1. Brazil Unravels After Second Failed Bond Auction http://seekingalpha.com/article/3530496-brazil-unravels-after-second-failed-bond-auction?source=feed_f$BRAQ $BRZU $BZF $BZQ $FBZ $PBR $SPY $UBR $EWZ

  2. 2 Reasons Moody s, Fitch Could Be Next To Junk Brazil http://seekingalpha.com/article/3523276-2-reasons-moodys-fitch-could-be-next-to-junk-brazil?source=feed_f$BRAQ $BRZU $BZF $BZQ $FBZ $SPY $UBR $EWZ

  3. Rousseff Coup Could Sink Brazil, Emerging Markets http://seekingalpha.com/article/3521306-rousseff-coup-could-sink-brazil-emerging-markets?source=feed_f$BRAQ $BRZU $BZF $BZQ $FBZ $PBR $SPY $UBR $EWZ $EWZS

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  5. Brazil: 2015 69% Debt-To-GDP Could Trigger Ratings Downgrade http://seekingalpha.com/article/3498826-brazil-2015-69-percent-debt-to-gdp-could-trigger-ratings-downgrade?source=feed_f$BRAQ $BRZU $BZF $BZQ $FBZ $PBR $UBR $EWZ

  6. Is Brazil Mall Operator Next To Default On Dollar-Denominated Debt? http://seekingalpha.com/article/3494316-is-brazil-mall-operator-next-to-default-on-dollar-denominated-debt?source=feed_f$BRAQ $BRZU $BZF $BZQ $FBZ $PBR $UBR $EWZ

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  8. Downward trend on #Equity #Brazil #ETFs $EWZ $BRZU $UBR - down -9.29% in 6 days - http://www.trendsinvesting.com/motif-details/Equity,Brazil/days/absolute

  9. Investing in Brazil http://www.trendsinvesting.com/blog-entry/89,investing-in-brazil $BRAF $BRAQ $BRAZ $BRF $BRXX $BRZU $BZF $DBBR $EWZ $EWZS $FBZ $UBR #BVSP

  10. South America ETF list http://www.emergingmarketskeptic.com/emerging-market-etfs-list/latin-america-etfs-list/south-america-etfs-list/ $UBR $BZQ $BZF etc + South America closed end funds list http://www.emergingmarketskeptic.com/emerging-market-closed-end-funds-list/latin-america-closed-end-funds-list/south-america-closed-end-funds-list/ $CH

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  15. Complete Brazil ETF list http://www.emergingmarketskeptic.com/emerging-market-etfs-list/latin-america-etfs-list/south-america-etfs-list/brazil-etfs-list/ $DBBR $BRZU $BRXX $FBZ $BRAQ $BRAF $BRAZ $EWZ $EWZS $BRF $UBR $BZQ $BZF

  16. Brazil consumer confidence falls in Nielsen survey $BRAQ $EWZ $BRZU $EWZS $BRF $BZQ $UBR $BRXX $DBBR $BRAZ $BRAF $FBZ

  17. $UBR Be very carefull on this one. Very few shares traded each day. Definition of Illiquid.

  18. $VALE $EWZ $PBR $UBR. Back in this AM. Time to continue up.

  19. Upward trend on #Brazil $EWZ $EWZS $BRZU $BRF $UBR - up 8.67% in 7 days - http://www.trendsinvesting.com/motif-details/Brazil/weeks/absolute

  20. Upward trend on #Equity #Brazil $EWZ $EWZS $BRZU $BRF $UBR - up 8.6% in 7 days - http://www.trendsinvesting.com/motif-details/Equity,Brazil/weeks/absolute

  21. Upward trend on #Equity #Brazil $EWZ $EWZS $BRZU $BRF $UBR - up 8.19% in 6 days - http://www.trendsinvesting.com/motif-details/Equity,Brazil/days/absolute

  22. Upward trend on #Brazil $EWZ $BRZU $UBR $BRF $BRXX - up 8.27% in 5 days - http://www.trendsinvesting.com/motif-details/Brazil/days/absolute

  23. $EWZ $PBR $UBR $VALE Best trades this year. Not selling any...... Yet.

  24. $EWZ $UBR Looks like a huge R/H&S on the 3mon to me

  25. Mark Mobius investing case for Brazil http://tinyurl.com/pl49tq4 $BRZU $BRAQ $BRAF $UBR $BZQ $BRZU $BRAQ $UBR $BZQ $EWZ http://stocktwits.com/message/33772246