1. Here is my monthly forecast newsletter free if want it! http://www.algotrades.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/AUGUST2015.pdf $es_F $spy $sh $upro $SDS

  2. adding a few here $udow $upro $spy

  3. $UPRO 15m trade posted with stops, nice profits if you stuck to the plan.

  4. $UPRO stopped on trailer for nice trade on that Fed Day statment movement, I am home now watching. Will wait for setup again.

  5. $UPRO move stops up you should be +3..

  6. $UPRO One more green day....just waiting to play the SPXU...

  7. $UPRO slide stop up this morning on trailer.

  8. $UPRO That daily chart to the right suggest two more green days...almost like an inverted hammer.

  9. $UPRO took some more off at that high, 1/3 left as a trailer 67 area was entry posted..

  10. $UPRO taking some off here +1 ish fro yesterday entry..

  11. $SPXU Looking at this & $UPRO price action; coming from $2-9 stocks, I think I can get near $1 gain per trade consistently...

  12. $SPXU is down 0.21, but UPRO up 0.30, shouldn t these two go up and down the same? $UPRO

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  15. $UPRO trade survives today swinging..

  16. $UPRO in stop at LOD

  17. $UPRO got me out for a loss 58c per share.

  18. $UPRO is a day trade bounce I don t take the juiced ETF s for swing trades.

  19. Put on $UPRO for a day trade bounce 69.33 very tight stop

  20. $UPRO I wonder why $UMDD $DOW and $URTY are sucking it, but UPRO is doing well?

  21. $UPRO $xiv $svxy $spy $study http://treenhome.blogspot.com/2015/07/upro-looking-for-new-starter-pos-spot.html

  22. $xiv $svxy $upro going! :)

  23. $upro $xiv $svxy $spy http://treenhome.blogspot.com/2015/07/upro-xiv-svxy-i-will-begin-to-close-pos.html

  24. $xiv $svxy $upro UPRO Broke trend line, nice chart on Daily, ROCKING TO THE MOON! Hah

  25. $SPY sold off a third along with $UPRO