1. $WTSL $TWER is nice looking chart. Check it out. Probably a little less stressful than this has been.

  2. $MTL $TWER nice looking chart

  3. $TWER This is looking more and more bullish every day.

  4. Morning Watchlist: $EXEL $HTM $MITK $TWER $BGMD $CGA $FNMA $PXLW $RGDX #stocks #trading #charts http://www.tradeunderten.com/2015/01/stock-watchlist-29-january-2014.html

  5. Stock Watchlist 29 Jan: $EXEL $HTM $MITK $TWER $BGMD $CGA $FNMA $PXLW $RGDX #stocks #trading #charts http://www.tradeunderten.com/2015/01/stock-watchlist-29-january-2014.html

  6. @Free1dom $TWER @ $1.6 and wish I had bought lower :-)

  7. $TWER Hello? Is anybody out there making a killing on this stock?

  8. $TWER With Apple iPhone earnings this is a good place to be. I expect a steady climb. This board is so quiet!

  9. $CNET $TWER Another interesting chart pattern. I think you will be impressed by the chart.

  10. $TWER Up again.

  11. @Free1dom $TWER is an interesting/boring stock. Made some nice dip/pop cash in 2013 & small pos 6000 now @ $1.6. Loving this move above $2.

  12. $TWER Is anyone paying attention as this penny stock keeps creeping up? I say they re ripe to be gobbled up.

  13. $TWER Going up. Use a stop loss. Don t frightened by bears.Please watch or listen to most recent conference! No news? It was Jan 20th.

  14. $TWER pumpers are in action. No news yet .. need to confirm this move from $1.06 low. Watch your 6!

  15. $TWER 1.91 - 2.09 range tomorrow

  16. $TWER Bids pretty heavy at 1.97. Load up if you can. We re ready to leave the station.

  17. $TWER Tension building in this 1.90-2.00 range. We re going over 2.00. Check out the last presentation! I m going long.

  18. $TWER Golden cross today, + temporarily dipped back to the 34 month broken trendline (now support) makes this kind of a no brainer.

  19. $TWER Great chance to get in. This tagged long term res/support at 1.92. I have short term resistance levels at 2.07/2.09/high 2.20 s

  20. Repost: Chart Updates 20 Jan: $ASX $CLF $CLV $GSS $HMY $LODE $SBGL $STM $STNG $TWER $VG #stocks #charts #trading http://www.tradeunderten.com/2015/01/stock-watchlist-20-january-2015.html

  21. Chart Updates 20 Jan: $ASX $CLF $CLV $GSS $HMY $LODE $SBGL $STM $STNG $TWER $VG #stocks #charts #trading http://www.tradeunderten.com/2015/01/stock-watchlist-20-january-2015.html

  22. $TWER I hate feeling so confident that I m in the right stock at the right time. This stock has me cocky on making profit. Let s go TWER!

  23. $TWER This will be going higher.

  24. $TWER offerd more at 2.14, 1/4 left http://stocktwits.com/message/31424570

  25. $TWER offering some http://stocktwits.com/message/31421429