1. $TXMD http://y.ahoo.it/6ZyZxiYE

  2. $TXMD Consistent green, consensus $15 PT, $34 PT by biotech expert, +11% shares owned by Fidelity. Warning for shorts not to hold in AH/PM

  3. $TXMD 100 Day Moving Average, $5.02, within reach....combined with MACD bullish crossover today (Daily), this will rage on a $5 break

  4. $TXMD http://y.ahoo.it/0NE6yzRD

  5. $ARIA + a lot of these pharm-bios running good this week. $HALO, $TXMD, $CLDX...good luck

  6. $CLDX love this chart so much I took calls to go along w my shares happy trading. $HALO & $TXMD looking great too

  7. $TXMD it can hit 6 soon...

  8. $TXMD $5.50 by tomorrow

  9. $TXMD What s the projection price and what month is to peak? Why the skyrocketing price?

  10. $TXMD Only going up, look at chart shorts and beware

  11. $TXMD There it is! Bullish crossover on the MACD...Daily....Push to $6 should now commence in full.

  12. $TXMD Tutes loading up, Fidelity adds 1,910,635 shares to position (16,681,539 owned) to become 11.4% owner of $TXMD, http://y.ahoo.it/EKOjYivr

  13. $TXMD Stifel raises BUY price target to $10 (from $8) on TXMD, http://y.ahoo.it/nY65i0D2

  14. $TXMD 100-day MA break at $5.04 within sight....after MACD bullish crossover on daily....

  15. $TXMD Potential to reach $34....700% gain according to July 7 Outperform rating and $34 PT by FBR, http://y.ahoo.it/7FWOLuDf

  16. $TXMD potential to reach 5.50 soon

  17. Today s WL - $APP Holding |||| $ZIXI $CLSN $PRAN $YOD $AMRN $PLUG $ACHN $TXMD ... Green today IMO Sorry forgot $END = looking to bread 1.50

  18. Today s WL - $APP Holding |||| $ZIXI $CLSN $PRAN $YOD $AMRN $PLUG $ACHN $TXMD ... Green today IMO

  19. $TXMD Nice..GL!

  20. @StockKingz yeah, which is also true. Which is more likely? Go look at $txmd. But SA has a bad stigma around that. I think most of us agree

  21. $TXMD I bought this sock in very high price and I am waiting for this to go up..

  22. $TXMD very

  23. $TXMD volume increasing...

  24. $TXMD uppppp uppp...

  25. $TXMD Magnet to $6 on bullish technical setup, $4.68 now, Volume increasing