1. Can u believe $UBR Brazil 3X Political change coming to Brazil? It looks like it.

  2. $UBR sell

  3. $UBR Brazil 3X continues to break out. No position

  4. Brazil 2X $UBR is heating up. VERY THINLY TRADED.

  5. @ccpmispy Yep Brazil should fly higher as Real advances against weak US dollar. $UBR

  6. @InsiderBuySuperstocks Brazil $EWZ is really cheap right now and it ties in well with the breakout in commodities theme. $UBR is 2x BULL

  7. @sabin33 great ?. Personally, I like Brazil the best $EWZ or $UBR. Would like to see a close on $EEM over 42 and stay above 42

  8. $EWZ, $UBR, $GOL, $GFA, $SID, $VALE, $EEM

  9. beat up but nice week!!! $EWZ, $UBR, $GOL, $CBD, $SID, $VALE $EEM and solars paid off this week.

  10. @InsiderBuySuperstocks looking for equities ex-USA to outperform in September and October. $SPX $EWZ $UBR $SCIF $IDX $EEM

  11. $EWZ, $UBR, $GOL, $CBD, $SID, $VALE

  12. $EWZ wow! You play some Brazilian music and they just go Nuts. Is the launch party off the double bottom? $UBR

  13. Get ready for the return of Brazil from Festival $EWZ $UBR http://y.ahoo.it/ehXk9HuR we see.

  14. @InsiderBuySuperstocks @mccartjt Let s call it $UBR Brazil spiced with some bullish leverage http://y.ahoo.it/hU7z9FJs just needs our volume :)

  15. @Loyola80 @mccartjt Never seen $UBR. I m putting it on my radar.

  16. @mccartjt @InsiderBuySuperStocks Brazil might be good to buy soon $EWZ if double bottom at 41 holds. $UBR