1. @TylerAuggieD They re all good, even $LUV. Low fuel costs = no brainer. Barron s & Stifel price targets $AAL= $60. $DAL =$60. $UAL = $80.

  2. Daytraders: Short-term buy signals - $UAL, $DAL $JBLU $YHOO $YOKU. Today on Ask SLM: Market Sectors, Country ETFs and eComm 12ct @tastytrade

  3. $ual $aal with oil pushing up towards 60 THESE ARE A SELL SELL SELL, these has 45 dollar oil baked in

  4. $VA quiet period ending 12/24, low oil boost airline stocks earning..... we might have good 4-6 weeks run soon.....$UAL $AAL $JBLU $DAL

  5. market analysis and $DIS $UAl $DAL $CELG http://joehentges.net/stampede/ $DJIA

  6. Airlines have benefited from the oil slump: $LUV $UAL and $JBLU all up +45% in last six months... https://www.quantifiedalpha.com/screenpage?metric=Perf_Half_Y&order=desc§or=Industrials&limit=50

  7. $UAL cheap premium calls bought up for .14 --> 10,000 Jan15 $95 C

  8. $UAL that s why Deutsche Bank target $80,Barclays target 76,Credit Suisse target 79. It could go to 100 because everything overrun $dal $aal

  9. $UAL 2013-2014 consolidation warrant $60 stock price assume crude at $100. now crude at 60. $UAL is at least a $80 stock

  10. $UAL no one thinks this price is lifted by $40 oil projs we hear everywhere? That needs to now come true to keep this price up here, no?

  11. there is good reason to sell $UAL. its all time high and technicals support downtrend at least for short time

  12. there is no reason to sell $ual here. if it goes down a bit, it means $SPX will go down a bit, people are locking in some profits

  13. @Benzinga: How Record-Low Oil Prices Benefit The Airline Industry http://www.benzinga.com/analyst-ratings/analyst-color/14/12/5088763/how-record-low-oil-prices-benefit-the-airline-industry $ALK $DAL $LUV $UAL via @TipRanks

  14. @Akstergi @yani Just bought puts on $ual -All the good news is in the stocks. Gives me a little hedge to the downside if markets roll over

  15. Swing Buy Picks: $HE, $LPX, $MRVL, $UAL http://stockmarketsvane.com/?page_id=389#MOREPICKS

  16. $CPA Strong Buy at these price levels. $save $ual $aal $jblu $va

  17. $UAL way overbought

  18. $UAL $LMT only reds on watchlist (no positions but would be cool to see green).

  19. @SmarterAnalyst: $UAL $LUV $DAL $ALK Record-Low Oil Prices Benefit Airline Industry http://www.smarteranalyst.com/contributor/2014/12/16/record-low-oil-prices-benefit-airline-industry/

  20. $AAL $UAL Oil down airlines down cuz market is down. Oil up, airlines also down. Perfect sense!

  21. Awesome job by $DB on $DAL UG on top @ $49,down 10% since,sending you wine & cheese for Christmas. :) $LUV $UAL

  22. $UAL Playing for Cuba travel. Has fights out of NY area and is partner of AVIANCA HOLDINGS.

  23. $UAL I understand that profit taking is going on but market s way up...and this....really not expected. Whole sector s down and why???

  24. $AAL chart not making sense. Still holding Jan 2015 call in $UAL