1. Airlines up today, despite Winter Storm #Cato coming to the northeast. #travel $JBLU $AAL $UAL

  2. United Airlines has introduced a new app that is built for entertainment purposes on their flights. $UAL http://www.zacks.com/stock/news/155312/united-airlines-app-to-better-inflight-entertainment-quotient?editor=patrick_anderson

  3. Let it snow let it snow let it snow? Airline stocks rallying today ahead of more bad weather & Thanksgiving. $AAL $UAL $DAL $LUV $JBLU $ALK.

  4. Besides $AAL, $UAL had a bullish bet earlier.. $DAL seeing some bullish flow as well

  5. $AAL $UAL getting a bump from $CL_F today?

  6. $UAL Signal still LONG at 49.51, Profit: 12.93% issued by Yamasuta.com - Free algorithmic software http://stocktwits.com/message/29618792

  7. @Stockoptionexpert: This time $AIRLINES want to fly $UAL $LUV $AAL , bullish flow detected @optionsstats

  8. GO $UAL go, big boys flow detected!

  9. Our DailyPlay $UAL Jan 2 $55.5/62 Bull Call Vertical is up 16% today as we look for moves higher http://stocktwits.com/message/29617495

  10. This time $airlines want to fly $UAL $LUV $AAL , bullish flow detected @optionsstats

  11. Airlines going nuts $AAL $UAL

  12. $CL_F $DAL $AAL $UAL Oil is hitting the vaseline. There s no real way for OPEC to cut hard. Anything else may simply be underwhelming

  13. $UAL on the way

  14. $CL_F $DAL $JBLU $UAL $AAL $VA keep an eye on the collapsing oil. Amer Air doing really well today catching up to peers. JetBlue on upgrades

  15. @HappyHolidays Really??? $UAL $AAL $DAL $SAVE $ALK and others seem to be doing ok w/ unions. Thank you for supporting the pilots :/

  16. $UAL sweep 3500 11/28 56 calls .56

  17. $UAL long here 55.65

  18. $AAL Offering Customers Flexibility For Travel Plans- $DIS, $UAL, $AMZN http://www.emarketsdaily.com/american-airlines-group-inc-nasdaqaal-offering-customers-flexibility-for-travel-plans-walt-disney-company-nysedis-united-continental-nyseual-amazon-com-nasdaqamzn/1821910/

  19. @chrisp390 $JBLU I don t know who they are. I don t think they know. Why fly $JBLU Over $LUV Or $VA? Why $JBLU over $AAL $DAL $UAL?

  20. DailyPlay Tues Nov25 $UAL is in bullish trend w positive momentum. $SPY 1m/6m trends remain bullish http://stocktwits.com/message/29593314

  21. United Continental Holdings Receives a Buy from CRT Capital $UAL http://www.analystratings.com/2014/11/24/united-continental-holdings-receives-buy-crt-capital/

  22. $CPA Every airline is up except $CPA trading at a massive discount $DAL $LUV $SAVE $AAL $JBLU $UAL

  23. $UAL Please sign and share: please stop transporting shark fins to Asia. UNITED AIRLINES is the only US carrier that transports shark fins.

  24. Watching: $ARUN $BBY $NUAN $MRK $LGF - 2nd Watch: $CBI $UAL - $SOCL stocks - $P $FB $TWTR $GPRO #stocksinplay #MoneyMonday

  25. United Continental Holdings s PT raised by CRT Capital to $65.00. http://www.analystratings.net/stocks/NYSE/UAL/?RegistrationCode=SocialMedia-direct $UAL