1. $TWTR well that was a pleasant surprise. got distracted a bit watching the mayhem at GPRO and was expecting to come back & see this under 50

  2. $TWTR CNBC actually (finally) started to understand the business model that TWTR represents and the real time strength that TWTR leverages.

  3. $twtr holding strong, we r long since ystrday $$

  4. $TWTR CNBC is going positive on TWTR now, lol

  5. $TWTR I have a feeling the market & twtr will end up today.

  6. $TWTR CNBC Pump

  7. $TWTR sweep buyer 2528 TWTR Fri 10/10 $48 Puts 98% Ask (IV=48.4% +5.0) OPENING

  8. $TWTR wow im really going to have to short this to hedge against my long position.

  9. $TWTR bye bye upgrade..

  10. $TWTR time to punish her again...what are you waiting for

  11. $TWTR another fast $1 drop again for TWTR for 2nd day in a row

  12. $TWTR hope market reverses and continues uptrend within the next 2 weeks. should at least if it follows chart.

  13. $TWTR market wants to go lower..may need another upgrade tomorrow.

  14. $AAPL $TWTR market is too weak right now. Wait about 10 days, imo.

  15. $TWTR god help me if the NAS goes -1.0% again today....guess I didn t realize that good economic data still equals RED. garbage

  16. Today s whisper $SPY bearish below 195 level, $TWTR unable to stay above 51.40 level http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQA5ZxNi0QU

  17. $TWTR .50 drop in 5 min? Buying opp?

  18. $TWTR this market is such a major POS, as bad as I want to stay long in this, its hard not to go cash until the market fixes itself

  19. $TWTR tricked us again..

  20. And just as I write, the Twitter is getting loose again - lesson is simple - getting chopped to death #trading is just as BAD ... $TWTR

  21. @realtimetrade @machinebuilder @Mirodi @NYORKA $TWTR what a fake out on the 15min chart.

  22. Very nice job by both $TWTR $FB on bounces- this could help immensely b/c at this stage we don t want to see upgrades shaken off. #trading

  23. Algorithmic trading CLOSING Oct/02 $TWTR(0.7 %) $UNH(1.2 %) $HW(1.5 %)

  24. $TWTR above 51.50..52 easy.

  25. $TWTR Be realistic, EOD 52.52, then fly up 56.25 till Friday