1. SMART MONEY BUYS $UPL and DUMB money buys $CHK $arcasm

  2. Shanda Payment Holdings Ltd. appears to have added to its $UPL position in the most recent quarter http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryh/?id=2724641

  3. $UPL 1$ next week? :-)

  4. $UPL should i buy or what why cant sune go up like this??

  5. $UPL they dont have money to repay debt. that s why they file BK chapter 11

  6. $UPL $2

  7. $UPL I got this at .43 and sold at $1.40 a few months ago. Did they choose not to RS or were they not allowed to?

  8. $UPL if Oil hit $50 this rocket will be $@

  9. $UPL Options call someone bet this one will go up to $1 in January 20, 2017

  10. $UPL they file BK so they can get away from the debt. Now start all over again. Couple more years they will get back on Nasdaq

  11. $UPL I m Thinking is the short interest covering, and thoughts

  12. $UPL how tf is this trading at almost .40

  13. $UPL

  14. $UPL my options have started trading again

  15. $UPL Did upl shares convert to uplmq?

  16. $UPL - Ultra s BK is going to be historically ugly; an absolute free fall.

  17. $UPL this is really silly...

  18. $UPL .37

  19. $UPL Apparently Bankruptcy is ultra Bullish now trading above the levels in which it filed... Going to tank soon

  20. $UPL UPLMQ 3rd day in a row

  21. $UPL we could see .60

  22. $UPL wowww...good !!

  23. $UPL could be fake

  24. $UPL 200k block @ .38

  25. $UPL i still have shares in here