1. Gold-Futures Short Covering | http://marketdailynews.com/2015/04/14/gold-futures-short-covering/ $GLD $IAU $UGL

  2. $GC_F daily. Gold futures daily. $8Q_F $QO_F $GLD $IAU $DUST $NUGT $UGL $GLL $JDST

  3. $GC_F daily. Gold futures daily. $8Q_F $QO_F $GLD $IAU $DUST $NUGT $UGL $GLL $JDST

  4. $GC_F daily. Gold futures daily. $8Q_F $QO_F $GLD $IAU $DUST $NUGT $UGL $GLL $JDST

  5. Finding the Next Goldcorp; (NYSE:GG) - http://marketdailynews.com/2015/03/31/finding-the-next-goldcorp-nysegg/ $GG $BTG $IAU $GDX $GDXJ $PVG $UGL $GLD $GLDX

  6. $GC_F daily. Gold futures daily. $8Q_F $QO_F $GLD $IAU $DUST $NUGT $UGL $GLL $JDST

  7. Tsunami warning issued for $GC_F daily. $8Q_F $QO_F $GLD $IAU $DUST $NUGT $UGL $GLL $JDST

  8. $UGL Signal still SHORT at 41.67 - issued by Yamasuta.com - Free Algorithmic Software - Free Until Jan 1st, 2016 http://stocktwits.com/message/33515166

  9. $GLD,$UGLD,$UGL,$JNUG,$NUGT,$DUST current prices link http://goldprice.org

  10. $GLD,$UGL,$UGLD -bullish gold.looking for 1,245 as next resistance level...moving (again) as the US market is closed http://goldprice.org

  11. Downward trend on #Gold $GLD $IAU $UGL $DGP $GLDI - down -7.95% in 1 month - http://www.trendsinvesting.com/stock-market-today http://stocktwits.com/message/33361072

  12. $GC_F daily. Gold futures daily. $8Q_F $QO_F $GLD $IAU $DUST $NUGT $UGL $GLL $JDST http://stocktwits.com/message/33346393

  13. $GDXJ What news have I missed that has helped gold today? Ukraine ceasefire, greek deal? The MSM spin seems bearish $JDST $JNUG $GLD $UGL

  14. @atmcharts: Gold slipping from 200D to the rising 50D. Also a pivot zone. $GLD $UGL $GC_F http://stocktwits.com/message/32348648

  15. $GC_F daily. Gold futures daily. $8Q_F $QO_F $GLD $IAU $DUST $NUGT $UGL $GLL $JDST http://stocktwits.com/message/32922869

  16. $GLD $IAU $PHYS $UGL Misconceptions About Gold http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/02/17/misconceptions-gold/

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  19. Comex vs the Shangahai Gold Exchange $AEM $UGL $GORO $GLDX $SGOL $NG $NEM $PHYS $AUQ $RGLD $EGO $IAU $AUY $FCX https://smaulgld.com/comex-gold-deliveries-vs-shanghai-gold-exchange/

  20. $SPY,$TVIX,$XIV .....the market is in trouble....breaking key support and the fade shows a negative bias... $UGL, $GLD a good play...

  21. $GC_F daily. Gold Futures daily. $8Q_F $QO_F $GLD $IAU $DUST $NUGT $UGL $GLL $JDST http://stocktwits.com/message/32054730

  22. $GC_F daily. Gold futures daily. $8Q_F $QO_F $GLD $IAU $DUST $NUGT $UGL $GLL $JDST http://stocktwits.com/message/31980860

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  24. What the Swiss Franc Means for Gold Prices http://www.wyattresearch.com/article/swiss-franc-gold-prices/ $CEF $GLD $UGL $BAR

  25. $GC_F daily. Gold futures daily. $8Q_F $QO_F $GLD $IAU $DUST $NUGT $UGL $GLL $JDST http://stocktwits.com/message/31584360