1. $ugaz first of month bring in the new money

  2. $UGAZ SIKE April fools will end up less than 1% change

  3. $UGAZ @NickJoe yeah once pivot is cleared then R1 R2 - HFT is making trading so much easier and precise

  4. $UGAZ why is this spiking makes no sense

  5. $UGAZ neutral weather, increased prod. no strong bull case. they always can manipulate price, but playing it straight, not much upside

  6. $UGAZ is a scam? What are you talking about? Is natural gas a scam?

  7. $UGAZ Like I said .. Smart Money is in here...

  8. $UGAZ buying big here will go up by EOD

  9. $UGAZ scam scam u have better odds playing stinky penny stock

  10. $UGAZ Ppl chasing this today on a downtrend, $VLTC had much better odds for scalps

  11. $UGAZ $DGAZ $UNG $NG_F Nat Gas Production to Reach 110 Bcf Per Day by 2035 http://natgasinvestor.com/2015/04/01/navigant-global-energy-production-to-reach-110-bcf-per-day-by-2035/

  12. $UGAZ Just opened a long position. 80K

  13. $UGAZ in @ 2.14

  14. $UGAZ @tonytrade so this beats estimates tomorrow and it rocks up?

  15. $UGAZ - in at 2.14

  16. $UGAZ I know this damn market well... Will beats and head to $2.5 tomorrow.

  17. $UGAZ where is this in a week or 2?

  18. $UGAZ Does the recent NG floor of 2.57 go out today or do we wait until tomorrow for that?

  19. $UGAZ 2.25 showed baseline, just happened to gap down due to after hours, not very worried, time for long now, see you all in a week or two

  20. $UGAZ When was last time NG was this low? Making history here!

  21. $UGAZ hoping this April Fool s day joke only lasts in the morning time. Hopefully the joke is over by this afternoon or tomorrow

  22. $UGAZ another bloodbath tomorrow????

  23. $UGAZ incredible how big a pos this is thought I did good getting in at 2.25

  24. $UGAZ Thats the best technical analysis ive seen on here in a while

  25. $UGAZ lots of negativity, that historically means we are going up from here