1. $UNIS i would remove any stop just below 3.50 or it will all get wiped out before it bounces

  2. $UNIS Volumne might break 1MM

  3. $UNIS has already been beaten up enough IMO

  4. $UNIS holding up strong in the bio carnage

  5. $UNIS Trying to break the trendline

  6. $UNIS IBB dumping and taking all bios with it

  7. $UNIS buying more

  8. $UNIS Bullish 3 gaps down https://www.americanbulls.com/SignalPage.aspx?lang=en&Ticker=UNIS

  9. $UNIS Somebody bought 38100 shares in the after hours ... Short cover?

  10. $UNIS Whoof. Nasty close. Wish Id kept my powder dry. Right at trend line support.

  11. $UNIS all small caps/bios went down in last 15 minutes....trying to shake things out

  12. $UNIS Well at least the volume is picking up ...

  13. $UNIS i have a horrible feeling bad news is coming

  14. $UNIS this started PM then went green now lod near close. hmmmm

  15. $UNIS wtf???

  16. $UNIS buy the dips, sell the rips

  17. $UNIS streaks on the toilet bowl. Try $IHAI, expecting good things from them in the next few weeks!

  18. $UNIS been a crappy week here. lets see a reversal and i ll buy u another ice cream

  19. $UNIS Definitely got tricked this time. Waiting 2 weeks for this price. Bottom of channel for 6 month. Should rebound quick.

  20. $DGLY $ISNS $LAKE $IBIO $UNIS areee youuuu readyyyyyy?

  21. Benzinga s Top #PreMarket Losers $AERI $NDAQ $P $UBNT $UNIS http://www.benzinga.com/news/15/04/5440568/benzingas-top-premarket-losers

  22. $UNIS whats going on PM?

  23. $UNIS Methodical unloading of 25k shares to drop it down 5% in premarket

  24. These are my watchlist $UNIS, $SDIG, $P, $IMNP, The first two are top priorities. Also looking at $DSKX

  25. $UNIS Don t they release earnings on April 30th to comply with the Australian Exchange rules?