1. Morning Watchlist: $CPRX $HIMX $MNKD $MVIS $NOG $SIRI $SYN $GST $MDGN $MWBO $UNIS $WIFI #stocks #charts http://www.tradeunderten.com/2015/01/stock-watchlist-27-january-2015.html

  2. $UNIS Technicals are positive, supporting bullish trend in short and mid-term. Below chart is from Stoxline: http://stocktwits.com/message/31789029

  3. Stock Watchlist 27 Jan: $CPRX $HIMX $MNKD $MVIS $NOG $SIRI $SYN $GST $MDGN $MWBO $UNIS $WIFI #stocks #charts http://www.tradeunderten.com/2015/01/stock-watchlist-27-january-2015.html

  4. $UNIS ... Pretty resilient lately...

  5. $UNIS Buying more

  6. @Fr0van @Renatta @kjepeneter @RPTL $UNIS wants 5plus

  7. $unis just pivoted 4.62 next point reference 4.74

  8. $UNIS First Call updates Unilife to a STRONG BUY. Article can be read at http://errors.stablehost.com/406.php

  9. $UNIS Consolidating last week. Ready for leg up. My other trades doing well. Probably dumping this after next move (Capital efficiency)

  10. $UNIS in-Pharma Technologist article on Unilife, dated 22 Jan., w/ comments from Alan Shortall may be found at: http://www.in-pharmatechnologist.com/Drug-Delivery/Delivery-system-protect-biologics-says-Unilife-as-it-inks-AbbVie-deal

  11. $FXCM $UNIS waking up

  12. $UNIS Zacks - UNIS has Zacks Rank No. 2 (BUY) - Recent move higher for this company may definitely continue over the next few weeks.

  13. $UNIS Zacks - encouraging that estimates for UNIS have moved higher in the past few weeks - analyst sentiment is moving in the right way

  14. $UNIS is today the $5 day? Chart looks spectacular

  15. still holding $UNIS also long today $ARRY $SALE $TSM

  16. $UNIS could hit 5 today!

  17. $UNIS Cover now or you ll be toast

  18. $UNIS Anyone know the exact date for the earnings report?

  19. $FXCM great Vol.. $UNIS over 4.80 gets interesting

  20. $UNIS This is bullish action just bought 20k shares and will be looking to add more

  21. $UNIS I m back babbyyyyy

  22. $UNIS ...Betting on 4.80-5 by EOD... Standing pat!

  23. $UNIS The chart is a dream right now for the longs. Major bull flag on the short terms. Up to $5 very soon

  24. $UNIS 75K shares on the bid at $4.4

  25. $UNIS Frontier Capital doubles down on UNIS. They now own over $40 million worth of stock.