1. $UNIS - B/O & $CLDN = Merger

  2. $UNIS What happened during the end there, I was expecting .96 close. Did MM s ran outta shares to sell?

  3. $UNIS based on the chart we should close @ or above $1.15 by Friday :-)

  4. $UNIS trying to sell some of there tech to Amgen states here http://www.cpbj.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20160210/CPBJ01/160219974/unilife-posts-254-million-q2-loss&template=mobileart

  5. $UNIS lets see added more at .93 😄

  6. $UNIS http://hotcopper.com.au/threads/amgen-call.2698326/#post-16993681

  7. $UNIS Key Amgen Strategy: Improved biologic drug delivery systems

  8. $UNIS ASX trading over 1 dollar. Conversion reminder: 6 * ASX price / USDAUD rate = 6 *0.24 / 1.41 = $1.02

  9. $UNIS sorry 6.86 % Equiv 1.41 you re right

  10. $UNIS asx uns up 9% Trading at equiv. 1.44$ .24 ×6

  11. $UNIS ASX up another 7% looks good for tomorrow

  12. $UNIS http://wsw.com/webcast/leerink26/register.aspx?conf=leerink26&page=amgn&url=http://wsw.com/webcast/leerink26/amgn/index.aspx

  13. $UNIS anyone hear the amgn conference? Discussions peppered w talk of Delivery systems and buyout. I LIKE IT.

  14. $UNIS So would you release your info Tomrorow (2/10) Sunday Night (2/14 for ASX) or Monday Night (2/15)

  15. $UNIS is there any after hours trading?

  16. $UNIS But the ASX is Open.

  17. $UNIS OUR Markets are closed on Feb 15th

  18. $UNIS THIS IS THE DEADLINE (Currently) Unilife said the companies agreed to another extension, until a minute before midnight on Feb. 15

  19. $UNIS going to break this up into afew posts

  20. $ATEC sold my position to break even at 39 two days ago to buy more $UNIS. wow

  21. $UNIS running! Next is $gevo!!!

  22. $UNIS PM will be interesting on this lol . good open i think then the sky is the limit.

  23. $UNIS gym time.. If anyone sees this please post #etatsunis

  24. $UNIS Should open over a dollar tomorrow. Repeat of Feb 4th.

  25. $UNIS If they dont release info tomorrow.... imagine what Friday is going to look like.......