1. $IEV Didn t see this bounce off 200 week ma coming.. wiped out the $epv gains... oh well $upv

  2. $IEV $epv $upv approaching interesting levels.

  3. $IEV $upv losing ground while $epv soars and about time imo.. shake it!

  4. $EURZ Looks bullish. More volatile than $EPV. New europe triple ETF s $EURL $UPV $RUSS $RUSL $YINN $YANG $JNUG $JDST $DUST NUGT $BRZU $BRZS

  5. $EPV Looking bullish to 54.00. If not... higher. $UPV

  6. Taking +5.4% swing profit $KOLD today, and parallel 25-30% on $UNG puts. Still in $EEB (public trade) and $UPV. etfswingtrader.net/strategy

  7. $EPV thinly traded beaten down & butt ugly 2x inverse of $iev which is why i like it right now vs $UPV the 2x long which has had a run.

  8. $UPV & to think I was feeling good about taking profit on Friday at 42. http://y.ahoo.it/lhScdLB9 humbled again... $iev $epv

  9. $EU Stocks on the slide http://y.ahoo.it/v0QjJX3G $EZU $VGK $EZU $VGK $FEZ $EPV $IEV $ADRU $FEP $FDD $UPV $DFE $FEU $EFA

  10. $IEV our leverage position in $upv now up 11% & cooking. Kind of amazing really. Thinly traded so use IEV chart to play. $epv is short.

  11. $IEV 43.22 will be a double top from May... $upv

  12. $IEV on the climb to 42.79 next resist. $upv to follow.

  13. $IEV confluent support 42.13 on hourly chart. $upv

  14. $iev $upv into the gap window and above the 100 ma on hourly chart. Could run some more once 20d ma is taken out.

  15. $IEV back down2 the 50d ma. $upv $epv are the 2x

  16. $EUFN only a penny from double top & looking toppy . Can be shorted w/ $epv or double long 4 U cowboys w/ $upv ;o)

  17. Europe Is Not Out Of The Woods Yet: Citi http://y.ahoo.it/YOUJZaG9 $IEV $UPV $VGK

  18. $UPV new post recession high is why i sold today http://y.ahoo.it/HnddvYef

  19. $UPV up 12% in 9 days.. i m betting it pulls back and $epv goes to 25... slow moving, thinly traded.

  20. $GOOG maybe top heavy LT Bull $HDGE Out Puts The $SPY is on $EUO $EPV $UPV $EWI $EWS Money $FLOW in $UUP $OIL $UGAZ $UWTI cuts profits : $SH

  21. $EPV looking to buy before and as political turmoil hits across Europe for one big mess! $UPV

  22. $UPV dumping w/ $spy $epv pop http://y.ahoo.it/fbvpN99h new UPV trend line / channel forming.

  23. $EPV finally getting a bid shorting $upv

  24. Selling $UPV for 27.25, just a couple of cents above purchase just to get out. (I m half the volume today!)

  25. Did not realize how illiquid $UPV has become. Setting limit order for 27.27, to recover commissions for a push .