1. @Lach14 was watching $TWM $TZA rally into the close. Decided to wait for confirm. Lots of room to run.

  2. $TZA the turtle always win fellow TZA holders, looking for a lot of Russell Redemptions and correction pullback type aftershocks soon

  3. @davidmoadel: $IWM is it wrong for me to be enjoying this? LOL $RUT $TZA $TNA Why not? They insult anyone long TZA any time they can.

  4. watching $TZA Monday morning

  5. $IWM is it wrong for me to be enjoying this? LOL $RUT $TZA $TNA

  6. $TZA I see non of the bulls today. Are they busy eating turkey?

  7. $TZA It is good to be hedged. Hedgers may be a lot of things but one thing they are not is being PIGS. $STUDY

  8. When $SPY goes down, $IWM goes down more. Tattoo that on your forehead LOL... $SPX $RUT $TNA $TZA

  9. $TZA Batters up

  10. Tried to warn y all about $IWM... Don t be hasty and ruin your weekend $RUT $SPY $DIA $QQQ $TNA $TZA

  11. $TZA In at sub-$13.00 is a good swing trade here.

  12. $TNA $TZA trade the momentum and divergence http://stocktwits.com/message/29704884

  13. $TZA iwm is up sgain? Unbelievable it. Tza retreats?

  14. $TZA: Long stop 12.78 #tza #elliottwave

  15. $TZA I expect the Russell pullback to intensify in the next 2 weeks

  16. $TZA the Russell got valuation issues, it will be the first to roll over as markets retreat after thanksgiving

  17. $TZA increase in jobless claims to 313,000 is just the first loose bolt in grand scheme of things as vol shrinks law of gravity takes hold

  18. $TZA oil prices continue to decline since most of the world is in a recession still - Russell high valuations are unsustainable =retracement

  19. $TZA ever check whats in Russell 2000- losers like Arch Coal & small oil companies like Tesco - its scary whats in the Russell- really

  20. $TZA after Thanksgiving it is very likely the markets will finally have another pullback -ie roll over- as volume returns before christmas

  21. Happy Thanksgiving & many blessings from my family to yours. $SPY $RUT $TZA $FB $BABA #shortseller

  22. $TZA I meant Russell growth stocks are being redeemed and Russell cash inflows are starting to reverse after spike up declerating

  23. $TZA Russell continues its top 10 redemption rank in funds outflows for week http://www.etf.com/etfanalytics/etf-fund-flows-tool.html

  24. $TZA funds outflow still prevalent in the Russell a lot of money going out of the Russell that contains the most companies with no earnings

  25. $TZA sorry meant rise in jobless claims to 313,000, slow wage growth ., housing price retreat & flat sales less then 1/2 % increase at .4%