1. US CPI vs consumer energy prices from 1960-2013 - $XLU $UGA $UNG $USO http://stocktwits.com/message/28323574

  2. 2013 US consumer energy spend as % of disposable income: 5% vs 5.5% 53yr avg - $UNG $USO $UGA $XLU http://stocktwits.com/message/28323554

  3. wait i thought lower $UGA gas prices were good for shoppers at $WMT lol

  4. Wednesday links: end of the relentless bid, falling gasoline prices and the e-door era. http://abnormalreturns.com/wednesday-links-end-relentless-bid/ $UGA $HYG $XLE $ABBV $TMUS

  5. While WTI Crude is at the lowest levels since June 2012....check out RBOB Gasoline. Lowest levels since November 2010. $RB_F $UGA

  6. $RDS.A $BP $COP $UGA down 15-20% over 3 months. Guessing oil and gas will rise after the elections.

  7. $TSLA vs. $RB_F gasoline futures. Could get interesting the longer gas stays and/or goes lower $UGA http://stocktwits.com/message/27903638

  8. US Gasoline prices hit 10 month low and can further drop going forward, according to Lundberg survey. $UGA http://www.bidnessetc.com/27126-us-gasoline-prices-hit-10month-low/

  9. Bidness Etc summarizes the findings of the Lundberg survey - http://www.bidnessetc.com/27126-us-gasoline-prices-hit-10month-low/?utm_content=bufferae55f&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer $UGA

  10. What spread? Wholesale #gasolene falls to lowest price since July 2012 $UGA $RB_F

  11. Liking the low $USO $UGA here we drive big rigs out here in California

  12. Current Long Postions $AAL $BF/A $BRK.B $CL $FB $GILD $HON $HUB.A $JNJ $NE $NKE $PAYX $PKG $SDS $SYK $UGA $YHOO (50% Cash)

  13. Wholesale gasoline at levels not seen since December 2010. $UGA $RB_F http://stocktwits.com/message/27781670

  14. Oversold daily & weekly: Wholesale #gasoline falls to another 2-year low $UGA $RB_F http://stocktwits.com/message/27770831

  15. @jackdamn not also brk long term trend and distribution of $UGA $UHN be on the rt side of the trade - for now ;)

  16. US Crude inventories up 5M barrels in wk to Oct 3 vs est up 1.5M barrels. Gasoline stocks up 1.2M barrels vs est up 1.0M - $OIL $USO $UGA

  17. $UGA gasoline takes out major support

  18. Fill er up! Wholesale #gasoline falls to lowest price since July 2012 $UGA $RB_F

  19. $UGA dragging dwn refiners building momentum

  20. No plans to go long $KITE. Current longs of mine are $UGA, $PEG, $KMI

  21. $UGA short under cut prior swing low support and jumped back up

  22. Considering the rapid drop in gas prices, I would suspect $UGA has some more room to drop. This is a very attractive price, tho.

  23. LT & IRA account: material changes this week: $GME (adj to Oct 03w expiry) $UGA (new, 1/2 size) $SLCA (adj Puts)

  24. RBOB Gas still has flat 200day mov avg. So going to be tough to get sustainable rally from here w/o a little time to digest gains $RBOB $UGA

  25. bought some $UGA at 56.55 -- 1/2 size for now, LT account