1. $UNIS Remember there r minimum purchase commitments from Sanofi of roughly $150 mln and from Hikma of around $175 mln!

  2. $UNIS Company recieved SEVERAL offers. Cant wait to find them out.

  3. $UNIS AS and team, I don t want rocks in my stockings this Christmas...let s get some positive news already for us LT suffering shareholders

  4. $UNIS here is the issuance limitation, so nothing can happen immediately

  5. $UNIS as per this DD - 61 days notice in writing

  6. $UNIS The date seems to be in response to Discover fund giving them 60 days notice that they want to convert more shares

  7. $UNIS vote is scheduled for 2/8/2016...after 12/31 anticipated MS review outcome....not sure if we need this or if it is a back up plan

  8. $UNIS another vote? all b/c of Discover Fund? http://archive.fast-edgar.com//20151127/AW2ZO22FZZ2RDJZZ2RZA2ZXNNDQDZZ22ZI7G/

  9. Other preliminary proxy statements http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/no/summary/?id=2226283 $UNIS

  10. $UNIS I predict a nice close today ;)


  12. $UNIS Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. $UNIS you sleep upside down looks like. Always on the negative. Are you the market maker dude?!!!!!

  14. $UNIS Getting cash ready as over 1.5 mil shares avail for Short now. Guessing a huge Short attack soon.

  15. $UNIS will bounce after Black Friday. The usual market trend after holidays

  16. $UNIS no love before Black Friday, no shopping for me.

  17. $UNIS Morgan Stanley review / strategic transaction announcement getting close!

  18. $UNIS About 750k shares avail for Short. More shares issued more to short.

  19. $UNIS Fidelity can not loan out your UNIS shares if you purchased shares without Margin.

  20. $UNIS With 22M shares still short, there is still 15M more if Tilson can buy all these 7.2M shares from Discover to cover his short

  21. $UNIS By setting up for a trigger event Discover Growth Fund was able to get double the amount of shares than under a regular conversion!

  22. $UNIS IMO Discover CLAIMS it gave notice and did not receive 50 shrs on a timely basis, then followed with 200 more

  23. $UNIS I bet the Discover Growth Fund is helping Whitney Tilson cover

  24. $Unis not a friendly investor IMO

  25. $UNIS had my doubts, now I know this fund is a wolf