1. Daytraded #stocks : $FB $MGM $GRH $CMCSA $USU $MNKD $FEYE $CIT $HLF $UNXL $PXLW $WLT $SFUN $ROVI $BLDP $PLUG went 14/21 for +$515.

  2. $UNXL look how screwed the shorts are http://y.ahoo.it/Sl6PUUf2

  3. $UNXL lucky for the criminal HF shorts that the SEC is useless. The shorts here are so criminal that financial terrorists come to mind.

  4. $UNXL NFLX type of a short squeeze is what the shorts know they will face. I can t wait.

  5. $UNXL when do the short numbers come out next? who wants to bet short interest went up/ SP ONLY: goes down on shorts shorting.

  6. $UNXL Shorts have blown through millions to try and keep a lid on this. All for what? NOTHING. Get ready to get spanked for months to come.

  7. $UNXL tony, lets just sit back and watch them burn lol they are like frogs in water slowly boiling, until its all over, news is coming

  8. $UNXL Shorts are so trapped and so screwed that they have to short more to hold this down. UP on monster volume then down on almost nothing

  9. Final Hr: Top TECH #stocks trading UP by STRONGEST relative volume $CBAK $GIGM $UNXL $OTIV $SANM +more (hit VIEW) http://y.ahoo.it/9RL1EmOr

  10. $UNXL looks almost ready to make the next big jump!

  11. $UNXL covered short.

  12. $UNXL Shorts still trying, just give it up. You lose.

  13. $UNXL shorts desperation is enough to be invested lol see you guys shortly :)

  14. Small Bombs Under $10 | Momentum Trading with RaginCajun http://y.ahoo.it/5v1cJ9yt $YGE $WLT $UNXL $RUBI $MNGA $HOV $EGHT

  15. $UNXL Can it take out the HOD? Or is that too much to ask for?

  16. $UNXL - $2+ flag


  18. @tanic_trades: $UNXL $UNXL breakout if it holds over 8. $UNXL breakout if it holds over 8 http://y.ahoo.it/qq7p4rKQ

  19. $UNXL $UNXL breakout if it holds over 8. $UNXL breakout if it holds over 8 http://y.ahoo.it/g9ilb8BF

  20. @tanic_trades: $UNXL huge support bounce! up from here. confirmed breakout

  21. $UNXL huge support bounce! up from here. confirmed breakout

  22. $PLUG $UNXL $TSLA i need to start day trading these trending stocks. I feel like I m missing out on all the action...

  23. $UNXL over 50 frauds blocked now. Feels pretty good. How many different names can they have?

  24. $UNXL Pixie is finally growing a pair!

  25. $UNXL Potential cup formation on the 2hour minute