1. $TZA The more I fall behind on my shorts d higher d net worth of my portfolio. Very revealing. Else I would not b long momentum stocks.

  2. $TZA Bought some Oct calls

  3. $TZA market falling TZA falling - wtf..

  4. $IWM Damn, I wish IWM would tank along with SPY so I can get some traction on my $TZA calls.

  5. $TZA averaged down on TZA Oct 18th calls, also have $TVIX, and just picked up calls in Nov for $VXX. Time to sit back and watch. GL

  6. Economy In Severe Trouble-John Williams $DJIA $SPX $DIA $SPY $TZA http://y.ahoo.it/yQrmInWM

  7. Are Margin Debt Levels Signaling A Market Collapse? $DJIA $SPX $DIA $SPY $TZA http://y.ahoo.it/QOdkLf7Z

  8. $TNA $TZA 3 trades, added .74 % to my account, public charts and trade plan at

  9. $TZA Waking up $iwm $SPY

  10. @Birdseyeview hold long September all ways some big sell off this market $TZA easy to go $20 sure

  11. @DLJ_Trade i was referring to $TZA?

  12. [VIDEO REPOST] Weekend Market Analysis 08/31/2014 [PUBLIC] $DJIA $IWM $GDX $XLF $EEM $EWJ $VXX $FXI $TZA $GDXJ $VWO http://y.ahoo.it/ItQ0YTmP

  13. Watchlist for the month $UVXY $TZA $UGAZ $JNUG $DARA

  14. David Tice: Markets Could Soon Fall 60 Percent $DJIA $SPX $SPY $FAZ $TZA http://y.ahoo.it/lbRtF61U

  15. $DGLY $IVAN $NCTY $SPLK $RSH $SPY Holding out until geopolitics is over. Long $TZA http://y.ahoo.it/EuYWZGQc

  16. $TZA August was supposed to be the dog of the year & we get the best one ever ! Thanks for input. keep it going.

  17. @zahirrahimi @RobbyLama69 I m holding $TZA. September is never good, especially with this article about Russia. http://y.ahoo.it/ZU6QzFT1

  18. $TVIX Anybody holding this & $TZA over weekend as hedge ? Please don t all answer at once.

  19. $TZA added 14.35

  20. RT @TradeStockTrend $TZA as a hedge http://y.ahoo.it/Q5yIkWQs #StockMarket #StockOptions #Stocks #StockAction #StockCharts

  21. @JustEngineerIt Great posts. Keep it up. I am with you on $TZA as I loaded & posted real time yesterday.

  22. $TZA Satellite releases of Russian military pressed into Ukraine but with a bigger army. http://y.ahoo.it/wz75HXKe

  23. The time between the end of the month and the beginning of another is always volatile. I m LONG $TZA.

  24. We were perfectly set up for the down day. Sold some $TZA, $SQQQ and covered our $MX short. Join us for free chat tomorrow. we rock

  25. $TNA $TZA do you RUT or IWM to help you find entries ? http://y.ahoo.it/q0K5b9Y5