1. $MNKD the weirdest stock and story ive ever been a part of. Reminds me of $UNXL and i barely escaped that one in the green

  2. $UNXL to the moon, baby!

  3. $UNXL 0.40 has become very strong support level. On it s way to 0.70 soon.

  4. $UNXL these crooks still in business.

  5. $UNXL On watch bullish chart

  6. $UNXL interesting chart, watching

  7. $UNXL Does it finally want to work its way up to fill the gap

  8. $UNXL come on baby $.50 close and daddy is buying everyone a round!

  9. $UNXL volume still low. HB not dumping last trading days

  10. $UNXL buyout?

  11. $UNXL something going on?

  12. $UNXL How are our Androids doing?

  13. $UNXL found a stable bottom. Price above 10 EMA. MACD bullish. 40 cents or better is a STEAL. Ride it back up to 70 for an easy 75% gain.

  14. Best stocks under $10 (Jan 27): $UCFC, $UNXL, $FBP, $MBI, $CACB, $ADK http://www.stock1010.com/quote.php?symbol=UCFC

  15. $UNXL It was not a buy when it was 0.75 to $1 range, but now it s definitely worth to buy.

  16. $UNXL Watching. Waiting for .50 break

  17. @tradewithjoe i warned them about $UNXL, they just dont get it

  18. $UNXL Are you wondering why SP is going down? Gotcha, this stock found in this list https://nevertouchstocks.whotrades.com

  19. $UNXL They have reduced the production cost basecoat by moving the manufaturing to Colorado Springs

  20. $UNXL XTouch sensors and Diamond Guard coating have been chosen by a leading ODM.They expecting more orders & more client as result of CES

  21. $UNXL has potentials to see double digit % rise soon. I heard sales are picking up very fast recently

  22. $LPTN $MNGA $MEIP $SINO $RXII $UNXL i follow these stocks for no other reason but to watch them go to Zero

  23. $UNXL The only thing what will rise is their capital with public offering, warrants and dilution.

  24. $UNXL You didnt understand anything about their financing activities. This trash will go down very bad.

  25. $UNXL hoping for a double digit % rise soon ...