1. $TWTR 50k bids @ $48

  2. $TWTR see them large bids @ $48.02... was 2 flashes, first was 40k then 80k then poof

  3. $TWTR Supply and Demand people. If everyone says it will hit $50 by weekend, most likely will not.

  4. $TWTR Repeating the same daily pattern!

  5. $TWTR hits $50 by end of the week.

  6. $SPLK $TWTR going to end up green today. My call.

  7. $TWTR #bto day trading equity @ $48.01 http://y.ahoo.it/aa1VSj9n

  8. $TWTR See another push here- Strong

  9. $TWTR clawed back to 48. Resilient

  10. $TWTR NFL starting up..should drive subs tweets giving twtr more eyeballs....

  11. $TWTR Russia opens new front? Hope not

  12. $TWTR here we go......

  13. $TWTR Following the track I suggested a short while ago!

  14. $TWTR Taco Bell for dinner tonight if you hit $48. If not, back to BK/Tim Horton s again...

  15. $TWTR bought more Aug 29 - $50 Calls at .10

  16. $TWTR looks good

  17. $TWTR Holding really well, wonder if there is enough legs to push it green.

  18. Top Tech-Services for rest of 2014 $GOGO $FLTX $IMPV $FEYE $VRNS $SPLK $MDSO $FB $TWTR $ZPIN $CSLT $AWAY $TRIP $KMX $QUNR $NOW $ZU $SFUN

  19. $TWTR To finish in the green today

  20. $FB $TWTR loooks like we found intraday bottom.. let s see if we can get some buyers come last 90 min of the day

  21. $TWTR would be great if this continues to the upside but I wont be surprised if we see 46 before 49, getting be ready for all scenarios

  22. $TWTR Picking up volume here

  23. $TWTR Same trajectory as we ve seen repeatedly. Eventually it will move to the upside!

  24. $TWTR I smell afternoon bulls.

  25. $TWTR twtr lets run to 70 bucks again