1. $UGAZ same pattern rinse and repeat. Tanks premarket, rallies during the day.

  2. $UGAZ give me 2.50 and you got yourself a buyer

  3. $UGAZ again pre market 8% down!!!!!! What a hell. It s been 8 trading days starting ugly. Unbelievable !!!!

  4. $UGAZ In for DT @2.5899 , wow this is ugly for my core positions .

  5. $UWTI $UGAZ $GASL same as last year. Always tank after thanksgiving

  6. $UGAZ the Bear is.........

  7. $UGAZ Fundamentals remain weak...NG contract roll needs to retrace to $2 approaching $1 handle

  8. $UGAZ $DGAZ ngwdd.com 6z very bearish at 288.8

  9. $UGAZ and i thought $2.60 was a good buy in during the summer! Before RS

  10. $UGAZ : 2,61$ pre market (:-

  11. $UGAZ $DGAZ Can anyone tell where we can find historical data of ngwdd ?

  12. $UGAZ $DGAZ Still bearish for 3days in a row! Last 18z @ 308.4 & 0z @ 320.1 Could it be that we get another injection?

  13. $NG_F $UGAZ usually are better months before.but this year nothing is stanard.

  14. $UGAZ $uwti $uvxy

  15. $UGAZ http://www.newengland-nao.com/ https://www.aer.com/science-research/climate-weather/arctic-oscillation long or short

  16. $NG_F $UGAZ Agreed, seasonal play Dec is a bad month.

  17. $UGAZ $DGAZ Being honest, natty could see more pain until feb. GTLA

  18. $UGAZ $UWTI @Heedunk is the biggest loser on gods green earth. Block him if you have any self respect.

  19. $UGAZ $DGAZ divergence & PA on JAN had been looking good for another 20MA touch... Bear flag. 2.21 than 2.12

  20. $DGAZ $ugaz all in on D. See you at 20!

  21. $UGAZ looks like I better boil the carcass need to make a Turkey soup to live on in the next few days anybody have any crackers to spare!

  22. $UGAZ

  23. $UGAZ i was blindly thinking that NG would have to bottom and that these were great prices-take off blinders and pure & simple fundamentals

  24. $UGAZ until see NYC in the 30 s as high I m staying the F away and even then it might be too late...storage might be too high to matter $UNG

  25. $UGAZ US Holiday...the trading today means nothing....don t be surprised to see NG above $2.30 tomorrow morning...