1. $UNXL what does the future hold for this...

  2. $neon can t be compared to a good company like Amazon. Neon is more like a $unxl - a sinking boat of fail.

  3. $UNXL. This great news really made it go sky high.

  4. $UNXL does anyone know if Matt of PTT is positive on this.

  5. $UNXL surprised with the volume and no movement.

  6. $UNXL something is still broken with this. Hudson Bay still selling the crap out of this stock.

  7. $UNXL glad I didn t buy when this was up 45% this morning

  8. $UNXL Very interesting company tbh.

  9. $UNXL trading exactly at cash level(after debt reduction). company patents gotta worth something?

  10. TOP GAINER$: $WPCS 60% $MEP 32% $EHTH 26% $I 23% $LPSN 21% $WWE 21% $SNSS 15% $SGYP 11% $UNIS $MEET $UNXL

  11. Some stocks from the SMB Radar: (In-Play) $UNXL $WFM $OSK (Strong Today) $AEL $RKUS (Weak Today) $PG $ERJ

  12. $UNXL Still trying after a positive start. This a.m. s NR offers huge potential. Buy & Hold is my recommendation. Cheap at this level IMHO.

  13. $UNXL nice drop.. 1.30 IN, out 1.40+

  14. $UNXL momo we need you to ... This shorts. 30 % short rate. Lets push up.

  15. $unxl added 5k @ $1.33

  16. TOP GAINER$: $MEP 32% $UNXL 24% $LPSN 23% $UNIS 24% $I 23% $FORM 18% $SGYP 18% $HBP $JCS

  17. $UNXL This a.m. s NR has UNXL trading decent volume. There s only been 1 day in the last 3 months that its traded more than today! GLTA

  18. @DekmarTrades: Pre Market Movers: $ALU 18c $AXN 16c $BIOC 7c $MEET 9c $MPET 15c $RGSE 25c $SGYP $1.29 $UNXL 35c $VLTC 13c

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  20. $UNXL UniPixel Receives Pre-Production Purchase Order for XTouchâ„¢ From Tier 1 PC Manufacturer..

  21. Pre Market Movers: $ALU 18c $AXN 16c $BIOC 7c $MEET 9c $MPET 15c $RGSE 25c $SGYP $1.29 $UNXL 35c $VLTC 13c

  22. $MEET** http://biz.yahoo.com/e/150730/meet8-k.html $OHGI** http://finance.yahoo.com/news/one-horizon-group-signs-agreement-113000281.html $SGYP*** http://finance.yahoo.com/news/inplay-briefing-com-055139997.html#sgyp $UNXL http://finance.yahoo.com/news/unipixel-receives-pre-production-purchase-120000867.html


  24. $UNXL Tier 1 Baby!!!!

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