1. $UPS $FDX Both nearing their 100d, recurring fail point as $IYT goes on another rampage. FDX needs to break 136.10 first, though. To watch.

  2. Came very close to selling out of $UPS calls (July 105) on Tuesday, and it has moved higher, basically in a straight line ever since.

  3. $PLUG $F $NSANY will be using PLUG Hydrogen range extenders along with GenKey systems within 1 year at $FDX and $UPS in large cities.

  4. $PLUG Marsh said they aren t working with H2 cars, but that doesn t include trucks. $FDX $UPS all used FORD trucks for H2 extender trial.

  5. $PLUG $F $UPS RANGE extenders UPS Logistics undertook a strategic alliance with Ford, which it will distribution of all Ford s vehicles

  6. @investorwisard: $PLUG Those range extenders that $FDX & $UPS tested wr all $F Trucks.cars not now, but that doesn t include trucks (FORD)

  7. $PLUG Those range extenders that $FDX & $UPS tested were all $F Trucks. Andy even said cars not now, but that doesn t include trucks (FORD)

  8. Asked about $UPS neutral in S/T with Bullish technicals in the intermediate; S at 96.84, if can close above 97.99 then look for 100.00 roll.

  9. United Parcel Service upgraded by EVA Dimensions to overweight. http://y.ahoo.it/jno898Nz $UPS

  10. These were my list of stocks looking to move lower > $OXY $MON $ANR $UPS

  11. don t like seeing staffing services $man setting up for next leg down as well as shipping/transport $fdx $ups $iyt in a weakening $spy $qqq

  12. JB Hunt Bear Case Scenario Is It Proxy for Dow Transport Confirmation $JBHT, $UPS, $DPSGY, $FDX, $RMG, $DJT, $KHNGY http://y.ahoo.it/XOSylm20

  13. $CLNE $WPRT Clean Energy opens another station in OK. $UPS Adding more LNG heavy trucks. http://y.ahoo.it/WVhD8kdj

  14. couple transport stocks that could be vulnerable on the downside $fdx $ups http://y.ahoo.it/f1pHawOZ

  15. $ISR $JPM $NQ $PCYC $SPY $GILD $QQQ $WFC $VJET $IBB $NEON $FAST $HRB $UPS Check out ISR, a little bit of volume and this takes off

  16. $CLNE great article. One of the most misunderstood companies.. Uniquely positioned w $WM $UPS http://y.ahoo.it/b5C8Zfnq

  17. @valuewalk: When Will Amazon Be Subject To The Law of Gravity? http://y.ahoo.it/lFY7Hoss $AMZN $UPS

  18. When Will Amazon Be Subject To The Law of Gravity? http://y.ahoo.it/oEwItoe1 $AMZN $UPS

  19. Did You Know $UPS Trucks Only Make Right Turns?

  20. Join me as I dig through the trash in my options portfolio: http://y.ahoo.it/hCxCKqGm $SPY $ANGI $BMY $CAMP $DDD $DHI $GM $MA $MS $UPS $WMT $X

  21. $GLD $V $UPS $BEV $AMGN Where else are you going to put your money? DOW will soar because of the coming inflation.

  22. $UPS Check out Flyht Aerospace ($AMSLF) http://y.ahoo.it/Dt65R5v0 Do you think the FAA should mandate installation of AFIRS in all aircrafts?

  23. $UPS in ABC Bullish Pattern http://y.ahoo.it/PmyEOG0q

  24. NEW POST: Late Night Strategy for Tuesday http://y.ahoo.it/88kwNKKc $E $IYT $QQQ $SPY $UPS

  25. $UPS ) What would be a good 6 month PT ?