1. Setups I liked today that we ll be watching tomorrow. $UNIS $ACCO $FMSA $DANG More with charts. http://www.livetradepro.com/stocks-to-watch

  2. $UNIS Some big buys at the close. Let s look for a continuation higher tomorrow

  3. @JustCantGetEnuff $UNIS Could go better... but could be worst. Really, you think... What an amazing statement!

  4. $UNIS Could go better... but could be worst.

  5. $UNIS lotta stops jus got wiped out

  6. Covered Call Alert: UNILIFE $UNIS returning up to 41.24% through 18-Sep-2015 http://ideas.quantcha.com/2015/03/31/covered-call-alert-unilife-unis-returning-up-to-41-24-through-18-sep-2015/

  7. $UNIS stalled at 4 before she rips IMO

  8. $UNIS there she goes!

  9. $SNTA I m waiting on sidelines, suspect this will drift back down to offering price and even below. Check out what $UNIS did after offering.

  10. $UNIS ......BREAKING NEWS......BREAKING NEWS..... UNIS has premarket activity....Get.Ready. ----------> 300 Shares

  11. $UNIS definitely buyout contender

  12. $UNIS I bet a buyout by big pharma is in the works.

  13. Setups I liked today that we ll be watching tomorrow. $UNIS $CEMP $WIN $AVGO $ACCO $FMSA $NVAX $RAD More with charts http://www.livetradepro.com/stocks-to-watch

  14. $UNIS Consolidation with breakout today, long term bullish, we ll see if it can hold this week. This stock needs news to run though

  15. $UNIS Unloaded some at 3.99 now I m playing with house money. Got in $SBUX before the split!

  16. $UNIS 1 more cent

  17. $UNIS Anyone wanna predict what the price will be tom?

  18. $UNIS c mon now...don t be shy...you have seen 4 before

  19. $UNIS giddy-UP!

  20. $UNIS How much longer? The wait is killing me.

  21. $UNIS Its been a long time since this much activity

  22. $UNIS technicals look good for a continuation tomorrow

  23. $UNIS go baby go...break through 4 for good now.

  24. $UNIS she s flagging on the 1min chart

  25. $UNIS Lower high that is.