1. $UNXL Reasons for Robert Rusenko s Shares Unload of UniPixel Inc (NASDAQ:UNXL) s Stock http://www.octafinance.com/reasons-for-robert-rusenk

  2. $UNXL This company is stronger than ever! http://www.unipixel.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/UNXL-Corporate-Presentation-May-2015-5-16-2015.pdf

  3. Insider Transaction: $UNXL Sale at $3.22 per share of 8500 shares by Officer Rusenko Robert Anthony on 2015-05-19.

  4. $UNXL Wow!


  6. Gainers-2 $IPCI 14%, $TSL 14%, $JRJC 13%, $LBIX 12%, $PQ 12%, $UNXL 11%, $WGBS 11%, $JHX 11%, $CALA 11%, $TEDU 10%, $ATNM 10%, $IBIO 10%,

  7. $UNXL shorts only make cash when they squeeze buy

  8. $UNXL is this the last glimpse of life or start of a bigger reversal? anybody without a short position have an informed perspective?

  9. Mid-Day Gainers: $AVEO +55% $HNR +30% $CCCR +25% $CTP +18% $IPCI +17% $PGND +16% $LIFE +15% $COVS +13% $ATNM +13% $UNXL +12%

  10. $UNXL Looks like the COO they re replacing sold a little over half his shares on Tuesday. Wonder why only half.

  11. $UNXL can SQUEEZE $1-2

  12. $UNXL SQUEEZE ALL SHORTS day trade continues

  13. $UNXL why did retract earlier this week, and what s the news on the uptrend?

  14. $UNXL Showing some life...

  15. Uni-Pixel s Chief Operating Officer just disposed of 8,500 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=1717604 $UNXL

  16. $UNXL: New Insider Transaction on UNXL by Chief Operating Officer Rusenko Robert Anthony: http://insideri.com/1605030_000160503015000003_0001605030-15-000003

  17. $UNXL This is definitely trading way too low at the moment...

  18. $UNXL Bear trap?

  19. $UNXL Max Pain is 5.00 for maturity 06/19/2015. Price = 2.81. http://maximum-pain.com/options/max-pain?s=UNXL&urk=UNXL

  20. $UNXL Max Pain is 6.00 for maturity 06/19/2015. Price = 2.81. http://maximum-pain.com/options/max-pain?s=UNXL&urk=UNXL

  21. $UNXL Is it possible for a stock to trade under 0 cents?


  23. $UNXL Obviously, after 3 weeks or so in a range ~1%, you have to run the stops below $3 before going higher *or* lower. Old business first.

  24. $UNXL Yep...terrible...no other way to look at it.

  25. New High/Low: $EGI $TRQ $VRS $UNXL http://www.uniquestockmarketincome.com/penny-stock-news/entree-gold-inc-amexegi-turquoise-hill-resources-ltd-nysetrq-verso-corporation-nysevrs-uni-pixel-inc-nasdaqunxl/