1. $TZA Satellite releases of Russian military pressed into Ukraine but with a bigger army. http://y.ahoo.it/wz75HXKe

  2. The time between the end of the month and the beginning of another is always volatile. I m LONG $TZA.

  3. We were perfectly set up for the down day. Sold some $TZA, $SQQQ and covered our $MX short. Join us for free chat tomorrow. we rock

  4. $TNA $TZA do you RUT or IWM to help you find entries ? http://y.ahoo.it/q0K5b9Y5

  5. @ronin245 @SyntecVentures @TradingJones @hftrader September coming $UVXY will go up 30% from here $TZA go to $22 Watch very close

  6. $TZA buying more $TZA to qualify for a directional bet which is much more than previous hedge/trade. Bearish on $IWM.

  7. $TZA Having bought back what I sold this AM I wait to see if I need to press the bet. And there is lots of time for that.

  8. $TZA avg down from last week

  9. $TZA in 14100 @ 14.65

  10. $TZA Buying back in, slowly.

  11. $TNA $TZA working the 1 min charts at

  12. $TZA Out. Market resilient. S Twits Site became overloaded & paused. Great site, I benefit from it.

  13. $TZA picked up some oct 18th calls today

  14. @Partridge $TZA got teeth now let s see where this goes. Stop at lows

  15. $TZA $SPY chart http://y.ahoo.it/0ATIKs9j via http://y.ahoo.it/Ww9JxDFM anyone else think this looks bearish for september?

  16. $TZA long TZA, covered call position. looking to sell some contracts at expiration.

  17. $TZA it is good to be hedged by being long TZA. I am long some TZA and RED but I know unprotected long is very risky here.

  18. @ronin245 @hftrader @SyntecVentures @40c I like $TZA $UVXY $TVIX $ERY $SOXS all time to load little later It will gain 40% easy.

  19. @ronin245 @hftrader @SyntecVentures @40c Watch $TZA go to $17 soon

  20. $iwm $rut Triangle bullish long term target 138 http://y.ahoo.it/DH50G8Hn $tna $tza $dia $spy $c $jpm $aapl $gs $xlf $xle $erx $goog $AMZN $MS

  21. $TNA $TZA public charts and trade plan at

  22. @MicroSwing today i saw you trading $TZA

  23. $TZA Bought $14.24

  24. out of $TZA at 14.3

  25. Share an idea on $TZA quick $12,000 scalp profit on TZA this morning