1. $TWTR Why Twitter Stock Could Drop Another 10 Percent http://amigobulls.com/articles/why-twitter-stock-could-drop-another-10-percent

  2. $TWTR #SB50 5.65M tweets so far! Thank you!

  3. $TWTR Thank you $FB superbowl.


  5. $TWTR


  7. On The Fly: Top Five Weekend Stock Stories $CHD $F $SNE $TMO $UA $APOL $CELG $GILD $MSFT $VNTV $TWTR $GPRO http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/on-the-fly-top-five-weekend-stock-stories?post=85103

  8. $TWTR has alot of $ on hand but no future. Not even really social media, just a big celebrity circlejerk .The subsc. #s will tell the story.

  9. $TWTR I don t know what is going on in Twitter Inc but in the trading field, some1 is buying a lot of shares n don t want to be exposed

  10. $TWTR Earnings are coming. get your votes in now on whether or not this could impact MAU s: https://twitter.com/EVplusEV/status/696035287915298816

  11. $TWTR Broncos win =+420%

  12. $TWTR


  14. $TWTR The best of #RIPTwitter curated by an actual human. Includes a few members of our @StockTwits community: http://catalystsminusheadwinds.com/2016/02/07/the-best-riptwitter-tweets-curated-by-a-human/

  15. $TWTR COO on CNBC tomorrow @ 10AM

  16. $TWTR you are really grasping for anything!!!!

  17. Will $YELP and $TWTR both be under 14 by Friday ??😨

  18. $TWTR Ripped when they don t tweet, ripped when they tweet. No win.

  19. Twitter now asking advert team behind #puppymonkeybaby to join their Board @howardlindzon $TWTR

  20. Tomorrow Twitter will announce 3 new board members, acquisition of Nuzzel to replace Moment and editable tweets ... ya right $TWTR

  21. $TWTR Periscope #3 most downloaded IOS app in France! Should = more MAU s?!

  22. $TWTR Anybody buying OTM call and put options that expire on Friday? Expecting big swing in $TWTR after earnings.

  23. $TWTR should be so much higher,i think this stock is extremely undervalued and it will soon be exposed GOOD NEWS ON THE WAY!!!

  24. Twitter worked great during the SuperBowl ... Their Board thanks all the traffic moving to Snapchat and Instagram ...$twtr

  25. $TWTR I need green tomorrow!