1. $URBN the sell program to allow funds to exit was on all week

  2. $URBN computers will open this at 37 monday-lol

  3. $URBN computers=awesome traders.

  4. $URBN nice chart-5 straight down days-5 straight up days-can they keep it alive monday-only time will tell

  5. $URBN going for a fourty break-maybe 40.15

  6. $URBN maybe ah

  7. $URBN actually i was hoping for 40.40 today

  8. $URBN to 40-do it-wimpo

  9. Out of $URBN 39.74 swing, came very close to 40 target, market feels heavy here http://y.ahoo.it/j9LmJBvJ

  10. $URBN lol

  11. $URBN here comes 40

  12. Get a 5-week view of upcoming #earnings reports http://y.ahoo.it/LhO7S8SS $URBN $DKS $HD $TJX $LOW $TGT $HPQ $KIRK $DLTR $GPS $INTU $CRM $MCRS

  13. $URBN mm you done good-treat yourself to an early weekend-GO HOME

  14. $URBN ok-lets go to 40

  15. $URBN just trying to suck in a few more shorts

  16. $URBN dont worry will close at high of day-always does???????????????????????????????????????

  17. L Brands Beats On Profits And Raises Full Year Guidance http://y.ahoo.it/XK2quMuw by Trefis Team $L-BRANDS $LB $GES

  18. $URBN getting close to my $40 swing target from earlier this week. #scalingout #greatrun

  19. $URBN just hurry up already-5 days should be enough

  20. $URBN painful when the funds are exiting-they-keep it up until they get out with profit-guess it is ok, people dont lose in 401k-ok bye me

  21. $URBN probably getting basket buyers that are buying gap ,etc

  22. $URBN market makers on a mission-32-40-he will make it-shyty earnings or not

  23. $URBN one last squeeze before this thing sells off for a week

  24. $URBN garbage-short squeezers

  25. $URBN who is buying this junk that pre dates the hot tub time machine....vomputers?