1. $UNXL Nice run at the horizont, maybe bears are trading on wrong charts (Incomplete Daily chart preview)

  2. toast. $UNXL

  3. Stay away. $UNXL

  4. $UNXL PM 400 x .9807 ...??? What a fake!

  5. $UNXL Hourly FVE and RSI way oversold and turning, she probably will bounce tomorrow

  6. $UNXL Long at 1.12, target 1.24/1.48 on MA(50) B/O 3+ days


  8. @PennyStockResearch: interesting $GBSN $AEZS $UNXL $CNET $INPH $CVSL $STUDY #stocktrading #stocks #profits

  9. interesting $GBSN $AEZS $UNXL $CNET $INPH $CVSL

  10. Great LONG picks $GBSN $STXS $UNXL $WPCS

  11. $WPCS Join the party before is too late.... +24% now (LONG: $WPCS $UNXL $ASTI $STXS took profit in $GBSN +102% watching: $CERE)

  12. $UNXL yeah OK bc I m bored and I like the charts

  13. $ATML So now we know the reason they dumped the crappy part of their business to $UNXL. Got rid if some toxic waste. :)

  14. $UNXL There s little to say, this is undoubtedly bullish. Don t you think? (Daily chart EOD)

  15. @DanyA2: My LONG picks $CAPN $STXS $WPCS $UNXL $NSPH $ASTI (watching $CERE $MSLI) $STXS Exploding just after my alert

  16. My LONG picks $CAPN $STXS $WPCS $UNXL $NSPH $ASTI (watching $CERE $MSLI)

  17. $UNXL Really good action here for this 3$ bargain. Short term PT 1.50$ Don t miss it!

  18. $GBSN nice buying opportunities $GBSN $AMD $ONCY $UNXL $MCUR $IMUC

  19. $UNXL http://seekingalpha.com/article/3504976-uni-pixel-still-waiting-for-the-elusive-big-one

  20. Fundamentals comparison of $UNXL + $ATML

  21. @PennyStockResearch: Watch-list Thursday $DXM $ETAK $TRCH $PSTR $NSPR $ASTI $UNXL

  22. Watch-list Thursday $DXM $ETAK $TRCH $PSTR $NSPR $ASTI $UNXL

  23. an example of what I trade, $KBIO. Other stocks: $FORD $BTU $CAPN $AXPW $ACI $LOOK $SIXD $WPCS $UNXL $BLFS

  24. $UNXL getting crushed in AH

  25. Stock Highlights $WFT, $ONTY, $ACET, $FARM, $UNXL