1. $URE - http://y.ahoo.it/YAtrqZop - Might need a medic...we have a bleeder - Running down: -0.31 in 73 seconds

  2. $URE - http://y.ahoo.it/5ztFZOfQ - Look out below...there is some HUGE PUTS buying going on - New Low: -0.01. Next support 87.79 from 8/6/2014.

  3. $URE - http://y.ahoo.it/O5y9kZEC - Might need a medic...we have a bleeder - Running down: -0.33 in 1 minute 56 seconds

  4. $STUDY $XME $XLU $XLF $KRE $URE $TLT $SDY $IWM $FXI $FB $KO $EWZ $AAPL $BAC Watch the video: http://y.ahoo.it/WD4n2OMQ

  5. Financials Sector $KIE $IAK $IYG $REM $FXO $PSR $URE $KBWY $FNIO $ROOF $FSVLX $FSPCX $DAREX http://y.ahoo.it/6J891BIC

  6. $TNA $FAS $URE we have lift off!! Should gap up nicely and go big, double time! $TZA and $FAZ could fall 50+%

  7. $STUDY $USO $IWM $TAN $IYZ $URE $IYR $TLT $DBC $GDX $MOO $SLX $XME $EWA EWZ $EWG $EEM FXI http://y.ahoo.it/vul7U9n4

  8. $AAPL We close above 94.5 for $ure

  9. @x17linuxĀ For $ure

  10. $URRE about a month until Japan makes a final decision on restarts. Good or bad...the long wait is almost over. $URE $URG $URZ

  11. $RUSL $TNA $URE are my market plays....and every other leveraged bull etf buy buy! every short and their mother will be covering next week!

  12. $URE Betting on a breakout next week or two

  13. $ONTY $MVIS $CUR $NUGT $URE check me on it, look at pps now and then look at pps in 2 months...these stocks are set for huge gains

  14. $CUR $ONTY $MVIS $NUGT $URE holding for a bull run !

  15. $URE $NUGT $RUSL boom time

  16. @TheBronxBomber Adding $URE and $NUGT holding $CUR til it doubles

  17. There go them markets! Perfect time to add $URE And $NUGT

  18. $URE and $NUGT holding and building long term

  19. @bittercheaperfaster I m adding $URE throughout the day. Looking to play the housing market bull run!

  20. Adding substantial position in $URE to my portfolio. Housing market about to soar! Heads up!

  21. Some low put/calls movers from our scanner, bullish: $ceo, $fslr $btu $ure


  23. $URE ETF announced a special dividend date of March 26, 2014 and will pay out a dividend of 0.331983 cents for each share - http://y.ahoo.it/bMecm9hc

  24. $drn $ure 2 weeks ago reversal candle on the weekly starting to look like the top IMO. See how this week closes. I started laying them out

  25. My portfolio is irridiscent green with radioactivity $URE $DML $FCU