1. $UGAZ Still riding my scalp--has been tough today--the decay is very noticeable now in the U

  2. $UGAZ and $JNUG hit two arteries need some hemostats!

  3. $UGAZ Remember: You only lose money IF you liquidate your position.

  4. $UGAZ 4 weeks left of downside says cnbc commodities contributor, doubt that, prob more like 2 weeks... or when oil bottoms in high 60s.

  5. $UGAZ http://stocktwits.com/message/28404771

  6. $UGAZ picked up some $ung & $ugaz .....expecting a relief rally before $dgaz surge

  7. $DGAZ $UGAZ I sold this korning and happy with the profit I made. Now waiting for money to be cleared due cash account. Congrats all

  8. You were right about 5.50 (close enough) $dgaz Natgaspro...hats off to ya !! $ugaz

  9. @GotRice: $UGAZ still hot as hell in the south here!!!! 90s 90 is good for ugaz, means cooler is on and burn gas to produce electricity.

  10. $UGAZ Damn I m losing my a$$ on this. :(

  11. $UGAZ may print new lows from 2pm CST till close.

  12. $UGAZ $DGAZ $UNG OK update. I took my own advice and bought back my 15% dgaz that I sold at $5.37 at $5.28. stay tuned

  13. $UGAZ still hot as hell in the south here!!!! 90s

  14. $UGAZ UGAZ triple bagger waiting for pivot

  15. $UGAZ Look at Russia. One of the coldest Octobers on record. More snow then last year, but here we know that government makes no mistakes

  16. $UGAZ much happier adding shs on big drops(like today)than going all-in or trying to predict bottom..GL to all..no worries here near term..

  17. $UGAZ there was no heating last week. This increase in consumption came from other winter unrelated NG use

  18. $UGAZ Last week there was record production $5.5 mmbtu. They produce around 37mmbtu above average but store only 8mmbtu above last year

  19. $DGAZ $UGAZ $UNG looks like this might be a good spot to add some dgaz. just a thought. $5.23 and offers support. after that $5.06

  20. $UGAZ ,,,a 10-20 cents short covering in ng over one night manifest to 2-3 points jump in ugaz and disaster for $DGAZ,,,lol.

  21. $UGAZ ,,,not yet, but 2-3 points jump a day shows up november time,,,will add lump sum in a week.

  22. $UGAZ $DGAZ--Attempted Scalp at 10.38 earlier--back to even now--gonna let it ride a little

  23. $UGAZ my triggers hit but no volume, no trade. http://stocktwits.com/message/28400365

  24. $UGAZ Anyone biting here, day/swing?

  25. $UGAZ so much decay and no winter here my avg 11. Hope it gets there next week so I can exit.