1. $NG_F Fresh shorts coming near 4.73-4.74. $UGAZ $DGAZ $UNG

  2. $NG_F resistance 4.74 $UGAZ $DGAZ $UNG

  3. $DGAZ fearthebeard is moneyhonney....remember $UGAZ to $60 and $DGAZ to -$5....

  4. make that 25.90 on hourly chart. $ugaz support for UNG

  5. $UNG make that 25.90 on hourly chart. $ugaz

  6. $UNG 24.90 next support on hourly chart. $ugaz $dgaz bank some trail some. or just sell ;o) $ugaz http://y.ahoo.it/KorsIovc

  7. $UGAZ - http://y.ahoo.it/gxTW9wNf - Social Trending - Crossed below support, 28.23. Time: 7 days 2 hours. Volume: 2,068,628.

  8. $DGAZ $UGAZ lookslike no $5 natty like most bulls were claiming...

  9. $UNG a very short live bounces $DGAZ Vs $UGAZ

  10. $UGAZ ...playing the DGAZ POS. $DGAZ

  11. $UGAZ short didn t fill, but nailed the price action. Darn...Greed got me there. $DGAZ

  12. $DGAZ $UGAZ $UNG $NG_F well that was a whole lotta nuffin

  13. Next up: nat gas futures expire tomorrow, weekly op ex for UNG tmw, monday the may contract expires, bid-week in progress. $dgaz $ung $ugaz

  14. maybe a bang ;) natgas futures continues higher after supply data of 49bcf $UGAZ $DGAZ

  15. Bidding on short here $UGAZ to hold into summer.

  16. $UGAZ does it again BOOM!!!

  17. $DGAZ $UGAZ $UNG $NG_F here we go

  18. $UGAZ $UNG $NG_F will the wildly bullish weekly trend keep rolling after the report? http://y.ahoo.it/2HgmET8s

  19. @betaloss rounded bottom for $DGAZ? over 360k spike vol at the open for $DGAZ; no vol spike yet for $UGAZ either.

  20. $NG_F will she tip her hand before the report like the last 2 weeks? nothing as obvious yet $DGAZ $UGAZ

  21. $DGAZ $UGAZ good morning traders.. are you ready for all time low in $DGAZ

  22. $UGAZ $DGAZ $UNG What s the analyst avg injection estimate today?

  23. $NG_F Maximum upside risk is 4.94. IMO. And after the report play it will come down sharply this time I think. $UGAZ $DGAZ $UNG

  24. $DGAZ $UGAZ entire premise of buyside traders is that injections will not refill storage fast enough resulting in higher prices from here

  25. $DGAZ $UGAZ $UNG $NG_F Nat Gas Chart update for review. http://y.ahoo.it/mhgUpm3N