1. $GDX ( #metal #stocks ) Expected direction ...and the probability. $GLD $NUGT $JNUG $UGLD $GOLD $SLV $SLW $GDXJ $GC_F

  2. $GDX One KEY pivot point I m now watching to determine direction of $GOLD $DUST $GLD $NUGT $JNUG $UGLD $GDXJ $GC_F

  3. @Mastertrader_Consultant $GDX Downtrend confirming (avoid) $GLD $NUGT $JNUG $UGLD $GOLD $SLV $SLW $GDXJ $GC_F

  4. $GDX Downtrend confirming (avoid) $GLD $NUGT $JNUG $UGLD $GOLD $SLV $SLW $GDXJ $GC_F Chart(s) recently posted. http://www.livetradepro.com/track-records?catID=102

  5. Follow the trend (short and long term) on metal stocks like $GDX $GLD $NUGT $JNUG $UGLD $SLV $SLW $GDXJ $GC_F $DUST http://www.livetradepro.com/track-records?catID=102


  7. $GDX $GLD $NUGT $JNUG $UGLD $GOLD $SLV $SLW $GDXJ $GC_F Seeing no reason to be anxious to cover here... Expect lower... Bullish for $DUST

  8. $GDX What to expect on metal stocks? $GLD $NUGT $JNUG $UGLD $GOLD $SLV $SLW $GDXJ $GC_F More. http://www.livetradepro.com/track-records?catID=102

  9. There s alot more money in $JDST than $BAR or $UGLD. Why you guys wanna trade gold futures so bad? $JNUG

  10. $UGLD bought some for 11.60$

  11. 5 Days Up http://www.dailystockplays.com/5-Days-Up-2015-03-25.html $OTIV $SSE $ATRC $SAND $WWW $HPTX $INUV $AMSWA $GBDC $DXLG $TESO $GLT $PER $SPFF $SCVL $IFON $AMSF $UGLD

  12. $GDX Have $GOLD (metal) stocks $GLD $NUGT $JNUG $UGLD $SLV $SLW $GDXJ $GC_F peaked? AGAIN? Here s what I m seeing.

  13. $GLD ,$UGLD,$NUGT,$JNUG - spot gold is going back to 1,200...very soon

  14. $UGLD $uwti Can I know why all etn prices starting from 2012 are downtrend?

  15. $udow $ugld $nugt $spy $oil $uwti $ugaz. had 1 million exposure today in all of these stocks. u can guess how much I made in 5 mins. >100k

  16. $GDX (metal stocks) Pushing through (strong) initial resistance. $GLD $NUGT $JNUG $UGLD $GOLD $SLV $SLW $GDXJ $GC_F

  17. $GDX Strong resistance confirming (metal stocks) $GLD $NUGT $JNUG $UGLD $GOLD $SLV $SLW $GDXJ $GC_F

  18. #Gold+miners technical analysis @ 13:6 mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWjDHKLS-Sw&feature=youtu.be&t=13m6s here. $GDX $GDXJ $DUST $NUGT $GLD $UGLD $IAU $DZZ $DGP $DGZ $JNUG $JDST

  19. $GDX As posted yesterday, dead cat bounce. (likely) Expect lower... $GLD $NUGT $JNUG $UGLD $GDXJ Bullish for $DUST

  20. $GLD Aim for the gap on $DX_F weakness $UGLD $GLD

  21. $UGLD This is the chart that they do not want you to see. Gold has gone north for 6000 years (recorded data).

  22. $GLD,$UGLD,$JNUG - price action is not business as usual, - gold is depreciating due to the global currency wars....

  23. $OIL stocks $UWTI $USO $OAS $GASL $FMSA looking weak here with a setup similar to $GOLD stocks $GDX $GLD $NUGT $JNUG $UGLD $GDXJ $STUDY

  24. @Partridge: $UWTI $UGLD $USLV $NUGT $JNUG bottom picking… what a dirty dirty business that is Mar. 6 at 7:55 PM --> you little stinkers U

  25. $GLD,$UGLD,$JNUG - gold is being affected by the currency wars...miners also effected by supply side headwinds, strong dollar as well