1. $UNIS ....Hey now....

  2. What is mean by High Beta Stock? http://www.investorwired.com/mean-high-beta-stock-alaska-air-group-alk-comerica-cma-unilife-unis-united-technologies-utx/1714119 $ALK $CMA $UNIS $UTX

  3. $UNIS Gotta learn to buy when it hits the 2-60 s. So gun shy on this one though.

  4. $UNIS...Looking for a close above the 200DMA. 10% move on low vol is rather peculiar though... Standing pat!

  5. $UNIS...Interesting once a month price action here...

  6. $UNIS in for a climb looking good!

  7. $UNIS Unilife Hires Intel Marketing Executive Kevin Sellers as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications.http://pcgadvisory.com/news/unilife-hires-intel-marketing-executive-kevin-sellers-as-senior-vice-president-of-marketing-and-communications/

  8. $UNIS ...@dannychockers... Should be a good move for $UNIS... Need a pro to tell the UNIS story much better than Alan!

  9. $UNIS Wow!! Huge hire. From a $50 billion company to UNILIFE, says a lot to me!

  10. $UNIS ...Unilife Hires Intel Marketing Executive Kevin Sellers as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications

  11. $UNIS Needs to hold 2.75. Hate to see a gap fill back to 2.12 with this ugly MKT. Come on buyers.

  12. Long $TWTR $True $YELP $UNIS $W $GPRO

  13. $UNIS Short term price target $8.88 http://ficonewsmedia.com/company-price-targets-unilife-corp-weight-watchers-international-inc/310329/

  14. $UNIS buy the dips and sell the rips. Until ER shows steady revenue, that is.

  15. Algold Resources (TSXV: ALG) and Array BioPharma $ARRY Break 200DMA $SAU.CA $GIL.CA $NEO $BOBE $XOMA $UNIS : http://www.smallcappower.com/posts/top-technical-breakout-stocks-5-12-2014

  16. Unilife Corporation s See Remarks just picked up 225,000 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1313215 $UNIS

  17. Unilife Corporation s See Remarks just picked up 100,000 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1313205 $UNIS

  18. $UNIS just keep buying the dips! I did.

  19. $UNIS Until this Co shows earnings the Street will continue to ignore it. No buyers for future earnings on this one.

  20. $UNIS what a joke,...this stock is get walked up and down like a dog on a leash

  21. $UNIS chart is looking very bullish with MACD crossover and RSI cross 50...Wish I had free $$$

  22. $UNIS all I know is accumulation numbers are very good & getting better & price is above all usual moving averages. Good 4 retirement? lol

  23. $UNIS Chart is looking pretty good for another stab at $4. Particularly the weekly

  24. $UNIS- Short covering won t commence until high 4 s and that surprise March high in the 5 s. Shorts still laughing at current prices.

  25. $UNIS ok lets do it, shorts time to cover your 23 mil shares and get lost already before the next sanofi like deal comes out