1. Highest call to put ratio $EDAP $AXL $NCI $MX $EEFT $EUO $RLYP $VWC $A $MRD $PNR $TXMD $MLM $SIRI $XRX

  2. $LAKE $TXMD .. Readies for a Return of Bird Flu ? http://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-readies-for-a-return-of-bird-flu-1444665965?mod=pls_whats_news_us_business_f

  3. $TXMD It will push up more this week. Strong company dedicated on building this brand. Sell on the highs and buyback on the lows.


  5. $TXMD closed @ high today....Good omen....come on green!!!!

  6. $TXMD prepared to start communicating w/ the FDA Phase III TRIAL results job openingposted website positive Sr.Manager,Regulatory Affairs

  7. $TXMD what was that high of $6.40?

  8. $TXMD If you re feeling discouraged or impatient, just read this. Patience will be rewarded! http://www.therapeuticsmd.com/Images/Documents/2015/TXMDInvestorUpdateSep2015.pdf

  9. $TXMD sub 6 is always a joy to load up

  10. $TXMD just acquired 3600 shares

  11. $TXMD just picked up 3500 shares

  12. $TXMD it will be back in the 7s soon

  13. $TXMD being long is so freakinf painful

  14. $TXMD

  15. $TXMD Wow...I take it the Vegas Conf. didn t go well??

  16. $TXMD Green green green!

  17. I m surprised there s not more activity in $TXMD before their presentation today at 4:45PM PDT ... Adding here.

  18. $TXMD Hope results come out before market corrects another 10% down

  19. $LPCN Much like $TXMD think technical trading is pushing this down since breaching support. Hard to swim against tide of machines.

  20. $TXMD Affraid this is in the grips of a bad technical pattern. But that s the way baseball go. It is because it is.

  21. $TXMD this is a Shorts dream stock

  22. $TXMD the bleeding needs to stop :(

  23. $HZNP Hit my stops at 17.00 so out again. Same song and dance in $ACAD $CEMP $TXMD. One of these days bang zoom

  24. $TXMD OK. Trying another tickle. In at 5.98. 1/3 position. Whatever. Yadda yadda yadda. Also a little $CEMP & $ACAD. Just probing mkt.

  25. $CEMP Interesting rebound in some spec bio like $CEMP $TXMD $ACAD.These tend to revert to their high means but skeptical in mkt beatdown.