1. $UNIS cant find any news

  2. $UNIS mngmnt should release a PR AH announcing one of their signed deals, toast these audacious shorts, accumm continues anyway, no worries

  3. $UNIS This is the bottom until tomorrow morning when the Shorts dump again.

  4. $UNIS is it worthy to buy some stock right now?

  5. $UNIS wasnt expecting 8% drop on no news, maybe something coming AH? or back to 4 quickly next week? hoping for the later

  6. $UNIS No buyers yet. I may get back in today if this continues.....

  7. $UNIS been saying for a while that this is going below $4... waiting on sidelines for reentry

  8. $UNIS I am not selling, but will average down big at $3...good luck

  9. $UNIS- On sidelines waiting for reentry. No need to rush into this one. Chart says it all. Double top breakdown and possibly back to 3.

  10. $UNIS any idea - stay or leave nowadays?

  11. $UNIS people talk about AndyMarsh(plug) I think Shorthall is even worse.

  12. $UNIS getting very cheap now *rubs hands*

  13. $UNIS Is this stream broken or did everyone sell? Last two posts IronLion at 1:22 pm yesterday and Idiaz just now.....

  14. $UNIS Ugh

  15. $UNIS great company and outlook, short percentage greatly reduced, new contracts coming, adding to position

  16. @Maddecent So whats you re take on $UNIS oh wise one?

  17. $UNIS where s the news from that b.s. artist?

  18. $UNIS Added more on the dip. Good news coming!

  19. $UNIS adding on dips

  20. $UNIS vol is low parasitic shorts trying tog et it down to support at 3.80 the feb lows, accumm continues despite this retracement

  21. $UNIS what happened? yesterday was pps 3.95 and now .12 more...?

  22. $UNIS and $CYCC is where the money is act on Monday$$$$$$$$$$

  23. picking up some $unis Monday

  24. $UNIS S/R 4.10 http://stocktwits.com/message/33357284

  25. $UNIS- Friday s 6% drop is significant considering overall market looks toppy. Continued selling pressure on indexes looks more probable.