1. Silver Sales Plummet in July at the U.S. Mint $SLV $USLV $SLW $ZSL $XAGUSD $AGQ $SI_F http://y.ahoo.it/YpKngZyM #silver

  2. @MattC114: $SLV $USLV $GLD $GDX $GDXJ $JNUG $NUGT http://y.ahoo.it/o1DcJUmm

  3. $SLV $USLV $GLD $GDX $GDXJ $JNUG $NUGT http://y.ahoo.it/Vun8b6WN


  5. Actual Examples of Silver Price Manipulation $SIVR $USLV $PSLV $PZG http://y.ahoo.it/WiIafGq4

  6. $uslv... Starter pos right here ... GL all .. See you on friday

  7. Notable Nooner Movers: (Up) $MYL +2.6% $WLL +7.7% $LGIH +3.6% (Down) $$X -4.9% $KORS -2.2% $USLV -7.5%

  8. Why the end of QE will be good for Silver. http://y.ahoo.it/wT7CYSyO $USLV $SIVR $PSLV $PZG

  9. $aem next week looks promising so get them while you can! $sand $goro $gfi $ngd $gdxj $uslv $jnug

  10. Is the Silver Market Manipulated?So Far No Evidence Has Been Officially Found $SIVR $USLV $PSLV Will the Streak hold? http://y.ahoo.it/qHYWx7mA

  11. $sand really like this one $vgz $svm $emxx $hl $uslv $jnug $goro $iag

  12. $JCP , $LULU , $APP , $ARO , $BBRY , $USLV , $ABX any thoughts?

  13. $USLV Holding my shares. Figure might as well since I m about even. Love to see last years high. Out of my element here. No idea but hopeful

  14. $GLD SLV $USLV I do hope that they toss the PMs like in 2008 with the Derivative Counterparty DECLINE that is RAPIDLY approaching $UVXY $SPY

  15. $gld $slv $uslv $jnug WHERE are all the genius short sellers NOW? REMEMBER when you Crowed loudly about a BEAR trend you SEE/SAWs! FU I said

  16. $JDST are you scared? lol.. you should be $UGLD $USLV

  17. Pre-Market Declined $PRTA http://y.ahoo.it/HHn7LgnL $GRPN http://y.ahoo.it/qhfN6l1K $USLV http://y.ahoo.it/NwL9UayD

  18. $GLD $GDX $GDXJ $SLV $USLV $JNUG http://y.ahoo.it/jDk4QGL3 from http://y.ahoo.it/1qJ0BufT Gold already facing it s first big test.

  19. $SLV $GLD $GDXJ $USLV $JNUG $GDX http://y.ahoo.it/HKDKXb7N from http://y.ahoo.it/WJzYv9ln Silver held LT support perfectly and now breaking out.

  20. Who let Ben Gun and Long John Silver out of their caves today? Erik Swartz on $USLV Hi Ho!

  21. $NUGT $JNUG $USLV $UGLD ----->>>> $GDX $GDXJ $SLV $GLD --EOD beta control has started

  22. $USLV Can someone explain to me why it s up. I bought some on a tip, a bad one. And have held ever since. I only buy stocks now.

  23. $USLV I ll finally recover on this at 53 cost. Yeah.

  24. @MadMarsupial $USLV over 52

  25. $UGLD $USLV boy I need that 1K bottle of cognac tonight .... oh baby baby