1. $UNIS http://www.jefferies.com/OurFirm/Conferences/325/210

  2. $UNIS Alan Shortall is presenting at the Jefferies conference on June 1st, please listen in to the webcast of that event.

  3. $UNIS does anyone know if abbvie s humira use the unifil

  4. $UNIS This is just the yearly trend for this stock. Only questions is how low and when to buy. Trend will reverse on next ER or new deal PR

  5. $UNIS Send Unilife a message through their contact page on their website. Worth a shot.

  6. $UNIS Shorts not giving up. Will see gap filled at 2.12 most likely. Keeping powder dry for now.

  7. $UNIS planning to add an extra 10K shares to my retirement accounts. Let s see how low they go.

  8. Slipping Stocks: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/slipping-stocks-jumei-international-holding-jmei-marvell-technology-group-mrvl-unilife-unis-walter-energy-wlt/158468/ $JMEI $MRVL $UNIS $WLT


  10. $UNIS I wish investors would gather together and make Tilson eat his words. Nothing like the taste of crow!

  11. $UNIS Look at $ERN and $IHAI.

  12. $UNIS But tilson doesn t want me to make money on this one.

  13. $UNIS I mostly invest in blue chips and bonds. I just keep hoping for a monster in this speculative play.

  14. $UNIS I liked this stock when it was going up. Not just for money s sake, but this stream was really interesting.

  15. $UNIS It looks like its going to 2$ again.

  16. Share an idea on $UNIS Do you think Janet Yellems comments are a risk to this stock?

  17. $UNIS Last hour should be interesting. See how many close their short positions going into the long weekend.

  18. $UNIS My understanding is that there is a big short position at 2.60, so they will like to stay below this price

  19. $UNIS UNIS Shorts are driving price down and covering. Take a look at Accumulation while price is going down

  20. $UNIS day and night shifts for ramp production.....hiring operators now

  21. $UNIS ramping up production with 12hr work shifts http://www.indeed.com/q-Unilife-Corporation-l-United-States-jobs.html

  22. $UNIS Hikma is launching injectables in a big way in the next 2 years!

  23. $AAPL Total beast! $UNIS needs to follow this path. Great entry point to buy on the dip.

  24. $UNIS WTF? New team needs to step up and stop the fn bleeding. Give us some good news and direction. Tired of complacency!

  25. $UNIS Sad part is I don t have enough dry powder to take advantage at these prices : (. I will hold what I have, won t give them my shares.