just disposed of 40,000 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1459028 $TWER

  12. @alienart777 Fingers crossed, hopes for $3 this month $TWER

  13. $TWER Recovering nicely so far.

  14. $TWER I ve read the filing several times but seem to be missing the bad news. Is ownership by a fund bad news?

  15. $TWER Latest filing is a bit beyond my experience. Anyone know why it would drive the price down? Temporary setback or big deal?

  16. % Losers $DWSN $ZU $PME $AMBR $TWER $ARCI $TBIO $BG $OESX $PSTR $PNRA $MDWD $ATLC $LIVE $CNXR $VLCCF $WD $OII $THS http://stocktwits.com/message/32637558

  17. $TWER why the sell off??

  18. @Funkyhat Hit Share in error previously. Anywho, not sure about $TWER, I bought this today at 2.51 and it earth-rockets in hours!


  20. $TWER What happened here?

  21. $TWER Did I miss something? Haven t checked this week...yikes...

  22. $BLDP deserves being on your watchlist. Hydrogen fuel cell, hell yeah $IMRS $MNKD $TWER $MTL

  23. $MNKD Most stocks on the exchanges have an equal number of red and green days. No stock has all green days for long. Exception: $TWER

  24. $TWER, 13G filed by Columbia Wanger Asset Management LLC http://www.filingsanalysis.com/sec/892000100/2014/09/30/, http://www.filingsanalysis.com/managers.php?id=0000908733

  25. $TWER: New SEC Filing for TWER: Form SC 13G/A, No. 0001193125-15-043286 http://stocknewsflow.com/1349437_000119312515043286_0001193125-15-043286