1. $ura $urg Let s hope this happens www.scientificamerican.com/article/nuclear-power-needs-to-double-to-curb-global-warming/

  2. $URG $UEC $URA URG completes PEA on Shirley Basin project. Looks pretty outstanding! NPV of $145 million! http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/ur-energy-completes-preliminary-economic-assessment-on-shirley-basin-project-300026801.html

  3. Weekly ETF Losers : $GAZ -9.55% $VXX -9.5% $OIL -8.39% $USO -7.26% $URA -4.8%

  4. $URZ $URA $URRE Obama to sign civil nuclear deals in India next week -- should make these fly to the sky

  5. @invstr_not_trader $URG $ura also just today in uxc s release the price of uranium is up 1.10 over last week

  6. @invstr_not_trader $URG $ura with pollution issues which is big for China and india

  7. $URA this chart as many other will demonstrate to you how important to manage risk

  8. @invstr_not_trader $ura $URG It s possible but I think not likely. Uranium still offers a price advantage over oil and ng. Plus it helps

  9. My revised top 2015 picks: $DEJ, $SDRL, $APA, $OAS, $AUY, $UCO, $URA. I m very confident these stocks will be strong performers this year.

  10. $URA...potential bear trap over the last three trading days? Might rally off support if above statement hold true http://stocktwits.com/message/31459471

  11. I don t know how easy it will be to get thru former support from Oct, Nov & earlier this month that broke this week $URA but still 5% away

  12. Uranium rallying up 2% off 161.8% Fibonacci extension from 2013/14 rally & lower trendline of 2-yr channel we been pointing to all week $URA

  13. Trend Change? Gold Breaks Out Above 200 Day Moving Average $GLD $SLV $GDXJ $SIL $URA $SPY $SEF http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/trend-change-gold-breaks-out-above-200-day-moving-average?post=56650

  14. $URG is down 5% while $ura is up 2.5%. Makes no sense should correct itself soon. Buy while urg is on sale!

  15. U guys think Uranium bottomed today? $URA down to lower trendline of this channel &161.8% Fibonacci extension of rally http://stocktwits.com/message/31310454

  16. Good news is that $KOL and $URA are continuing to act well....wait..let me flip that chart right side up.

  17. Brent Cook: Uranium’s Recent Price Uptick And Mining Projects Worth Investing In - http://marketdailynews.com/2015/01/14/brent-cook-uraniums-recent-price-uptick-and-mining-projects-worth-investing-in/ $URA #PreciousMetals

  18. $URG $URRE $DNN $USU $URA $URZ Good read for speculative uranium traders

  19. uranium not ready yet but something to keep an eye on this year $URA $CCJ $UEC

  20. looks like Uranium trying to dig in & find support down here at October lows. Breakout above 11.45 could be coming in $URA back towards 14

  21. $URG $ura Barron s says URG is a top 4 investment in resources for 2015. http://m.barrons.com/articles/four-top-picks-in-resources-for-2015-1420572779?mobile=y

  22. $URA test of 11,10 support on low volume...A possible buy?Tomorrow a crucial day

  23. $RUSS dips, #Russia doesn t believe in tears. $RSX $RSXJ :-) ( no position but like to watch) $URA

  24. If It concerns me that is no more $OIL under ground. or $URA starts to rally. $SCO $UCO

  25. $URA Nov Dec waterfall into a nice base formation. b bands are narrowing, pop to $12.30??