1. $UNIS Look at the volume that came in at @ EOD. I d be bullish in front of binary event.

  2. $UNIS ...Looking forward to CC Sept 9. Guidance is critical...

  3. $UNIS Going forward SHARE PRICE ought to be determined by results not by poorly written articles submitted from short seller or pump dumper

  4. Earnings announcement: $UNIS is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Tue, Sep 9 2014

  5. $UNIS the company will continue to announce new pharmaceutical partnerships in the coming quarters.

  6. $UNIS Analyst - My prediction to your reaction to your prediction is just about where I would have predicted it to be.

  7. Lastly on $UNIS go back to co predictions on sales/activity past year. They fell short of them, again, unsurprisingly. Just move on, people.

  8. $UNIS performing in-line or worse than my pretty bearish projections. That s bad; even I m surprised how bad. Fwd-looking language expected

  9. $UNIS net loss 17% worse than even I predicted, revenue +1%, OpEx 7% higher, EPS 23% worse, sharecount 1.6mm higher than projected

  10. Unilife Corporation just filed its Current report, items 2.02, 7.01, and 9.01 http://y.ahoo.it/VkfPP5tZ $UNIS

  11. $UNIS Year end report released to the ASX. First syringe sales occured and continuing! Congrats to all holders, we re in production!

  12. $UNIS Year end financials released in Australia...nothing too exciting though it would appear that 1st qtr 2015 aka now...production ramp up

  13. $UNIS I like you here. $heavy$

  14. $UNIS $OIBR $IDRA $CPRX $CYTR $KWK $MVIS $ETAK $AMRN $PRAN $WPCS $OXGN $GTXI $PPHM searching @ the bottom of the sea for gems. Found some.

  15. $UNIS UNIS long. Testing out some penny stock setups. http://y.ahoo.it/SiciIaf1

  16. @steve7172: @Barracudatrades KILLED IT IN $UNIS. Ready 4 next profit in $MEET What? UNIS used to be over $4. what happened to it?

  17. $UNIS Short positions heading back to where they were one year ago.... what say you Members of the Board ????

  18. $UNIS Short Position Recap 8/15/14 19,790,377 Decrease of approx 900k from 7/31 as of 6/30/14 21,368,820 the shorts have covered read on ..

  19. $UNIS Short Recap Continued 5/15/14 24,064,437 4/15/14 24,057,657 01/15/14 19,714,743 11/15/13 17,598,939 8/30/13 19,039,922

  20. $UNIS is this going to keep running?

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  22. $UNIS yahoo!

  23. $UNIS Shorts are dumping shares at bid. Usual tactics

  24. @Barracudatrades KILLED IT IN $UNIS. Ready 4 next profit in $MEET

  25. $UNIS We are not even 18% yet !!