1. $TWTR complete vol crush here. Load up cheap option s if u wanna gamble.

  2. $TWTR wow that was completely faded in minutes. Nevermind on that rally.

  3. @HighRoller2 $TWTR Do I SELL OR HOLD ?? Suggestions?? I suggest you buy a real company. That s what I did after the last earnings.

  4. $TWTR this feels like a trap all morning… could be wrong of course

  5. $TWTR Algos in complete control , drop this on 100 share lots on 10,000 total volume.

  6. $TWTR Could we be looking at an intra-day inverse H/S off of yesterday s new low?

  7. $TWTR Do I SELL OR HOLD ?? Suggestions??

  8. $TWTR top is in for the day. rest of the day should be zzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. @PravKing $YELP Making new highs It s sector performance. Look at $TWTR which has no reason to be up.

  10. $TWTR - steady accumulation since open.But 37 is the max pain

  11. $TWTR WANTED: stalks to help push QQQ to ATNH TWTR in play

  12. $TWTR They are not stupid that they will let ppl get the info.

  13. $TWTR If you know about a certain buyout possibility - then it is certain it will not happen!

  14. $TWTR long over 37

  15. $TWTR seems to have bottomed. Looks like a good time to start buying. I started a small position because of buyout possibilities.

  16. $TWTR a break above 37 would be very bullish and I can see momentum carrying over the weekend

  17. $TWTR higher low on the stochastics as the stock put in a lower low yesterday momentum could be changing

  18. $TNK alerted to members in the highs $6s. Looking great here. Learn more about our swing alert and history on our site $fb $twtr

  19. $TWTR we all know this one gets faded on Fridays.

  20. $TWTR would prefer slow climb up vs spike ups. Long some 37 june calls

  21. $TWTR I won t get excited until I see above 37.40 on close.

  22. $TWTR Looking interesting for a breakout, here...

  23. @StocksNewswire: News Update For 05/22/2015: http://www.stocksnewswire.com/active-stocks-with-breaking-news-verizon-communications-nysevz-micron-technology-nasdaqmu-facebook-nasdaqfb-twitter-nysetwtr-youku-tudou-nyseyoku/53392/ $VZ $MU $FB $TWTR $YOKU

  24. $TWTR ihs on 15 min 37.3 coming up

  25. $TWTR this is starting to remind me of $gpro at 40, before the run back....