1. $TWTR Laughable selling volume at the open. Buyers will take over and turn this green very early this morning.

  2. $TWTR woke up this morning and saw two doves fly over my car; this is a sign to buy Twitter

  3. $TWTR I am long and losing patience. This is usually a good sign.

  4. @WallStJesus: +6095 $TWTR JAN2017 $35 CALLS

  5. @WallStJesus: +6095 $TWTR JAN2017 $35 CALLS Everyday everyday everyday. Until chart confirms, nada.

  6. +6095 $TWTR JAN2017 $35 CALLS

  7. Twitter’s New Mobile Button Is To Lure Advertisers $TWTR http://investcorrectly.com/20150707/twitter-inc-twtrs-new-mobile-button-lure-advertisers/

  8. $TWTR 4,733 streams containing the word live right now. 2,577 Periscope, 918 YouNow, 755 Twitch TV, 483 Meerkat.

  9. $TWTR Kids brands like Nickelodeon and the band One Direction are starting to use #periscope. Should massively increase appeal to kids

  10. $TWTR it would be very smart is Twitter gets a CEO before earnings.

  11. Watching: $FIT $INTC $BABA $USO - 2nd Watch - $LULU $CRM $SHAK $MRK $MRVL - $SOCL $P $FB $GPRO $TWTR #Stocksinplay #Scanning

  12. $TWTR How Visa uses Periscope to Instantly Reach Customers https://blog.twitter.com/2015/influencer-qa-how-visa-uses-periscope-and-video-on-twitter-to-instantly-reach-consumers

  13. $TWTR Yesterday was the 1st time since April that twitter closed above its 20dma two days i n a row.

  14. Setups for Tuesday http://ac-investor.blogspot.pt/2015/07/stocks-to-keep-eye-on-july-07-2015.html other stocks to watch $PBMD $TWTR $FIT $GPRO $SGYP $FB $TSLA $KITE $ZIOP $MRVL $GLUU $ZNGA $KING

  15. $TWTR 7/7/15 - Periscope is a top 10 social app in: Panama/Turkey/Venezuela/UAE/Qatar/Brazil/Sweden/Uruguay

  16. $TWTR take these broken wings and learn to fly again. #Periscope ud83d udcb0 ud83d udcb0 ud83d udcb0 ud83d udcb0

  17. $TWTR .

  18. If China equity holders get desperate, Can C USA fire sales of things (i.e. Real estate) invested by Chinese. $SPY $SPX $QQQ $FB $LNKD $TWTR

  19. $AAPL i will keep calling TC to do his jon until $150 at least.Hope he knows $TWTR is available after Costolo to communicate.just say CHEAP!

  20. Desperate For Ad Data, Twitter Offers Animated Balloons For Your Birthdate http://techcrunch.com/2015/07/06/what-advertising-demographic-are-you/ $TWTR $FB

  21. $AAPL my open positions for the day $IWM $TWTR, www.tradejotter.com/OtherJournal.aspx?uid=kangarootrader

  22. Tuesday Morning Market Video http://www.optionmillionaires.com/tuesday-morning-market-minute-video-bidu-spy-tlt-twtr-gs-gld/ $GS $BIDU $TWTR $GLD

  23. Good morning. On watch for 07/07. $PG $GS $ABT $TWTR $GME. ETFs: $TBT $XLV. Spec Play: $NEO. $MACRO: Trade data.

  24. $TWTR well positioned for a nice upward move. Range getting tighter indicating a nice intermediate bottom. TIme to run...

  25. $TWTR I would be a lot more concerned on getting caught ss than being long. It takes one piece of news and this oversold gem will take off.