1. $USG 1688 MAR 29 PUTS @$.85 BOUGHT ON OFFER


  3. Macquarie Upgrades USG Corp. ($USG) to Outperform http://www.streetinsider.com/Upgrades/Macquarie+Upgrades+USG+Corp.+%28USG%29+to+Outperform/10200747.html?si_client=st

  4. @1nvestor: New Intraday Highs: $ACT $LULU $NFLX $PCYC $AGN $BMRN $USG $IRM

  5. @1nvestor: New Intraday Highs: $ACT $LULU $NFLX $PCYC $AGN $BMRN $USG $IRM

  6. $USG USG Corporation Fourth Quarter 2014 and Full Year 2014 Earnings Conference Call and Webcast http://www.finances.com/company-news/56750-usg-corporation-fourth-quarter-2014-and-full-year-2014-earnings-conference-call-and-webcast.htm

  7. $BOBE $USG Bullish Hammer Candle may indicate upside reversal; Look for price to trade above high of the hammer for confirmation.

  8. Earnings announcement: $USG is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thu, Feb 5 2015

  9. $USG technical alerts: 200 DMA Support, 50 DMA Support, and Hammer Candlestick http://swingtradebot.com/equities/USG

  10. Scan results - 50 DMA Support today: $IBKR $ALGN $INTC $PHM $USG $HSNI $GPS $KKR $MHLD $COL ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/18/equities?selected_date=2015-01-16

  11. Scan results - Hammer Candlestick today: $BJRI $RGC $NMBL $SCHW $LEAF $PNR $IR $CAT $PH $USG ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/12/equities?selected_date=2015-01-16

  12. Fastenal Meets Q4 Earnings, Gross Margin Remains Weak $FAST $LOW $HW $USG http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/stocks--equities/fastenal-meets-q4-earnings-gross-margin-remains-weak?post=56657

  13. {video} MemberS Stock Chart Analysis $AGN $UNG $EGO $EXAS $STWD $USG $PSA $CYBR $EXXI $DDD $GDX http://trades.thecontrariantrader.com/best-stock-picks-8/

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  16. @harmongreg Algos found my stop in $USG at 30.50. Still have the 30/28 put spread. Thought this was a runner. Shoot.

  17. $USG Waiting for nice upside breakout pt $34.5-35 http://stocktwits.com/message/31208011

  18. January 12, 2015 RS Movers http://gtlackey.com/january-12-2015-rs-movers/ $PDP $FPX $FTA $RYJ $PJP $GDX $SIL $QABA $PSCC $MXIN $AUQ $BOFI $ACAT $USG $DO $SWC

  19. $USG picked up a few

  20. $USG this is getting enticing again. Bit to early to say though. Let s see what the homebuilders report. $XHB

  21. Added $USG with a Feb 30/28 PS April 34 CC collar, net 30.

  22. $USG just push after push here

  23. nice $usg follow through http://stocktwits.com/message/31175475

  24. $USG about 45-50c second partial http://stocktwits.com/message/31175183

  25. $USG going