1. $UNIS Speculating that shorts bought the dump and covered big today HAD this taken place 7/31 would know by 8/12 as it is now not til 8/28

  2. $UNIS Though the days result ended poorly I am surprised in a good way at the price elasticity demonstrated given such a large one-off sale!

  3. $UNIS Well Stop hit today. 7400 loss. Will check back. GL to the rest.

  4. $UNIS on watch list. If It drops below $2. I m in.

  5. $UNIS So much for the turn around today.

  6. $UNIS 6 million share dump. That can t be good.

  7. $UNIS Only 100000 left to short. Should start the climb back up.

  8. How not to leave emotion at the door: $UNIS permabulls still commenting on an article I wrote on 5/27. -48% since my 1st bear post on 1/16.

  9. $unis cuda members if u want to take profits do it

  10. $UNIS Flying under the radar

  11. $UNIS Nice

  12. $UNIS Feels like Shorts are losing steam. Using pops to short more. Like Bottom fishing. Or the last weak Longs. Either way lets move up!

  13. $UNIS ...such the luck.... might have run if the market didn t literally go belly up...

  14. Unilife Accelerates Investment to Meet Increasing Demand from New and Existing Customers $UNIS http://y.ahoo.it/NYFYbhpd

  15. @cctranscripts: Unilife Accelerates Investment To Meet Increasing http://y.ahoo.it/wnlnSTHF $UNIS

  16. $UNIS Boom

  17. @LIDDY_ I got $unis for my members yesterday along with $psun we having great day

  18. @Barracudatrades I m in $UNIS Also, what are your thoughts on $RNN ? Risk reward is looking very good

  19. $UNIS Moving pretty well in a mostly red w/l

  20. $unis $psun cuda got in yesterday with members. $tvix scalp sold today in 1.91 yesterday out 2.16 today in 2 sells ave

  21. $UNIS ASX float up more than 5% for the second consecutive day. UNIS equivalent price is roughly $2.76. Hurry up and catch up!

  22. $UNIS ...http://y.ahoo.it/cZhNDvss

  23. $UNIS will we see a reaction to the news?

  24. $UNIS Qtrly out per ASX rules..cant believe nobody has posted here yet.. http://y.ahoo.it/VaYYrM0a

  25. Unilife Accelerates Investment To Meet Increasing http://y.ahoo.it/nSqnQUgC $UNIS