1. $UNIS $RNN $LJPC Held up nice today in a bad market

  2. $UNIS Hiring around 4 to 6 people a week. Something has to be brewing just a waiting game now

  3. IPOs and Transactions: June 30 – July 3 > http://y.ahoo.it/DmY3exUf $WARM $UNIS $T $STKL $RPRX $RCAP $QCRH $ACCP $IPO

  4. $UNIS will see the spikes up and down as shorts cover...would not be surprised to see late 2.90s and mid 3.50s without any news..contract 5+

  5. $UNIS liking the action. Short squeeze time...trying to get in more below 3.10!

  6. $UNIS missed this one, nice move

  7. $UNIS something could be brewing

  8. $UNIS ... Squeeze those shorts until their heads pop off their shoulders!

  9. $UNIS coming back to life, nice, in from 3.15

  10. $UNIS ...@SharingInfo....Yes, you re reading the same thing. The Analyst is a long term $UNIS basher and major short. etail traders beware

  11. @The_Analyst Are we reading the same thing? http://y.ahoo.it/RtRCtiXw the article notes this is a simple renewal in accordance with SEC $UNIS

  12. $UNIS There are no new shares being issued, or money being raised. People obviously can t read. It s a simple renewal as per SEC requirement

  13. Ah, so early warrant holders are getting out (or trying to), $UNIS tapping (or trying to tap) equity mkts (unsecured debt? haha ok), boolish

  14. Ha, ok, $UNIS is going to sell $200mm of equity/debt/warrants anytime soon. #MOARDILUTION #NeverNever

  15. NASDAQ After-Hours Declined $UNIS http://y.ahoo.it/gbHq8PyH $SOHU http://y.ahoo.it/8DsgXQQw $GEVA http://y.ahoo.it/ayJBTdTe

  16. $UNIS Down 5.41% @ $2.80 in AH...no bueno

  17. $UNIS ... $UNIS files for large mixed securities/shelf offering... KNDI did the same a week ago and SP has taken off. Expansion move IMO...

  18. Unilife Corporation just filed its Registration statement under Securities Act of 1933 http://y.ahoo.it/y0VnjIvI $UNIS

  19. $UNIS Nice read... http://y.ahoo.it/wJb7jfNq

  20. $UNIS good entry point here 2.75-2.90 accumulate.

  21. $UNIS check out this new article

  22. $UNIS back down. Shorts want that 2.55 52wk low. Lets go I ll buy more!

  23. $UNIS 1 Year ago as of 6/14/2013 Short Interest in UNIS was 16.9M shares versus current level of 23M.

  24. $UNIS Short Interest 23 million shares as of 6/13/2014. Short Interest as of 5/15/2014 24 million shares.

  25. $UNIS What new hell is this? This co. has the worst PR dept.. An occasional news piece would be nice.