1. buying $jnug is not investing in gold. if you want to invest in gold buy $gld $iau $UGLD and $bar

  2. sit $ABBV $GILD $TLT $UUP long; $6A_F $FXY orders $FXC watching $6B_F $6E_F $6J_F $DGP $UGL $UGLD $TBT beta/leaders

  3. @Skarajat1 @j18wheeler $UGLD $UGL are leveraged ETFs that track $XAUUSD $GLD . GL

  4. @litespeed1985 lever it up $UGLD

  5. For intraday plays, watching $GLD & $GDX and trading $UGLD & $NUGT

  6. $UGLD negative GOFO has occurred @ major lows. Is 2day another low? Not sure but I am betting as if it is. Please see my 12/1/14 post.

  7. $UGLD with so called strong $ gold is doing fine. daily need 12.10 that hold 4 a higher high. Cautiously bullish here.

  8. $UGLD $USLV wolf markets do have defined patterns… not that difficult

  9. $UGLD Does anyone actively trade this?

  10. $UGLD negative GOFO has occurred @ major lows. Is today another? I m not sure but am betting as it is. Risk=1 point. Reward=X points.

  11. $UGLD oh boy!

  12. $NUGT $JNUG $UGLD $USLV we sold beta… we harvest alfa

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  15. $UGLD $USLV thank YOU Gold GOds!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. $USLV $UGLD $NUGT $JNUG we sold nothing… but when we do we will not twit .. cause if you don t know exit - do not trade them!

  17. @Partridge: $USLV $UGLD $NUGT $JNUG because I can and I WILL! Dec. 1 at 9:23 AM ___. you made me angry last night bears.. come and get it

  18. @joneymather thanks for noticing :))))) WE MADE OUR MAXIMUM BUY TODAY $UGLD $USLV

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  21. $DATA $SCTY $UGLD $SVXY Has anyone used @AlertTrade algorithm? Thoughts?

  22. Parabolic Sar Buy Signals $TRLA $TZA $UGLD $USLV $WMC $Z http://jcpafonso.blogspot.pt/p/parabolic-sar-buy-signals_14.html $STUDY

  23. $GLD $ABX $ABX.CA $GFI $NG $AU $UGLD $IAU $DGL $GLL $FSG great article for Paulson s recent big bets in gold & oil: http://seekingalpha.com/article/2679645-cobalt-international-energy-is-the-slump-a-never-ending-story


  25. $GLD gold bug nut jobs may actually close the gap to 115 $GDX $UGLD $NUGT