1. $GASL $ugaz $swn http://marketrealist.com/2016/04/analyzing-us-natural-gas-consumption-2016/

  2. $UGAZ does this decay as well?

  3. $UGAZ

  4. $UGAZ s-d=storage.

  5. $NATGAS $UNG $UGAZ $DGAZ Technical Analysis Video 4/29/2016

  6. $UGAZ natural gas. Will probably be moving Hoover long term die to utility companies moving away from coal to NG. IMHO.

  7. $UGAZ buying the dips and holding

  8. {RECAP} This week Trades http://ploutuscharts.com/latesttrades/ $FEYE $CLF $AKS $X $WYNN $INO $FEYE $UGAZ - { Real time Alerts}

  9. $UGAZ $DGAZ best way to add shares is sell the pull backs. I ve double shares in $UGAZ and $JNUG ridding these waves

  10. $UGAZ $uwti pipeline explosion saved ng like a summer said tweet. Time for ng to pop to $2.8 without explanation other than big $ wants up

  11. $UGAZ $DGAZ the pop was calculated. When your charts line up with real life incidents you ll learn that everything is rigged to set up $$$

  12. Post few thought reg $JNUG $NUGT $DUST $JDST $USDCAD $UGAZ $UNG on https://www.facebook.com/LinvestResearch/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

  13. $UGAZ Cold front / Hail in the south and East is good enough to change supply/demand curve. break over 31, means ends at 36 !

  14. $UGAZ SO will hit may be the 2.5$$ !

  15. $UGAZ if ng cant make it to NE gotta go into STORAGE. bearish for ng at henry hub Louisiana where ng is priced, pricing in NE maybe higher

  16. $UGAZ $DGAZ TA pointed to bounce on Friday- but anyone holding long got lucky with that explosion. Cashed out EOD. Next week is a new week.

  17. $UGAZ natty making a new high next week mid 2.30s

  18. $UGAZ actually it does make sense. Chart shows uptrend and Friday we bounced off support levels. Next week should be bullish

  19. $UGAZ this makes no sense, but i make money off of it!

  20. $UGAZ $DGAZ personally think Ng gas will drop at recently, bull the long

  21. U.S. Natural Gas Jumps to 13-Week High After Pipeline Explosion | BOE Report $ugaz $dgaz http://boereport.com/2016/04/29/u-s-natural-gas-jumps-to-13-week-high-after-pipeline-explosion/

  22. WTI Crude Oil and Natural Gas Forecast May 2 2016 http://viralmarketnews.com/wti-crude-oil-and-natural-gas-forecast-may-2-2016/ $WTIC $USO $UWTI $DWTI $NATGAS $UNG $UGAZ $DGAZ

  23. $UDN $UUP $GDX $NUGT $DUST $UWTI $DWTI $UGAZ $DGAZ wonder of some1 knows if Puerto Rico defaults on debt is that bad for US $ or neutral?

  24. $UGAZ good note for actual traders. Know ur risk and ur strategy

  25. Natural Gas Technical Analysis Video 4/29/2016 http://viralmarketnews.com/natural-gas-technical-analysis-video-4292016/ $NATGAS $UNG $UGAZ $DGAZ