1. Debating on playing with some $TZA calls here. Anyone trade options in this triple levered etf?

  2. $SQQQ $BIS $TZA $FAZ common wolves..... lunch time.... YUMMMY

  3. $TZA update, done for the day http://y.ahoo.it/QXw5l58W

  4. $TZA updated Daily TA http://y.ahoo.it/BEiEvaF7

  5. Closed out $TZA. Added to $AMD

  6. $TNA $TZA $DUST $NUGT public charts, hit refresh for updates http://y.ahoo.it/2TswP5hb

  7. $TZA for 2.2 % http://y.ahoo.it/k078ANro

  8. $SQQQ sold some more $TZA both

  9. Live Trading Day! Last week s picks made 221% on $TZA and 80% on $USO and $3,450 per contract on #OilFutures! http://y.ahoo.it/GyaQo7BN

  10. China s Flash PMI at 48.3, still contracting...4 month in a row. Market has No legs but keeps running. $SPY $RUT $IWM $TZA $UVXY $TVIX

  11. Long $TZA

  12. $TZA looks tempting after six updays in a row!

  13. $TZA 6 down days in a row. Long 1/2 @15.94. Expecting a bounce here.

  14. $IWM Closed out my $TZA. This sideways consolidation needs to complete.

  15. $IWM Melt up on low volume looks to be is losing steam. Long $TZA

  16. $TZA for a swing. Half position @15.96

  17. $TNA with help of @upsidetrader and @ivanhoff coaching was able to switch $TZA to $TNA last week. phew - still holding

  18. $TZA Wonder if she is going higher in a very choppy pattern. $TLT need to climb 2% and stay above 50 MA.

  19. $TZA at 16.24

  20. $QQQ $SPY $TNA $TZA $SPX Russell 2000 Spells Out A Disturbing Trend For The Market Going Forward. This Will Upset You http://y.ahoo.it/zIzvq7Fl

  21. Choppy... slow day. Stopped out of both plays as market was able to grind slowly higher on very low volume. $SQQQ -.50 $TZA -.25

  22. @mamahung I m about 50/50 long/short...through $TZA and blue chips like $WMT

  23. $TZA Large Institutionals starting to come to the Dark.. err.. Short side.. http://y.ahoo.it/cFF0t1j9

  24. Long $TZA

  25. Added some $TZA 16.85.. Stop LOD. Probably sitting on hands for the rest of the day. See how this action unfolds.