1. $TWTR Gonna lose 52 here in a minute.

  2. $TWTR TWTR way too speculative to hold in this down markrt. Traders will fly to safety.

  3. $TWTR Flag against prior 52.12 is main center 52.50 is square, degree of high: $53.15, must got thru http://y.ahoo.it/Wd0kAVL0

  4. $TWTR: Cramer: Twitter a buy on way down – CNBC http://y.ahoo.it/bshIN7r5

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  6. $TWTR BUY NOW $ Bird is gonna fly

  7. Closed $TSLA $TWTR $PCLN Calls for profits; GLTA!

  8. Twitter Inc Lags Facebook Inc On Content Shared http://y.ahoo.it/k1qe101c $TWTR $FB

  9. $TWTR I am still long (long term hold) from 37-39 area. Current position is (+40.67%)

  10. $TWTR still continues to hold strong thru market chop.Revisiting highs, with volume, should move it higher towards 58 short term

  11. $TWTR I m excited for ER. I think they are gonna crush it.

  12. $TWTR Short Squeeze will make this go higher very soon

  13. $TWTR about to pass $EBAY in price Holding 55 calls in each name.

  14. $TWTR Twitter is a Buy and Hold

  15. $AAPL $FB $TWTR all have relative strong buyfades this morning

  16. The $FB book and the $TWTR blue bird showing some strength here

  17. $FEYE -0.91%, but $CHKP -0.17%, $CSCO -0.58%, $GOOG -0.71%, $INTC -0.33%, $MSFT -0.42%, $ORCL -1.84%, $PANW -0.31%, $TWTR -0.19%. Market...

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  19. $TWTR Looks great here, getting ready 💸

  20. $TWTR Nasdaq down 0.12%, waiting for a turn around to see TWTR move to $53.00 above the 61.8% Fib Retracement line.

  21. $INO $TWTR..may need Kim to buy more shares.

  22. $FEYE -0.15%$ and CHKP -0.36%, $CSCO -0.44%, $GOOG -0.8%, $INTC -0.72%, $MSFT -0.57%, $ORCL -1.33%, $PANW -0.96%, $TWTR -0.25%... Think.

  23. $FEYE -0.15%$ and CHKP -0.36%, $CSCO -0.44%, $GOOG -0.8%, $INTC -0.72%, $MSFT -0.57%, $ORCL -1.33%, $PANW -0.96%, $TWTR -0.25%...

  24. Exclusive: Here is How Twitter is About to Revolutionize Commerce! http://y.ahoo.it/1WuIBr3Q $TWTR $FB $AMZN $BABA $AAPL $HD $LOW $BBY $$

  25. $yelp lagging other momos. $fb $aapl $tsla $z $yhoo $baba $gpro $googl $nflx $pcln $twtr $amzn $bidu $SCTY