1. Great rebound opportunity here $URBN http://seekingalpha.com/article/3205956-urban-outfitters-inc-and-thats-exactly-why-you-dont-trust-mr-market

  2. $URBN in today @ $34.90. What are your thoughts going into next week?

  3. Insider Transaction: $URBN Option Exercise at $27.45 per share of 50000 shares by Director Cherken Harry S Jr on 2015-05-20.

  4. Insider Transaction: $URBN Option Exercise at $19.77 - $27.45 per share of 70000 shares by Director Belair Scott A on 2015-05-20.

  5. End Of Day Scan: NR7-2 $OCR $HEWG $ANN $URBN $ACE $AOL $LQD $TTM $EWW $TOL www.dailystockplays.com

  6. $URBN nice pattern last 3 days at .40/day I think I ll just hold another few days....I m sure the pattern will hold.

  7. $URBN will be up all day every from here until the buyout

  8. One of the bigger recent insider buys was yesterday s $1,767,800 purchase of $URBN, according to this list http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/insider/

  9. $URBN buyout coming up continue buying

  10. Come on $URBN, just push past the damn $35 resistance point.

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  13. Which do you like best among $DSW, $URBN, $TJX, $ROST? What other similar stocks should I be comparing?

  14. $URBN possible buyout over the week end continue buying

  15. $URBN long over 34.98 stop loss about 10-12c

  16. $URBN looks like it usually dips at the open before going higher.

  17. $URBN continue buying .. Offer to buyout coming soon all puts for any strikes have gone worthless that means someone is aware

  18. $URBN My issue right now is I never bought anything from their stores

  19. $URBN I might buy since the insiders are will see how tomorrow set up looks

  20. End Of Day Scan: NR7 Stocks $OCR $NCLH $HSBC $KKR $URBN $DHI $CAG $BCS $SN $NI www.dailystockplays.com

  21. Urban Outfitters director just picked up 50,000 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=1719542 $URBN

  22. $URBN: New Insider Transaction on URBN by Director CHERKEN HARRY S JR: http://insideri.com/1222395_000120919115045466_0001209191-15-045466

  23. Urban Outfitters director just picked up 70,000 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=1719532 $URBN

  24. $URBN Stock Chart with Channel and #MOMO #CML_URBN http://lite.capitalmarketlabs.com/cmld3b/stock.php?ticker=URBN

  25. Upgrades 5/20: $ACHN, $SPLK, $HIMX, $CVC, $SRPT, $XEC, $CSC, $APO, $URBN