1. $URRE -company has strong financials...good long..uranium price has hit lowest level over the last long while, it can only go up from here.

  2. $URRE If spot uranium keeps rising we might see big gains fast...this stock has a history of rapid jumps. 4.00 by oct!

  3. $SIGM, $ECYT, $SYN, $URRE a few #microcap stock ideas http://y.ahoo.it/7f9SHYB0

  4. $URRE as Marta would say it it s a good thing .. long

  5. $URRE oops meant 3.06...

  6. $URRE 3.10 let s hold that would be a nice finish..

  7. $URRE $USU usually pops then drops the next day, I wouldn t hold

  8. $URRE do you guys think that it will make a run tomorow?

  9. $URRE over 3.00... Go baby go

  10. $URRE oh yes hit 3.00....

  11. $DNN $URRE $URZ @eyeonequities: Cameco mine shutdown spurs biggest rise in uranium price in 2 1/2 years $URA $CCJ http://y.ahoo.it/hTDHnhuU

  12. $URRE out 2.92 from 2.35 - will re-enter

  13. @charliepryor @p00r @LukeKramer this is true but I bought $URRE at the wrong price of 3.21 months ago an had to average down several times..

  14. @hanaroo @InsiderBuySuperstocks $URRE $USU $URA sounds about right--can t get much more VOLATILE....

  15. $URRE sure kissing 3.00...can t wait till tomorrow..

  16. $URRE slowly will move up and then possibly make a run to maybe 3.20

  17. $URRE holding on to that 2.96...

  18. $URRE juicy

  19. $USU and $URRE

  20. $URRE I m excited.. Go baby..

  21. $URRE Wanted to sell after 5 min of buying since Jul USU spike, out at 2.94, pps 2.98..minor loss for peace of mind. Trending up. GL2a

  22. $URRE could break out here

  23. $URRE on watch here

  24. $URRE http://y.ahoo.it/bilt0VkU

  25. $URRE long time bull. close above 200 ma