1. Essentially 100% of $UPL s 12 month default probability has been put on T90D - yes, that recently despite economics http://capgainr.com/monitoring-the-marcellus-using-predictive-data-for-credit-risk-and-valuation-analysis/

  2. Not surprising when viewing $UPL through THIS comprehensive risk management lens - http://capgainr.com/ultra-petroleum-founders-pricing-a-risk-management-roadmap/

  3. Since our first Marcellus deck $RICE $WPX $UPL $SWN $RRC have been HUGE returners - SEE: neg divergence scoring http://capgainr.com/monitoring-the-marcellus-using-predictive-data-for-credit-risk-and-valuation-analysis/

  4. $UPL We also shorted W, TSLA, OPHT in Dec. http://optionsforcash.wix.com/optionsforcash

  5. $UPL short covering now as there is a rebound.

  6. $UPL $REXX look at REXX soar... may get chance to take short position again.

  7. $UPL wow. someone was able to sell UPL March 18th $2 puts for $0.15/sh. That was easy money for whoever sold to collect that premium.

  8. $UPL If natural gas leader $CHK is flailing, then underlings will struggle too.

  9. $UPL I m now about 1600sh short after covering while going down. Lastest cover about $0.89/sh. Next $0.79/sh.

  10. $UPL Carolina32, I had about 10K share short at aver cost basis of about $2.10/sh. Iwas very late to short.

  11. $UPL this Co was at 100 in 2008 and 50 buck 2 years ago....corrently own 20k shares a 1.50..I am looking for 3 to 4 year investment..we ll C

  12. $UPL Carolina32, good luck with that analysis.

  13. $UPL I dont belive in that CCC- crap..that is only manipulation and also U said it ..LOOOOONG TERM DEBT

  14. $UPL my next buy back short price is $0.79/sh... maybe get it tomorrow.

  15. $UPL $REXX REXX expected to lose about $1.52 this year, or almost THREE TIMES the entire current market cap !!

  16. $UPL ydchoate, you have to look at fundamentals (income, balance sheets, etc.), assess the sector business paradigm, and global influence.

  17. $UPL Carolina32, do you know UPL has >15X long term debt/equity ratio?? Also bond rating was cut to CCCminus?

  18. $UPL dorry guys but this price is out of mind...waaaaaaaaaaay cheap

  19. $UPL Yikes, price just melted below my buy back price at $0.89/sh

  20. $UPL trading volume is over 5 m shares. This is impressive selling day.

  21. $UPL I will never touch this stock again! Good riddance.

  22. $UPL bought 15k shares here

  23. $UPL sold my puts in here from last year with expyFeb, this thing just tanked on that OPEC rumor.

  24. $UPL $CHK are cratering in unison.

  25. $UPL Looks like the very brief spike to $1.07 after the UAE minister expressed willing to cut oil production was short op